Generated in 1994 ,Objection Overule provide street-level punk with their ideas informed and inspired by social issue

s in Singapore.In 1997, Objection Overule released 500 copies of their self-made demo, 'Brain Dead' that was so
ld mainly in some underground music stores or simply by word of mouth.

In 2000, they released their 1st Debut Album CD, 'Bollocks to You', under their independent label, 'Mohegan Records' that featured 18 different variation of punk with a mixture of Ska, Reggae and Oi. This album took a further approach when it received generous airplay on local radio station, 'Passion 99.5FM' and 'Radio Ria'.

Objection Overule were now a very bankable attraction for a band whose visual image had never strayed from the origins of Punk. They returned to the studio after the completion of a Punk Compilation album Kiss My Act, which features 10 great punk acts in the country.