Upcoming Shows


Past Shows that we remembered!
If you had spotted us in any shows that you enjoyed, let us know or email us the gig posters and we will include in this section.

Punk Rock at Blackhole 212
Underground Fest at Gas Haus
Overturn the Rainbow Gig at Gossip Bar

Halloween at Malibu

Gas Haus Rock at Gas Haus

Serata Musicale Punk Rock Night at Historia Music Bar
LIVE @ Open Stage Show at Substation Garden

Stasis 7 at Substation Garden

Kiss My Act Album Launch at Hardrock Cafe
One Voice at Substation Garden
Baybeats 2004
Monday Session at Barnone

Plunge! gig at NUS Eusoff Hall
Christmas Festival at Orchard Road

Sub-C Gig at Sentosa
Baybeats 2002
Youth & Music Festival by FM96.3 at Youth Park

Youth Awareness II at Substation Garden
Opposition Party EP Launch at Roomful of Blues Pub
Peace Concert 2001 at Singapore American School

Stasis 4 at Substation Garden
Peace Concert 1999 at Singapore American School

GIG Posters & Flyers:

Some nice posters that we collected over the years by creative individuals that design, helped and build the underground scene. These are tributes to you. 
If you have some posters that we played on and for some reasons its not here, just email them to us and we LOVE to have 'em!