Jan 2 1819
BRIGGS  On Sunday last, at Waterloo, near Blyth, William BRIGGS, Esq. aged 46, much respected.
FRANCIS  Tuesday se`nnight, in London, Sir Philip FRANCIS, a well known political writer, and who has been suspected to be the author of Junius`s Letters.
GRAHAM  The 24th ult, in his 65th year Aaron GRAHAM, Esq. late one of the police magistrates at Bow-street.
FERGUSON  Saturday week, in Carlisle, Miss Ann FERGUSON, 4th daughter of the late John Ferguson, Esq. in her 21st year, generally regretted.
HOPE  On Sunday se`nnight, at Brampton, Mr D.HOPE, aged 75.
HARRISON  The 21st ult, Mary HARRISON, aged 108 years. She had lived, as nurse, in Mr Maden`s family, at Bacup, in Lancashire, upwards of 95 years.
The 27th ult, Mrs Sarah GOLIGHTLY, widow aged 70;
BOWCOCK  The 28th ult, Margaret, wife of Mr Stephen BOWCOCK, aged 42, both of North Shields.
WOOLER  The 28th ult, at Farnless House, Miss WOOLER, daughter of the late Mr Jonathan Wooler, of Wolsingham, aged 49.
BRUNTON  The 19th ult, in Edinburgh, Mary, wife of the Rev. Dr BRUNTON, authoress of “Self Control” “Discipline” and other popular moral novels.
WARE  Thursday se`nnight, in her 59th year, Elizabeth, wife of Mr John WARE, of Whitehaven, printer.
GARNETT  The 13th ult, aged 77, Mr Thomas GARNETT, of Hardacre, Clapham, Yorkshire. For many years he denied himself the comfortable necessaries of life ; and he died intestate, (leaving neither wife nor children) possessed of upwards of 12,000l
WINKS  The 29th ult, Mary, wife of Mr George WINKS, of Richmond, aged 35.
TATE  The 28th ult, Anne, eldest daughter of Mr TATE, of Bank-House, Northumberland, deeply lamented.
LATIMER  The 27th ult, Mrs Ann LATIMER, of Orchard-Court, in this town, aged 39.
STIRLING  The 25th ult, in Westgate-Street, in this town, Mrs Jane STIRLING, aged 72 years, formerly of Alnwick, much respected.
GILCHRIST  Monday last, aged 36 Mary wife of Mr James GILCHRIST, jun. of this town.
MEWS  The 17th ult, at Hexham, Mrs MEWS wife of Mr Thomas Mews, common carrier between Newcastle and Hexham.
AKENHEAD  On the 18th ult, at the Nun`s Gate, in this town, Mr James AKENHEAD, aged 61.
ROBINSON  The 22nd ult, at her uncle`s, near Darlington, aged 13, Miss ROBINSON, daughter of the late Mr William Robinson, of Shields, cabinet maker.
ATCHINSON  The 18th ult, at Little Harle Newhouses, Mr W. ATCHINSON, farmer.
WALLACE  24th ult, suddenly, Mr Henry WALLACE, master mariner, aged 45 ;
CHILTON  The 26th ult, suddenly, Mr Richard CHILTON, cabinet maker, aged 65 ;
REED  The 30th ult, Mr Thomas REED, ship-owner, aged 74, all of Bishopwearmouth.
WILSON  The 25th ult, at Sunderland, Mr Thomas WILSON, grocer, aged 29. His death was caused by a fall from his horse near Fulwell Inn.
HARRISON  Same day and place, Mr Thomas HARRISON, son of Mr John Harrison, furrier, aged 20.
MITFORD  The 18th ult, at Bath, Robert MITFORD, Esq. late of the Audit-Office, Somerset House, and of Mitford, Northumberland.
LOVELL  The 27th ult, Mr Daniel LOVELL, proprietor and editor of he Statesman Newspaper.
HUTHWAITE  The same day, in this town, Mrs HUTHWAITE, of Hartley Lodge, Northumberland, aged 63.
WAIT  Yesterday, very suddenly, Mr WAIT, of Collingwood-street, flour-dealer, aged 37.
ROBSON  The 25th ult, suddenly, at Middridge, Mr John ROBSON, aged 71.
