"The primary purpose of the Industrial Designers Society of America's Design Learning Challenge
            is to expose young students to design thinking and create an active awareness of the discipline of 
            industrial design as a career option before students leave high school. Regardless of career choice, the 
            potential life skills gained by understanding the design process alone offers value. The 2013 Design 
            Teams are challenged to tackle a problem worth solving within their classrooms, schools, neighborhoods, 
            or communities - the goal, is to create innovative outcomes that have positive impact within one of the 
            following theme:

                  -  Existing Classroom Curriculum Transformed Into a Challenge
                  -  School Climate Issue of Significance to Students
                  -  Neighborhood Improvement Project with potential for Student Impact
                  -  Communities Awareness Project of High Interest by Students

            The 2013 Submission Guidelines provide a systematic, yet flexible, action research framework for 
            students to follow as they conduct, analyze, represent and submit their final design learning study 
            report. Each team will tell their contextual story, content supported by a beginning, middle and end.
            Mentored by a local college design educator or practicing professional, college design students are
            encouraged to collaborate as multi-discipline teams with complementary disciplines."
            source: Design Learning Challenge

About Our Project
"Within the course of our college careers, we have
undertaken a great number of design challenges issued
us by companies and firms. Our goals in all of these 
challenges were to learn and grow as designers...
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Getting Started
The design challenge our team undertook this year was to
guide students at a local middle school through the process 
of taking observations so as to identify a specific issue in their 
day to day activities and how they...
                                              ...

During the project, we documented our progress and 
created this video to show the important lessons the
students learned about making observations throughout
the design process...             
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Class Collaboration
The middle school students were separated by their
classes and further divided into groups to work on
specific topics related around school and time. 
The time we have, the time we don't and
the time we need...
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As described in the the DLC's curriculum frame work
students were encouraged to explore, describe, explain,
demonstrate, and evaluate their ideas so as to fully
understand the scope of the design process as well as
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