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Demonstrating at the Round House-- A user's guide

The legislature convenes and the governor works in a large round building called the Round House, not far from the Plaza, near the old part of Santa Fe. The building is well designed to accommodate large numbers of demonstrators, particularly an large terraces that completely surround the building.   It would, be possible, for instance, for a few thousand people surround the building in a moving, singing, chanting river of people. The demonstration will take place on the East  Concourse, to the right in the map above) on the Old Santa Fe Trail side of the Round House.

The interior of the Round House is handsome. (Please see editorial note below) There will be information kiosks at both the East and the West entrances. The entrance floor is for public access, there is a grand central hall with is surrounded circumferential corridors that lead to offices, restrooms, and the Galleries of the House (on the S) and the Senate (on the N).  The Senate and House chambers themselves are below the entrance level.  There is a medical response team in the Roundhouse.  If you get into any emergency health problem, go to one of the information desks and they will find you help.  There is a city information office in the white building just to the NE of the RH upper right corner on the map which also has places to sit and

The Round House is in a largely residential/governmental neighborhood.  The tourist attraction of Santa Fe, the historic Plaza, with its many restaurants, is only a  few blocks to the N. However, eating in Santa  Fe on the cheap requires some ingenuity. Bring a well organized emergency pack and/or see links to left under Eating in Santa Fe . .