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go back and read it moron... I'm sorry- but I QUIT!

             These are my notes for upcoming videos for the Ocarina Hero and my other videos. I'll also post video suggestions I recieved on this page. To send me a suggestion or game request, send me a message on my YouTube channel. If you like some of the ideas, or think that some are just a waste ot time, let me know so I can make the videos that YOU want to see!

             Thanks for participating!


Please let me know what you think of these ideas because I want to make the videos that you want to see!

  • Ocarina Hero on the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time's three way sequel
  1. Kind of a long title, but it's all necessary!
  2. What I mean by this is Ocarina of Time had three games that were all sequels to it. They are "Majora's Mask", "Wind Waker", and "Twilight Princess"
  3. This satisfies everyone asking me to review those four games.
  4. May be a two part video.
  • Ocarina Hero on Ice Climber
  1. I would be playing two player with someone... possibly a cameo.
  2. This is such a weird game!
  • Ocarina Hero on Guitar Hero
  1. My opinion would satisfy both the "lovers" and "haters" of this series.
  2. Once again, I don't want to give much away. 
  •  Ocarina Hero on Kirby's Adventure
  1. I played through it (great game by the way) but still don't have enough ideas.
  2. Send me some ideas so that this doesn't keep getting pushed back!
  • Ocarina Hero on Super Mario Bros. 3
  1. Still kinda' uncertain...
  • Ocarina Hero on Mega Man
  1. I need ideas on this one too.



Once again, let me know what you think of these submitted ideas!

  •  new game on wii Spyro Dawn Of The Dragons (phillslee)
  • You should do a skit for the Metal Gear Solid games!! I'd love to hear you critizse Solid Snake! (cenamania0001)
  • check out the song: "oh fortuna" it might be a good vid song (xcguy10)
  • i have a new game request on the wii super smash bros. brawl (phillslee)
  • Hi its me i was wondering if you could do one of your videos on ocarina of time (ocarinalover22)
  • Please do a review on Conkers Bad Fur Day on N64 or Xbox, that'd be awesome! (j3ssman)
  • LOL!!!! That is sooooooooooooo funny, could you do this with mega man 3? (wiiV11)
  • Dude I think you should do a review of zelda ocarina of time or zelda twilight princess.Also I think you would be good for a Let's play or play through or video walkthrough or whatever you wanna call it. (BronzoB620)

    Let me know what you think about anything on this page by sending me a message!

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