Ocarina Hero Vault

           The Vault contains some random photos and pictures used in the Ocarina Hero. Also, download links are provided for Metal Zelda Theme Remixes performed by Jim Cook. The Main Zelda Themes, performed by iesetabominae, are also here.

 -Soundtrack Vault-

The Legend of Zelda Metal Soundtrack Download

Soundtrack by: Jim Cook

Track List:

1) Gerudo Valley

2) Clock Town

3) Sacred Grove

4) Dark World

5) Deku Palace

6) Keapora Geabora

7) Kakariko Village

8) Hyrule Overworld


The Legend of Zelda Remastered Download

Main Ocarina Hero Theme by: iesetabominae


Gerudo Valley Theme Remastered

Original Remake by: iesetabominae


The Legend of Zelda NES mix Download

New Ocarina Hero Credits Theme: afgc55


-Picture Vault-

(Click pictures for HD) 



(Click pictures for HD)