OBM (online business managment in information Technalogy)is a part of obmpak was founded in 2006 on the principle of introducing the latest technology , design and development of  innovative products to people which are searching for doing good projects for their country,school,workshops and for,hobiest. Its Multifunctional core businesses like: introdcuing electronic products, providing a vast platform of self learning on internet for free in every field,



Our other area of expertise and interest  Works with the following fields:



"Computer literacy" has become a key phrase in defining the goal of schools and teachers. As computers have become more important in professions and the workplace, many Americans have assumed they should become equally important in the classroom.

we deals with the followings subcatagories of computer

Computers computer case  computer hardware  desktop computer computer sale used computer buy computer computer sales laptop computers cheap computer  computer store computer parts


 Feature catagories 

  • Obm.itnews have plane for the following catagories in feature
  • Online learning system
  • Online earning system
  • Online short courses
  • Online sms system
  • Online mobilephone system
  • Online books
  • Online articals