A Revolutionary War Living History Event Like No Other!
Old Bethpage Village Restoration presents
June 1 - 2, 2019
10 am - 4 pm
Old Bethpage Village Restoration
1303 Round Swamp Road, Old Bethpage, NY

Old Bethpage Village Restoration will become Long Island under British Occupation. This will be a two-day event portraying the failed raid on Fort Franklin in 1779. The Rebel Forces will interpret a raiding party of Continental Soldiers from Connecticut, and the Crown Forces will interpret DeLancey's Brigade of Loyalist soldiers occupying Long Island and temporarily garrisoned British units in between campaigns. This event will be based on actual recorded events that happened on Long Island during this post-1776 time. This event will include camp life, military drill demonstrations, civilian crafts and trades, British patrols, altercations between British soldiers and civilians, an interpretive talk about American Loyalists, a interpretation of Rebel soldiers robbing a wealthy Loyalist, and four battles! The public visitors will also be involved in the living history. They will have to sign 'Oaths of Allegiance' upon entering the village because they might be stopped by British patrols and asked for their 'papers.' Visitors might also be asked to 'spy' on enemy forces. The goal is to immerse both reenactors and visitors in the period of the British Occupation of Long Island.

This will be a living history event like no other in New York and even the nation!

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