Extra Videos

              These videos are made by the Ocarina Hero and were posted on YouTube, but never were included publicly until now! These include music videos, Zelda videos, Flash animations, and others!

Open Arms: Journey- This religious video was made for my little brother's confirmation. I just went back and rerendered it in high definition, and this is the final video. This shows God's view of the world through time, and how he keeps welcoming us back with "open arms"


Nintendo's response to the Split Timeline Theory - This response may destroy all the hopes of a zelda fan for a complete timeline. Nintendo's response is definitely not what was expected. To counteract this response, there will be a petition where you can submit your username (or any codename representing you) to me (ocarinahero10) and I can resubmit the timeline asking Nintendo to further consider watching the video, and hopefully create an official timeline for The Legend of Zelda!

Ocarina Hero watching the trailer for Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks - This is the video of me watching the Spirit Tracks trailer. Also, I give you an idea of where to expect it to fit into the timeline.
(makes references to my split timelne video) (special thanks to maciscool8 for his Spirit Tracks timeline ideas( which greatly resembled mine at the time) )


The Legend of Zelda, Split Timeline Theory (HD) - This video shows the correct split timeline for the Legend of Zelda for 2009, upto the release of the new game for Wii. Some endings and major plot spoilers are given away for the sake of fully understanding the timeline. Also, information about the Hero's Shade and Link's mother are also revealed under speculation.


Twilight Princess, Carry on Wayward Son - This video visually tells the story of Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, with Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas.


Line Rider "Ocarina Hero" - The line rider rides the ocarina hero logo.


Subspace Emissary, Long Time - This video tells the story of Super Smash Bros. Brawl the Subspace Emissary with Long Time, by Boston.


Upcoming Legend of Zelda - This is the most up to date information on the next Legend of Zelda along with my own theories and possibilities.

Red vs. Blue (stickman brawl) - A stickman Flash video where the two fighters (Red and Blue) try to destroy each other by any means necessary. This video was inspired by the spontinuity of the Smash Ball from Super Smash Brothers.