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Under Spain

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 In 1570, the Spanish explorer Martin de Goiti traveled up the western Mindoro coast to attack Muslim settlements in Mamburao and Lubang.

During the exploration of the Spaniards"conquistadores"  in 1570 they changed the name from Mait to “Mina de Oro” meaning mine of gold .  Although they found some precious metal,  no major gold discoveries were ever made.

In 1581, when the Spanish  divided the Philippines into eleven provinces, Mindoro was grouped together with Calilaya, Lubang, Batangas, the Calamianes Group and Marinduque. The  third ecclesiastical district of the Philippine Archipelago was established in  Calavite by the Recollecto Friars on June 18, 1677. 

Mindoro became part of Batangas Province when the latter was made a separate   province known as Bonbon.  At the beginning of the 17th century, the island was  separated from Batangas and organized into a "Corrigimento" with Puerto Galera  as its capital and placed under the jurisdiction of Marinduque.

Moro raiders continued to ravage the island and depopulated most of the western coast.

In 1770, the Spaniards destroyed the Moro settlement at Mamburao, but the raiding continued until the middle of the 19th century.