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MINDORO - World War II

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Occidental Mindoro was liberated by American forces (Western Visayan Task Force) under Brigadier-General Willam C. Dunckel, who  set sail from Leyte on December 12, 1944.

Kamikaze attacks crippled the Light Cruiser USS Nashville, the flagship where over 130 were killed, including high ranking officers. The Nashville and another Destroyer had to turn back to Leyte.

They subsequently landed unopposed on  December 15th at the south-west of the island, near San Jose meeting no opposition on the beach.

There were about a thousand Japanese on the island, who fled inland with the pre-invasion bombardment. By December 23rd, two landing strips were in operation on the island, and provided air support for the liberation of Luzon.

On December 24 two Japanese cruisers and eight destroyers left Camranh Bay, Indochina (Vietnam). They were spotted and attacked by aircraft and PT Boats, that managed to sink one of the Destroyers. The Japanese forces bombarded the beaches of Occidental Mindoro on the 26th, but did little damage before they returned to Indochina. This was one of the last Japanese surface unit attacks on American beacheads during the war.


Battle of Mindoro
Part of World War II, Pacific theater
Date 13 December16 December 1944
Location Mindoro Island, Philippines
Result Filipino and United States victory

United States


George M. Jones
Roscoe B. Woodruff
Rikichi Tsukada
10,000 U.S. troops
26,000 Filipino troops
1,200 Japanese troops
6148 killed
2471 wounded
200 killed
375 wounded