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I apologize for the disappointment everyone, but this very well may be the last update this poor site ever sees. I am no longer making any of these beloved ocarina hero videos. But alas- I shall leave you with this site and links at your arsenal. I know some of the more oblique links are to videos that no longer exist. I'm sorry, but I don't have time to fix even this. Well- if any of you dedicated fans still want to follow my current work. type in ocarina hero into deviant art and find my page (also as OcarinaHero10) and check out the new comic I'm making! Progress is updated all the time so check it out and save the page!

I love all you guys... accept all you freaking dipwad zelda morons who won't get off my tail. And all you idiots who don't understand what all these videos were JOKES! and not serious reviews. Well ya know what? It was still fun. I thank you all for being such great fans... accept for you haters... go die.

~This is Alex Ohero- signing out~


            Yes it's really me, the ocarina hero. I'm not kidding, really I'm serious it's me okay. Anyway you seem to be lucky enough to be able to view all of my videos, Hooray for you! Actually these are just links to You Tube but you can still see them from here! Now right this instant make this page a Favorite and come here every day to refresh your ocarina hero memory of what occurred on my videos again and again! Do It! Tell your friends, send this to everyone, let the world know the amazement of the astounding perfection that is the Ocarina Hero! 


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Super Mario Bros. part 1 - The Ocarina Hero gives his interpretation of the classic arcade game Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. part 2 - The Ocarina Hero continues playing Mario with poor luck.


Super Mario Bros. the follow up part 1 -  The Ocarina Hero is back for more Mario! It's time to take on the most difficult levels in the game.

Super Mario Bros. the follow up part 2 -The Ocarina Hero challenges world 7 and 8.


Starfox 64 part 1 - The Ocarina Hero resurrected the lost episode of Starfox 64! It was originally the second video but when it was saved for completion the computer had a seizure, and deleted the video and it was forever lost...until... one day it was reassembled and remastered clip by clip and frame by frame to remake what was lost. The video now is almost exactly what it once was. Enjoy the ocarina hero's lost episode!

Starfox 64 part 2 - The Ocarina Hero continues Starfox 64 the lost episode! You don't know how lucky you are to see this lost footage!

Starfox 64 part 3 - The Ocarina Hero shows the third and final part of the lost episode, Starfox 64!


Mario Party part 1 - The Ocarina Hero has his first interview with the creator for the Mario Party series.

Mario Party part 2 - The Ocarina Hero loses it on his part two of mario party.


Metroid part 1 - The Ocarina Hero tries out the extremely difficult and aggravating nes version of the metroid series.

Metroid part 2 - The Ocarina Hero continues to cheat for the sake of his sanity.

Metroid part 3 - The Ocarina Hero finishes the incredibly long and aggravating game metroid. only to find what lies afterward...


The Legend of Zelda 1, 2, and 3 part 1 - The Ocarina Hero came across the first three legend of Zelda games for a three game review. part 1 is mostly the first legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda 1, 2, and 3 part 2 - The Ocarina Hero continues his review with Zelda II and a link to the past.


Zelda Chronology part 1 - Is a description really needed? it's ocarina hero and the Zelda chronology, enough said. In fact too much said.

Zelda Chronology part 2 - Is it really that simple? ha ha ha NO!


Mario Kart 64 - The Ocarina Hero gives the famous N64 version of Mario Kart a try.


Sonic the Hedgehog - The Ocarina Hero has had enough with Sonic the "thought to be great" hedgehog.


Mario Spin-offs - The long awaited sequel to the Mario Party video is finally released!


Wii Sports - The demo that introduced the Wii gets busted by the Ocarina Hero!


Superman 64 - The Ocarina Hero reviews what may be the worst game in the history of mankind!

Superman 64 level 2 - The Ocarina Hero miraculously beat level 1 of Superman 64, and now level 2 is even worse!


Pokemon - The Ocarina Hero reviews the original Pokemon red/blue, and finds how strange it really was.


Super Smash Bros. - The Ocarina Hero plays the original Super Smash Bros. as himself.


Donkey Kong 64 - The Ocarina Hero finds some extremely weird things in the long and boring game DK 64


Halloween Episode - The Ocarina Hero has a surprise game review for Halloween.


Next Life - The Ocarina Hero makes a warning video to keep you safe from one of the worst point and click adventure games to date!


Kid Icarus - The long awaited review of Kid Icarus is finally released! This is the game that Pit the angel in Super Smash Bros. Brawl came from, and it doesn't look pretty...

F-Zero - Definitly the most anticipated, Ocarina Hero video ever! After a year of technical problems, this video was finally saved and uploaded. This "new Ocarina hero" is setting the standard for all those to come!
Only about two minutes of it is actually a review... then good luck following the rest.
Things get pretty crazy!

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