Welcome to my webpage. I am an Associate Professor of Economics at New York University Abu Dhabi, also Associate Dean of Social Science. I was also the Program Head for Economics from 2019 to September 2023.   

I am one of the founding researchers of the NYUAD Center for Behavioral Institutional Design (C-BID), www.cbid.org

My  research is in Mechanism Design/Market Design as well as in Experimental Economics

New working papers

March 2024: New version of "Perceived Competition

November 2023: New paper, "Cooperation under the Shadow of Inequality" (R&R at AEJ: Microeconomics)

November 2023: Revised version of "Manipulations of Preferences lead to the Uniform Rule" (Conditional accept at JET)

September 2023: Final version of "Limited Strategic Thinking and the Cursed Match" (Forthcoming AEJ:Microeconomics).

February 2023: New revised version of "Resilient Mechanisms".

December 2022: Final version of "Beyond Dividing the Pie: Multi-Issue Bargaining in the Lab" (ReStud, 2024).

Past Events: (i) Frontiers of Bargaining: Theory and Experiment, May 26th-27th 2022; Program

      (ii) ESA Asia-Pacific Meeting, January 24th-26th 2019, http://esa2019nyuad.org/.

(iii) NYU AD Advances in Mechanism Design Conference, Dec.17th to Dec. 19th 2016, https://sites.google.com/site/mechdesignconference/

Updated: April 2024