Mass Shipping Solutions

Ocean Barge is the solution for mass cargo shipping

Generally they are a flat bottomed, shallow draft vessel. Built with no super structure allows massive amounts of cargo to be loaded. Usually they are pushed or pulled by a tugboat although some models are self propelled. Having close to 100% deck utilization gives the ocean barge a wide variation of material that may be loaded.

ocean cargo barge

Tests and surveys have shown that moving freight by barge is the most cost effective means of transporting goods. The ratio of fuel used per unit being moved is much lower when using a barge. Also because most of the shipping is done in relative low populated areas, the carbon emissions stand less chance of human interaction.

Ocean, sea, lake, canal and river barges

have been used for hundreds of years. New designs have multiple ballast tanks to assist stability. Care is needed to balance a load on a barge. The weight of different materials needs to be calculated for even weight distribution. High loads can be affected by winds.
Enough power must be available in windy conditions to control a high side cargo barge. Big tug boats have large powerful engines to perform the required tasks.


Hopper Barge :Transport bulk cargo and have various designs. May or may not have weather-proof hatch covers.
Some are fitted with large bottom doors for dumping. Commonly used for earth and rock aggregate. Man made islands have been built by barges dumping on the sea-floor.

Dry Cargo Barge :  Built like a cargo ship. Has hatches for general shipping of freight.

Tank Barge :  Generally custom built for the job. Various size piping and containment tanks relating to product being moved.
Moving hazardous cargo by barge is the safest way to mass relocate material.

Deck Barge:  Commonly used for transporting heavy equipment and vehicles. Most are decks built over pontoons. Also used for dredging containment and work platforms for different applications.

Float Off-On Barge : Used for transporting smaller vessels. Sometimes used for internationally movement of coastal and inland water craft.

Multi-Deck Barge : Multiple decks for containers and vehicles.Electronic and hydraulic mechanisms control some systems.

Custom Barge : Specialized barge built with several of the above features. Super structures or oil platform placement.

ocean barge design

Despite different specifications, barges still are quite similar as they utilize space by being unhampered with motors and super structure. An ocean barge may be more than 300 feet in length.

Canal boats have long been in use for transporting cargo inland through man made canals and existing water-ways. Narrow boat is another term used for describing river barges. In more recent years some manufacturers of barges have been standardizing some models for use in multiple tows. Several barges may be connected together. This configuration is called a "train".

A barge may also be used for transporting goods from shallow water and back to a waiting ocean freighter that requires more water depth for load displacement.
Military and business enterprise have implemented the latest technology on some custom barges. From secret submarine refueling docks to deep sea exploration platforms, the barge will continue to play a vital role in our energy efficient and competitive environment.