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Building local food ecosystems is part of the struggle for economical independence by addressing our most basic need, food. Building local food ecosystems is turning the global food system upside down. It is putting locals in charge of their local resources and of the processes through which these resources are turned into necessities. It is humanizing the food system, putting the individual FIRST, by making Maslow's hierarchy of needs a priority. It is democratizing our food system by decentralizing it. It is also making our food system resilient and sustainable. 

Many people are asking if this is actually possible. Don't look to the past to justify your ideas about the future, the world has changed. The new digital technology levels the field of information, analysis, and of the capacity of making rational decisions. It also allows individuals and small organizations to form collaborative networks with tremendous production capacity, on pair with large corporations. As an example, we can imagine a crowdsourced project for the mapping of all local resources relevant for food production, transformation, and distribution, using smartphones with GPS capability - see Wikimapia. We have economical models that can form the basis of a powerful inferential layer on top of a cowdsources resource map, a commons. We can imagine a web application with a user-friendly interface which would assist in performing advanced analysis of their local ecosystem, allowing them to make rational decisions. We can also imagine technology-assisted peer-to-peer markets and alternative currencies for value exchange within the local ecosystem. 

Through collaboration, using the new digital technology effectively, individuals and small organizations can now surpass in potential large corporations. Once we realize that we can move to action! 

Our immediate goal is to engage already existing local food networks, providing help wherever we can to reinforce their position, while learning about their reality. Building trust between our group and the stakeholders in those local food networks is also one one of our main focus at this moment.               

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This project is also connected with alternative currencies, part of the new economy initiative


Sunday, 18 Dec, 2011 Steve Bosserman presenting local food systems.
 See presentation bellow.
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