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The workshop proceedings volume is available at CEUR-WS.org!

Designing and Making Sense of Heterogeneous Ecologies of Teaching and Learning Resources

This is a workshop to be held as a prelude to the international CSCL 2015 conference, the 7th of June 2015, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Workshop theme
The current gap between CSCL research advances and everyday educational practice can be related to the relative lack of innovation evaluations taking place in authentic conditions, and the increasing heterogeneity of the technologies present there. The design, application and evaluation of CSCL innovations under the restrictions of formal educational settings (not only physical classrooms, but also other learning contexts that end up connecting back to the classroom, such as museum visits or field trips) involves a particular set of challenges for the different stakeholders involved: educational technology developers, user experience designers, learning scientists, teachers, school leaders and other practitioners, etc.

This workshop tries to bring together all these stakeholders within the CSCL community, with the goal of contributing, refining and critiquing expert guidelines for this kind of classroom research, which can help guide future CSCL researchers in overcoming these increasingly important challenges. The value of these principles will be illustrated during the workshop through collaborative work on their application to address the problems of authentic classroom cases contributed by practitioners and other participants. This application also will help participants to uncover unsolved challenges and future research lines in orchestrated classroom research, spark discussions and prompt new joint research efforts.