SIMPSON  The 27th ult, Mr Ralph SIMPSON, many years parish clerk of Escomb.
BOWSER  The same day, at Chester-le-Street, Mr Richard BOWSER, flour-dealer, aged 24.
HOGG  The 29th ult, at Sunderland, Ann, widow of Mr John HOGG, of Chester-le-Street, aged 85, much respected.
SMITH  The 25th ult, at Darlington, Miss SMITH, daughter of Mr Frederick Smith, in the 5th year of her age.
GREENWELL  Lately at Holling Hall, near Witton-le-Wear, aged 77, Mr John GREENWELL, much respected.
BALLANTYNE  The 19th ult, at Woodhouse, in the parish of Manor, Mrs BALLANTYNE, in her 99th year. She was left a widow 62 years ago, with 6 children, all of whom are still alive and well.
HARRISON  The 27th ult, Edward Anthony, the infant son of Anthony HARRISON, Esq. of Barnard Castle, aged 9 weeks.
ORDE  On the 24th ult, at Weetwood, John ORDE, Esq. in the 81st year of his age, deeply and deservedly lamented by all who knew him. A conscientious discharge of every christian duty, and a scrupulous performance of every moral obligation, endeared him to friends who will long feel his loss, and sincerely appreciate his numerous virtues.
Jan 9 1819
FORSTER  On the 31st ult, aged 19, Mary, daughter of Mr George FORSTER, agent to Cuthbert Ellison, Esq. of Hebburn Hall.
WRANGHAM  Friday last, at Hexham, aged 63, Mr Wm WRANGHAM, chemist and druggist, much respected.
LAMBERT  Monday last, at Tweedmouth, at the advanced aged of 96, Mr Anthony LAMBERT, whose amenity of disposition acquired for him, throughout a long life, the respect and esteem of all to whom he was known.
COCHRANE  The 2nd inst, Mrs Eleanor COCHRANE, wife of Mr William Cochrane, of Blaydon, deservedly respected.
RICKERBY  Tuesday se`nnight, the Rev. George RICKERBY, minister of Aikton, who, whilst returning from Wigton, fell from his horse, supposed in a fit, and instantly expired.
Saturday last, in New Ormond-Street, London, aged 69, Mrs C. GALE, youngest sister of Henry Gale, Esq. of Scruton, Yorkshire.
BATTERS  Tuesday week, at Linton Bankhead, Mr John BATTERS, aged 82.
GIRVAN  The 18th ult, at Stirling, Elizabeth Maitland GIRVAN, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Mr Girvan, minister of Lanton, Berwickshire.
WATSON  Monday se`nnight, Mr Henry WATSON, mason, aged 70 ;
BOGUE  Thursday week, Mrs Isabella BOGUE, widow of Mr William Bogue, glazier, aged 85, both of Berwick.
LEACH  Same day, in his 72nd year, at the Kentish Town Assembly Rooms, whither he was conveyed, being taken suddenly ill on his way from Hatton-Garden Police-Office, Thomas LEACH, Esq. one of the magistrates.
SACUCER  At the Hotel of the Invalids, at Leyden, in Holland, on the 18th ult, Jean George SAUCER, aged 106.
PICKERING  Saturday se`nnight, at Whitby, Mr Stephen PICKERING, of that place, linen weaver, under the singular circumstances of having been born, married, and died on the anniversary of St Stephen`s day, from which he derived his name.
GRANTHAM  The 18th ult, at Stamford, aged 58, Thomas Bennett GRANTHAM, Esq. many years adjutant of the Durham regiment of militia.
BOSWELL  Sunday last, Mr John BOSWELL, ship-owner, long known in the Greenland trade, and greatly respected:
WRIGHT  And on the 5th inst, Ann, daughter of Mr Rich. WRIGHT, of Millburn-Place, North Shields, master mariner aged 15.
PARKES  Wednesday se`nnight, in London, in consequence of being knocked down by a run-away horse in the street, the Rev. Daniel PARKES.
JONES  On the same day, Mr W. JONES, engineer to the Westminster Gas Co. in consequence of the fall of scaffold placed to alter the gasometer.
