About Us

Our mission:  Occupy JRC seeks to raise awareness of the abuse and torture committed by the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts against children who are autistic or have developmental delays and/or psychiatric labels and to achieve:


·        The legal cessation of all dangerous forms of aversive therapy (including but not limited to painful shocks)


·        The closure of the Judge Rotenberg Center


·        The creation of federal laws prohibiting any school or residential program from engaging in practices that are in violation of international human rights laws against torture

This Website:  This website was created in March of 2012 to reinvigorate efforts to shut down the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) and stop the abuse and torture of children and adults receiving JRC 'treatment.'

Too many people - even those who live in Massachusetts - remain unaware of JRC and all that is doing.  We are here to spread information and build outrage.

Too many people feel like the JRC 'machine' is too big and too powerful to be stopped.  We are here to take action.

We are a group of advocates, activists and people who care.  We come from all movements - the recovery movement, autism, human rights - and from the community at large. 

We believe that doing nothing while children are being tortured is to be complicit in the acts done unto them.

We will not look the other way.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns:  info@occupyjrc.org