Take Action

There are many ways to have your voice be heard and to advocate that the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) no longer be allowed to torture and abuse children. 

Currently, the most important actions you can take are:

  • Contact the current Conference Committee to tell them that you are asking for their support for Senate Budget Amendment #548.  Find out who to contact and what to say here.
  • Sign the petition created by former JRC employee, Greg Miller, here. (It has almost reached a quarter of a million signature!  Be the one to push it over that mark!)
  • Sign the new petition created by a former JRC student's mother, Cheryl McCollins, here.  (It's main goal is the support of Amendment #548.)

Next, you can make sure that others around you know about JRC and what is happening there.  Easy ways to communicate about JRC include:

  • Telling people about the actions above.
  • Telling people about this website and posting a link on Facebook, Twitter or wherever else you do your on-line communicating
  • Circulating JRC Fact Sheets like the one you can find HERE

Finally, you can get involved in taking direction action against JRC through peaceful protest, helping to organize and attend rallies, getting press coverage and more.  The next scheduled Anti-JRC event that we are aware of is in New Hampshire on June 9th.  Learn more here.

Contact us with any questions or for more information:  info@occupyjrc.org.