ROMs Page!

           Want to play your old favorites again? Now on this site, there will be link's to downloads for ROMs!

If you don't know what a ROM is, simply put, it is a video game that you can play on your computer. There are NES, SNES, and (if your computer can handel it) N64 games!

           People have asked me where they can play their old favorite games that they no longer have (don't ask why) and trying to find the downloads for ones that work are too hard to find for each person. So now I am sharing my vault of ROMs with anyone who wants them!

           First download the Game system (emulator) then pick out any games you want for it!

           If you run into any problems, contact me at my YouTube channel.

-N64 downlods- 

Emulator (game system) download.

-N64 games-

 Pick out what you want at

Test it with the Ocarina of Time!


-SNES downloads-

Emulator (game system) download.

-SNES games-

 Once again, pick out what you want at


-NES downloads-

Emulator (game system) download.

-NES downoads-

Pick out what you want at funny this site sounds very familiar.


-Other Systems-

I've provided ones that I'm sure will work, you can search through to find the emulator you want, but I don't know which is the best choice so don't bug me about it. Ask your imaginary friend, if you don't have one, make one up, it isn't that hard. Just find some nothing, and start talking to it. PRESTO! You've just created an imaginary friend! Now talk to him in public until the cops arest you and throw you into the assylum! Now have fun playing your ROMs, because you may end up there sooner than you think.