BROWN  3d inst, Mr John BROWN, son of Mr Russell Brown, of the customs at this port, aged 22.
DODSWORTH  Tuesday last, Mrs DODSWORTH, of Richmond, aged 80.
DUNCAN  The 27th ult, at Edinburgh, in her 80th year, Mrs Margaret DUNCAN, relict of Mr William TAIT, merchant in Glasgow, and sister of the late Admiral Lord Viscount Duncan.
EDEN  Wednesday last, at Bishopwearmouth, highly respected and regretted, Mr William EDEN, surgeon, aged 51. He was carried off by typhus fever, caught in the discharge of his professional duties.
HAYTON  Sunday last, at Sunderland, George, the infant son of the Rev. John HAYTON.
WRIGHT  The 5th inst, at his son-in-laws house in Percy-Street, in his 58th year, Mr Thomas WRIGHT, of this town, much lamented.
BECKWITH  The 2nd inst, aged 15, Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr Henry BECKWITH, of Stockton, cabinet-maker.
HILL  The 29th ult, at Applebrige-House, near Stokesley, Miss HILL, eldest daughter of Mr Richard Hill.
McNAY  The 5th inst, in Forth-Street, in this town, deservedly respected. Mr John McNAY, aged 63.
NESHAM  The 31st ult, at Barnard Castle, Mrs NESHAM, widow of Mr Christopher Nesham, of Hutton, Yorkshire, farmer, aged 53.
HARDY  The 28th ult, at Raby, in his 86th year, Mr R. HARDY, groom to the late Earl of Darlington, and the present Earl. During the campaign in Germany, he attended the late lord when Captain Vane, who was wounded at Dettingen.
CARR  The 2nd inst, at Scremerston, Ancroft, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Robert CARR, aged 62.
GORDON  The 3rd inst, Mrs Jane GORDON, widow, aged 86;
DAVIDSON  The 4th inst, Sarah, wife of William DAVIDSON, Esq. aged 61, both of Tweedmouth.
AINSLIC  The 2nd inst, at Berwick, Andrew, son of Mr Patrick AINSLIC, wine-merchant, aged 4 years ;
AINSLIC  And on the 5th inst, Barbara the daughter of the above, aged 6 years.
STANSBY  The 2nd inst, Mrs Isabella STAINSBY, of Hilton, in the parish of Staindrop, aged 75.
THROGMORTON  The Morning Post of Wednesday reports the death of Sir John THROGMORTON, Bart.
From within this issue.
FOTHERINGHAM  On the 2nd inst, Richard FOTHERINGHAM, an old seaman, of Sunderland, was found dead in his boat, early in the morning, supposed to have expired in a fit.
ROBERTSON  James ROBERTSON, a seaman, belonging to the Orkneys, was drowned in the Tyne last week.
CARTER  Also, Wm CARTER, a wherryman, belonging to the North Shore. He fell out of his wherry near the Low Crane here, on Wednesday se`nnight, and was drowned.
REED  John REED, about 70 year of age, was found dead on the side of a foot path leading from Longhoughton to Boomer, in Northumberland, on the 26th ult. He was on his way home from Alnwick, and it appeared died from the coldness of the night, and the wetness of the place where he had lain down. Verdict – Found dead.
Jan 16 1819
WOOLER  On the 11th inst, George WOOLER, son of Mr Jonathan Wooler, of Fawnlees Cottage, aged 15 months.
ROGERSON  Same day, at her house, in Green Court, in this town, Mrs ROGERSON, aged 77.
SANDERSON  The 9th inst, in this town, in his 89th year, Mr Wm SANDERSON, formerly a respectable farmer at Widdrington.
WILKINSON  Same day, at Morpeth, aged 28, Ann eldest daughter of Mr WILKINSON, post-master, much and deservedly lamented.
HEDLEY  On Sunday last, at Walbottle Dean House, aged 53, Hannah, wife of Mr George HEDLEY, much lamented.
PURVIS  On Friday last, at Warkworth, aged 76, Mr Thomas PURVIS, grocer, much respected.
PENMAN  On Sunday last, at Throckley, Mr Alder PENMAN, formerly a farmer, who completed his 100th year on Christmas day, and walked about, with the use of all his faculties, until two months of his death.
