Event Details


August 9th, 2012:  Occupy JRC will be co-hosting another event targeted at bring an end to the Judge Rotenberg Center on Thursday, August 9th in Albany at the Capitol Building from 12pm to 4pm.  Stay tunes for more details!


June 2nd, 2012:  Thank you to all who came out in the rain on June 2nd to support the end to torture at the Judge Rotenberg Center.  All told - and in spite of reduced numbers due to rain - we had over 100 people join Occupy JRC's efforts including former JRC teachers and students, Canton residents and people from as far away as California, Florida and Virginia. 

We are also pleased to report that there was a strong presence from the press at both the Boston Rally and Canton March including Fox 25, the Boston Globe and local Canton media. 

Ben Gran (of Federal Way,
Washington People First and ASAN Seattle who donated the airline miles that let us get Greg Miller to the protest!), Ari Ne'eman and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (who donated substantial time and funds in addition to Ari's speaking talents at the protest itself!), Change.org (for helping to promote the event and donating signs, time and people power), Voices of the Heart and the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community (RLC) (for lots of technical support, time and beyond!), The Canton Police (for being so flexible and helpful in our planning and marching in Canton!), and to the many, many, many others who donated their time, energy and funds to supporting the Occupy JRC event and stopping the torture of children at JRC. (We do not have permission to thank you all by name, but want to thank you nonetheless!)

Thank you also to the GREAT speakers who came out to join us including Senator Brian A. Joyce, Cheryl McCollins (Andre's mother), Ari Ne'eman (Autistic Self Advocacy Network), Dan Fisher (National Empowerment Center), Kat Whitehead (Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth), Stephen Mark Shore (Adelphi University) and Greg Miller (former JRC staff).  See here for more information on the day's speakers.