Mission Statement


As the official Occupy LA social media source, we maintain an open social connection with the outside world, and strive to make a positive difference by answering their questions and concerns. We offer information on Occupy coverage, up-to-the-minute live-action updates, relevant outside articles, and information about legislation relating to the Occupy platform.

• The Occupy Los Angeles social media team seeks to inform, update, open dialogue, and encourage participation from those interested in learning more about the worldwide Occupy movement.

• Our goal is to use the power of the internet to spread awareness, and encourage participation from people who want to make a positive difference.

• We strive to be an honest, trustworthy news source for the Occupy movement.


The social media team is committed to the work of cross promoting actions & events by re-posting information from Occupy Los Angeles committee accounts and websites, providing coverage of Occupy Los Angeles events, directing web traffic to live streams of General Assemblies and actions, and other relevant and educational content related to our movement.

We meet weekly at the Grand Central Market (Sunday, 3pm), and all are welcome to attend and become a working member of the team. Because our work is performed online, we choose to handle the bulk of our meeting and decision making in digital spaces. Minutes from our meetings, as well as documents relating to consensus decisions can be found by visiting http://sites.google.com/site/occupylasocialmedia/. Additionally, all of our work is public on both http://facebook.com/occupyLA and http://twitter.com/occupyLA

Occupy Los Angeles Committees, Working and Affinity Groups are welcome to submit actions and events that have been shared with the General Assembly by mailing postolasm@gmail.com Questions, concerns, feedback, and other correspondence can be sent to contact.occupylasocialmedia@gmail.com