Objection! Dressing Room


Here are some suggestions to make your chatting experience relatively free of stress.


(a) If the advertisements distract you, I suggest floating the chat room (i.e., seventh button or third to last). Just remember to leave this page open or else you'll be disconnected/kicked out/whatever.

(b) This chat room doesn't have sounds on by default, so you have to play around with the options if you'd like to be alerted whenever someone makes a comment or replies. The other chat rooms may be used if the one here "breaks"/ceases to function or if players want to interact elsewhere for whatever reason.

(c) Confused? For more information on how to use the chat room, refer to this guide.

**For Firefox users using the save tabs feature: It may be in your best interest to refrain from leaving this page as a tab. When you restore your previous session, you'll be directed to The Lobby--a public chat room that has nothing to do with O!DR--instead of O!DR's chat room. Bookmark, memorize, or click on the handy-dandy link in O!DR's userinfo to revisit the chat room.

With that said, have fun!


- Your O!DR mods

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