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Greg P. Babbage and Paul J. Babbage - at work on their Dad's Difference Engine.

A little after the middle of last Century, Charlie Babbage's two elder sons Greg and Paul, set out to improve on their Dad's astonishingly complex difference engine. Over time they managed to convince enough gullible acquaintances to join in on all the fun and financial hardship. Thanks mainly to all this help, and armed with their Dad's difference engine, they were eventually able to calculate a complete sequence of Bernoulli numbers.

This kept their bank's eager bean counters well at bay ... Brilliant!

Mind you, there was a substantial cost to this three point five decade technological folly. A fair amount of "collateral damage" shall we say.

Due to the remarkable degree of management incompetence and their often impractical expectations, many acquaintances simply fell by the wayside. Most had been set impossible workloads, and were expected to slave away at the coalface for endless hours.

Here's the current Oceanius Oceania Oceanium Roll of Honour.

It is difficult to estimate the misery inflicted upon thousands of persons, and the absolute pecuniary penalty imposed   upon multitudes of intellectual workers by the loss of their time, destroyed by organ-grinders and other similar nuisances."

Charles Babbage      

Close up of a small part of Greg P's and Paul J's vast Difference project.
Extremely large amounts of Cash would exit bottom left.

Audio, Lighting, Sales, Installations, Staging, Screens, Roadcases, Manufacturing? Nope, here at Oceanius Oceania Oceanium there's nothing about any of that.  Sorry.

There's no speakers, lights, mics, cabling or coffee machines here either. But, you will notice a fair amount of Cash, and of course, heaps of Latin folks:

Lorem ipsum et congue eloquentiam vel. Ei suas graeci eirmod ius, velit paulo utinam pro ei. Eam ut aliquip platonem principes. Per congue regione tritani ex, sit discere repudiare democritum eu. Qui lorem zzril gubergren ex, dolor clita nam et, ubique intellegat constituto ne sed ...


         OCEANIUS, A, UM (adjective)

          6th century AD PRISCIANUS:  of the ocean

Just part of the vast stash of Cash Greg P and Paul J Babbage created
during many decades using their Dad's brilliant Difference Engine.

Apparently, some large technology company from a distant land recently swooped in and purchased the local Difference Engine. We're puzzled as to why they might even want it, but the aforementioned Babbage brothers certainly managed to escape with many Squillions in "easy money," helping them both to feather their own nests ...

And as observed elsewhere on the Internet ... "years of work by hundreds, has resulted in millions earned being in just two pockets."



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