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With the huge growth of the UK wind turbine industry both on-shore and off-shore, a unique set of workforces have emerged. Whether in a modern manufacturing facility, installation process or maintaining the turbines, performing physical tasks in challenging environments is a hazardous combination. We know that safety is your priority and that company productivity is highly dependent on safe, skilled teams of workers so at Occupational Fitness we have developed the solution.

We actually engage & work closely with your teams to analyse the demands of their particular job roles. Their first-hand experience combined with our expertise means that we can provide them with the techniques to stay in optimum condition for their job whilst reducing any health risks.

Our experts in physiology have already designed range of pioneering training workshops by applying the latest bio-research to minimize hazards within the wind turbine industry (e.g. Back pain etc). This material together with the added input from your workers is the most innovative way to keep your operation running at its best!

We can deliver:               
                                                    Workforce  Workshops

Bespoke theory & practical training on back pain, postural issues, stress management, sleep management & much more.

Workforce Workouts  

We introduce a selection of exercises to your engineers, specifically designed to strengthen them for the demands of their roles.

Workforce Reality

A range of comprehensive but non-invasive health checks giving you a real-time snapshot of where your workforce could perform better.

Workforce Release

Stretches & massages adapted for the workplace to target & reduce the                                                                        main high-risk areas associated with your engineers roles.



To further enhance Occupational Fitness' services, we have:

1.       Consulted with leading international experts working at the fore-front of the                  industry as well as at higher management levels.

2.       Studied detailed academic research papers (published both within and outside of           the wind industry) to inform our own understanding.

      3.     Physically worked inside turbines with engineers to gained relevant and credible                first-hand experience.  (Click Here for details)

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By working with Occupational Fitness you are also meeting the latest professional & UK government initiatives. The occupational health sector is undergoing a very important transformation due to recommendations of the recent ‘Black report’. In response the government set up the ‘Health, Work & Well-being’ scheme which we are working closely with as we share common goals.  

To learn more about the benefits of an Occupational Fitness course and how we can help progress your business, please explore the rest of our site. If you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to
contact us.
Welcome to an Innovative Approach!

James Bednarski

Occupational Fitness Ltd

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