Welcome to the CIMeC MEG Group
- Ongoing Brain Oscillations and Behaviour Lab -

The main research goal of the OBOB lab is to understand the predisposing influence of ongoing brain activity patterns on behaviour, in particular conscious perception. Specific patterns of local as well as interareal synchronization are conceptualized as "open" or "closed" windows, gating information flow as soon as the brain is confronted with sensory stimulation and thereby enhancing or reducing the likelihood for certain behaviours. Even though this approach is geared towards understanding behavioural variability in cognitive neuroscientific experiments, the general framework may also apply to certain pathologies such as tinnitus (perception of a sound in the absence of a physical sound source). 

Methodologically at the heart of our research is the use of Magnetoencephalography (MEG; 306 channel Neuromag) in order to scrutinize with high temporal as well as decent spatial resolution the synchronization patterns that predispose behaviour. Apart of that we are installing a 128 channel EEG system for combined use with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. 

Besides of our own research interests, the OBOB lab also runs the MEG laboratory at the CIMeC, aiding other groups in setting up and performing state-of-the art MEG experiments

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