83 Main Street
Charlestown, MA 02129-3780

Although the outside of the restuarant looks like any three star restuarant, the interior design is gorgeous. It is dimmed inside; the only light source is the one light bulb at the front desk and electric candles on every table. On the walls, there are portraits of close up faces of Morrocan people. Nothing is revealed except for their eyes; the rest of the face is wrapped with a silk scarf. The party of six tables contains a dining table and couches as seats. There are also silk curtains (similiar to the ones for a princess's bed) hovering over the party of six dining area. This design gives costumers a feeling of royalty. The regular dining tables are manufactured with twig-like material. Tangierino did a good job with creating a Middle Eastern theme for the interior design. It really felt like I was dining in a restuarant in Morroco.

Besides the beautiful interior design, the food was delicious even though some dishes were similiar to American cuisine. They have delicious steak! This restuarant is somewhat expensive. The dining of three people already costed $135 plus tips. But I wasn't the one who paid for it so it's fine for me. The most expensive meal was the appetizer which costed around $20 and it only consisted of three small slices of steak along with one mini vegetable wrap. It was a rip off. But overall, the food was good and I loved dining there due to the beautiful interior design. I would recommend costumers to dine here and for those who don't have a job, drag your parents here.

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