Good Used Gear

Good Gear. Better Price!

We always have a good selection of good quality used guitars, amplifiers and live sound equipment. If you've consigned with us before, you know how it gets here: Sometimes there's just not room for all of your favorites, sometimes it makes sense to trade in for newer equipment to match your changing needs, and sometimes it's more important to pay the electric bill to keep the rest of it plugged in and hummin'.  Stop by often to see what's new, because it's all new to you!

Guitar, Bass and Banjo: New Trade-Ins, Great Value!
From Left:
 Epiphone Dot (335) / Epiphone ES-339 w/Coiltap / Guild Maple 12-string / PRS SE / Ibabez HSH
Jackson Dinky Reverse / Ibanez RG HSH / Ibanez 5-string bass /  Epi T-Bird bass / J. Washburn B-9 banjo w/case

Amplifiers: Power to the People!