What did you do?!?

Motherboard crash!!!!!!

System Shutdown and Self-Destruct Activated!!!!!

Now your screwed!!

 Nuclear Destruct switch activated!!!!!

Don't just sit there do something!!!!

Nebraska - Terminated

What?!? Stop it!!! Oh well, nobody cares about Nebraska,

Canada - Terminated

Huh?!? You guys had it coming anyway,

Iraq - Terminated

About Time...

Final Nuclear rocket launched!

National Capital Targeted!

Now you've done it,

White House was successfully blown to the moon!

Nice going you moron!

North Pole Targeted

What!?! NOOOO!!!! SANTA!!!!

North Pole - Terminated

You're defiantly on the naughty list for that one!

Planet Core - Targeted!

Evacuation Commencing!

Evacuation?!? How do you Evacuate the Planet?!?

Bomb in place!

Awaiting signal from Mother Computer

Don't You Dare Give the Signal!

                                                                                            Confirm Signal             Reject Signal Confirmation