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"TRACTUS the castle crush"

 Drag and throw magical items to  defeat the evil Emperor Xergon in a puzzling and challenging physics based ballistics game!

YouTube video showing Tractus' easy controls and some gameplay:

Tractus is Available now on the Android market:
Demo version: 

Complete version:

 Windows game development

Announcing : "INVASION" - A FPS with some horror and strategy touches

INVASION is a physics powered FPS game i am developing.
It has some horror and strategy touches.
The objective is to prevent infected zombies and aliens (who caused the infection) to pass through the green-ish portals which open across the level, and infect the rest of the world.



Visit also the screenshots page.

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  • Tractus


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RoRED (Ruby on Rails IDE)

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( like C-robots, but much more cooler )