THRELKELD  On the 9th ult, Ann, wife of Mr Jabez THRELKELD, of Nunwick Town Head, aged 60 years, much respected.
CHARLTON  The 2d inst, Mr John CHARLTON, of Wark, butcher.
SCOTT  On the 19th of October last, at Kelso, Robert, aged 21, ;
SCOTT  Also at Kelso, on the 22d of December, James aged 26, sons of Mr Robert SCOTT, of Fans;
SCOTT  And at Fans, on the 4th inst, Janet his wife, aged 59.
METCALF  Last week, Mrs METCALF, wife of Mr Metcalfe, of Ogle Terrace, South Shields.
ELLERBY  Saturday se`nnight, at Whitby, aged 73, Mr Thomas ELLERBY, of that place.
MARSHALL  Tuesday week, at Ruswarp, in consequence of being thrown from his horse. Mr J. MARSHALL, of Whitby, solicitor.
MEDD  Same day, at Whitby, in his 28th year, Mr Robert MEDD, bookseller, &c. deservedly respected.
DOVE  The 5th inst, at Edinburgh, in the 28th year of her age, Mrs Catherine Rachel DOVE, wife of James Dove, Esq. and daughter of Archibald Douglas, Esq. of Adderstone, in the county of Roxburgh.
OXENDALE  On the 22d ult, at Osmotherley, greatly regretted, Mr Wm OXENDALE, in his 47th year.
COLTISH  The 7th inst, at Hull, Jane, wife of Mr William COLTISH, ship-owner, deservedly respected.
TOKELY  On Saturday last, in consequence of a determination of blood towards the head, which produced violent derangement, and baffled the medical art, Mr TOKELY, a celebrated actor on the metropolitan boards.
ELLIOT  On Sunday last, at the house of her son-in-law, George Fletcher, Esq. of Owton, Durham, in her 85th year, Mrs ELLIOTT, relict of the late Captain William Elliott, of the Honourable East India Company`s service, and late of Pondicherry, near Rothbury, Northumberland.
GIBSON  On the 11th inst, at his father`s house, Brompton, near Northallerton, aged 23, Bayles GIBSON, son of the Rev. Edward Gibson.
SMITH  On the 7th inst, at Sunderland, Mr John SMITH, tide surveyor of that port, aged 44.
CAREW  The 7th inst, at Red Barns, near Seaton Carew, aged 69, Sarah, wife of Mr Thomas THOMPSON, farmer.
WALKER  On Monday last, at Thirsk, much respected, Mr WM WALKER, of that place, solicitor.
ROXBY  On the 4th inst, at Clapham Rise, Surrey, Mrs ROXBY, wife of Henry Roxby, Esq. aged 74.
MEWBURN  On the 5th inst, at Darlington, Dorothy Jane, daughter of Francis MEWBURN, Esq. solicitor, aged 2 years.
TOWERS  The 10th inst, at the same place, much respected, Dorothy, daughter of George TOWERS, taylor and draper, aged 21.
PORTER  On the 12th inst, universally respected, Mrs PORTER, wife of Joseph Porter, of Darlington.
BLAKEY  On the 4th inst, Margaret, widow of Mr George BLAKEY, formerly of Bishop-auckland, aged 87.
LANGSTAFF  On the 7th inst, Mr Henry LANGSTAFF, of Binchester Crag farm, aged 60, universally respected.
HOME  On the 2nd inst, at Edinburgh, Miss E.M. HOME, third daughter of Mr David Home, of Homefield, Berwickshire.
Jan 23 1819
NEWBY  On the 9th inst, at his house in Poland-street, St James, London, in his 76th year, Chas. NEWBY, Esq. who for nearly half a century had practised there and in its immediate vivinity, as an eminent accoucheur and apothecary.
MOORE  On the 28th ult, John MOORE, Esq. of Great Marlborough-street, London.
WOLCOT  The 13th inst, at Somerstown, near London, Dr John WOLCOT, well known to the literary world under the name of Peter Pindar, in his 81st year.
CLARK  On the 18th inst, at Warkworth, Mrs Jane CLARK, widow, aged 82. She died very suddenly in the night, without any previous illness, and was found next morning sitting in her chair.
