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Videotapes of Andre McCollins Being Tortured at JRC Finally Released in Court!

posted Apr 10, 2012, 5:04 PM by OcuppyJudge Rotenberg   [ updated May 12, 2012, 5:50 AM ]
10 years ago, Andre McCollins refused to take off his coat.  In what they claim was a 'therapeutic response,' Judge Rotenberg staff then strapped him face down on a restraint board for seven hours and shocked him 31 times.  When his mother went to visit him, she found him unresponsive, staring straight ahead.  She was able to get him released from the 'school' for treatment at a hospital where his state was determined to be the result of the abuse he had just experienced.  The entire seven hours were caught on videotape.  However, when Andre's mother sought to get the tape released for public viewing, JRC lawyers were successful in having the tape sealed by the courts.  10 years later, Andre - now 27 - is getting his day in court.  As JRC faces charges for their treatment of Andre, they are also being forced to allow viewing of his seven-hour ordeal.  Watch the report below to see clips of the abuse he suffered.

Video of Andre McCollins Being Tortured