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MINDORO - Profile

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Total Land Area 587,985 hectares
Capital  Mamburao
Key Towns  San Jose, Sablayan, Mamburao
No. of Municipalities & Barangays  11 & 176, respectively
Highest Elevation  Mt. Halcon (2,589 meters)
Climate  Dry in November to April,  Wet in May to December
Temperature  30.1 degrees C (maximum), 22.8 degrees C (minimum)
Humidity (Average) 75.4%
Population 353,866
Population Growth Rate 3.82
Households 67,623
No. of Families  58,803
Ave. Number of Persons per  Households
Common Religion  Roman Catholic
Languages  Tagalog/English
Dialects Tagalog (70%), Ilocano (11%), Hiligaynon (5%), Others (14%)
Literacy Rate 93.7%
Land Use: 
        Built-up Area
        Forest Land
        Idle Land

72,314 hectares
7,986 hectares
4,538 hectares
343,068 hectares
72,671 hectares
Potential Labor Force 158,844
In the Labor Force 120,245
Major Occupation Rice farming, fishing, aquamarine production,  trading
Major Products Traded Outside Rice and by-products, corn, salt, milkfish, the  Province prawn, grouper, octopus, tuna, garlic, seaweeds, semi-precious stones, mango, tobacco, honeydew melon
Major Resources Land suited for agricultural, sal and acquamrine production, mineral resources (semi-precious stones, guano,  chromite), Mindoro jade, limestone and ceramics
Provincial Gross Domestic P5.0 B (1995) Production
No. of Business Establishments 7,369
Financial Institutions  16 banks, 38 lending institutions
Mass Media  2 radio broadcasting stations, 4 local newspapers, 
 5 cable TV
Communications 12 postal offices, 7 express mails, 15 telegraph  lines and inter-municipality radio networks, 9 direct  dialing telephone stations, fax service  station
Airports  4  (San Jose, Mamburao, Lubang, Sablayan - Private)
Seaports 6 (1 - national category)
No. of Schools 254
Road Network  1,633.31 kilometers

Distance from Major Points

Abra de Ilog - San Jose  

Mamburao -  San Jose   Sablayan -  San Jose 
 Magsaysay to San Jose 



210 kms.
170 kms.
73 kms.
16 kms.