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Occupy JRC Organizer Joins Cheryl McCollins and Greg Miller at State House for Petition Delivery

posted Jun 20, 2012, 6:20 PM by OcuppyJudge Rotenberg
Occupy JRC Organizer, Shain Neumeier, joined Cheryl McCollins (mother of Andre McCollins, seen shocked repeatedly in a JRC video shown on Fox News) and Greg Miller (former JRC staff) on Wednesday, June 20th at the State House in Boston to deliver Miller's petition.  The petition now has over 260,000 signatures (only a small handful of thousands more than is spent on each child at JRC each year).  They were particularly interested in speaking with members of the joint Conference Committee currently responsible for determining the fate of Amendment #548 which - if it survives - would require a full ban on shocks and other aversives at JRC.  Miller, in fact, suggested that each committee member should be required to try out the shock device in order to be fully informed as to what it feels like before making their decision.

For a list of Conference Committee members and their contact information, click here.