Oblivion Harvest

.. a mod suite for 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion'

Welcome to the Oblivion Harvest site! 


If you are here, it is likely you have used or are planning to use one of the Harvest MODs for Oblivion, so at the very least we have some common ground as I use the Harvest MODs too.  Well that shouldn't be a suprise, I have written several of them with help from some very talented people.

In the past, as work began and completed forum topics were added to the mishmash at The Elder Scrolls Official Forums, many persons commented on how hard it was to keep track of the various threads, and I agree. While I will continue to post forum topics in the official forums, This page will hopefully simplify finding and using them, acting as a small directory.



The Concept

The 'Harvest' concept can clearly be defined as the alteration of the 3D GameWorld Art, to mark those objects that have already been searched for 'Loot'.

The Projects 


Harvest [Flora] v2.1 Final

by -Dejunai & DragonFireSG

This mod removes or modifies 3D Art for Flora Objects when searched for ingredients. The original artwork returns after the cell resets.  The archive contains a BSA file, so you won't be seeing a meshes or a textures folder.

The latest information can always be found at the TES Forum Thread 

The mod is available  at

[TES Source]   [TES Source Mirror]
[Planet Elder Scrolls]   [Planet Elder Scrolls Mirror]
[FileFront's ElderScrolls Page] 

-AND- (CZ, but still English )
[Read in CZ] , and [Download]
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Harvest [Flora] for Shivering Isles v0.1:

by  Dejunai

Classic Harvest[Flora] meet the Shivering Isles.

This is the ~LITE ONLY~ version.  Flora will disappear when searched for ingredients and reappear when the cell resets.  I am currently working on a FULL version so check back soon.

The latest information can always be found at the TES Forum Thread

This mod is available at

[TES Source]   [Planet Elder Scrolls] 


Harvest [Containers] v0.99.01:

by The Harvest Team: -Dejunai, mmmpld, XMarksTheSpot, PhoenixAmon, Vincent Wyrmwing, NumbNuts

This MOD affects nearly every container in vanillia Oblivion. When a container is searched, it will ( by script, model, and/or animation ) become "Harvested".  For most containers this means "Opened", and the intent is to visually represent to the player that the container is "already searched".

The latest information can always be found at the TES Forum Thread

This mod is available at

[TES Source]   [Planet TES]

All Archives are ~OMOD~ Ready


In Game Videos

Lockpicking a Counter
Sneaking Re-Closes Counter
Coffins Always Open Away from the PC
Random Lid Removal on Small Ayleid Casks
NPC Using Counters


==>[(( 5 Minute Demo ))]<==|==>[(( Havok Demo ))]<==




Harvest [Flora] 


Harvest [Containers]