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Pre-Spanish Period History

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Mait was how the local people called their island. In the 13th century, Chinese merchants coming back to Fujian spoke of this land of Mait, which came into the annals of a Chinese functionary Chao Jukua. This started the ancient trade between the Chinese and the people of Mindoro or Mait.

Due to its  favorable geographic location, it served as an important trading center of  Chinese goods. As early as 872 A.D., Mindoro traded with Canton because of  their proximity to each other.  A Chinese chronicle of 1225 A.D. gave the first  documented evidence concerning the island of Mindoro.  Following the existing  sea routes during the ancient time, the ships sailed to Mindoro's north and  west coasts, which were then the densely populated urban centers.  They came for local  products like beeswax, pearl, sandalwood and tortoise shells while the Chinese  traders bartered their porcelain,  silk and tea.
        In the 14th century, the Madjapahit Empire controlled a domain extending from  Borneo to Mindoro.