BELL  The 16th inst, at his brother`s house, Hebron, near Morpeth, Mr Robert BELL, of this town, cabinet-maker, much respected.
APEDAILE  On the 14th inst, Mrs APEDAILE, wife of Mr George Apedaile, of this town, merchant, aged 30.
TAYLOR  On the 13th inst, at Monkwearmouth, Mr John TAYLOR, brewer, aged 56, much respected.
BARRICK  Sunday se`nnight, at Whitby, aged 93, Mrs Mary BARRICK, relict of Mr Henry Barrick, of that place, ship-builder.
CARLING  Thursday se`nnight, at Whitby, at an advanced age, Mr Adam CARLING, sail-maker.
ALLAN  The 8th inst, in his 38th year, Mr Samuel ALLAN, of Primside.
WATSON  On the 1st inst, at Kiblaan, Argyllshire, Grace WATSON, aged 103. She was the mother of 13 children.
REINAUD  Lately, at Toulouse, in France, Marguerite REINAUD, aged 117. She was married in 1721, and became a widow in 1735 ; lived free from infirmities, and preserved to the last moment full use of all her faculties. Her principal occupation was spinning at a distaff, which she continued until the day before her death.
MAINGER  The 10th inst, Mr Nicholas MAINGER, aged 80;
SWAN  The 15th inst, Mr Wm SWAN, mariner, aged 33 ;
FATKIN  The 17th inst, Julia Ann, wife of Mr Edward FATKIN, mariner, aged 36;
STEWART  Mr Robert STEWART, cooper, aged 52;
BATY  The 18th inst, Mr Arthur BATY, aged 97 ;
PIGG  Mrs Elizabeth PIGG, aged 77;
FORREST  The 19th inst, Mrs Sarah FORREST, aged 29 ;
RICHARDSON  Mr John RICHARDSON, aged 70, all of North Shields.
WARDLE  The 14th inst, Mrs Jane WARDLE, of Willington, widow, aged 81.
THOMPSON  The 15th inst, William, the infant son of Mr Wm THOMPSON, master of the James, of this port, aged 3 years.
COLLINS  The 12th inst, in Carlisle, aged 58, Mrs COLLINS, relict of Robert Collins, Esq. of Petterill Green.
TURNER  The 1st inst, at South Petherwin, near Launceston, aged 110, Mrs Elizabeth TURNER, widow.
The 8th inst, at Melbury, Dorsetshire, the Countess of Ilchester, daughter of Lord George MURRAY, late Bishop of St Davids.
The 9th inst, at Paris, the Count de Beautharnois, father of the Grand Duchess of Baden, and cousin of the Empress Josephine.
BROWN  On the 15th inst, at Dilston Park, near Corbridge, Mr Michael BROWN, aged 69, justly respected.
ROBERTSON  On the 18th of July last, at Samarang, in the Island of Java, Mr Wm ROBERTSON, second mate of the ship Commerce, of Liverpool. He had gone into the sea to bathe, when unfortunately a shark got hold of him, and tore all the flesh of his left thigh, in consequence of which he died in a few minutes.
MORTON  Thursday last in the prime of life, Mr Ralph MORTON, shopman to Mr A Reed, of Dean-street, in this town.
MONRO  On the 11th inst, Mr Henry MONRO, sen, of this town.
SPOOR  On Thursday week, Mar A. SPOOR, of the Bigg-market, in this town, joiner, aged 67. He dropped down dead in his own shop.
AYNSLEY  The 13th inst, much respected, Mr Thomas AYNSLEY, of Bavington. TODD  On the 24th ult, at Osmotherley, near Northallerton, aged 87, Mrs Mary TODD, widow of Mr Wm Todd, of Breckbrough, and mother of the Rev. Thomas Todd, vicar of King`s Brompton, Somerset.
SMITH  On the 16th inst, aged 51, greatly respected, Mr John SMITH, of the Bull Inn, Northallerton, mail contractor. His late father and himself worked the mail coach from its first commencement.
WILSON  On Saturday last, at Dowgate Wharf, London, Mr John WILSON, aged 44.
LEADBITTER  On Wednesday last, deeply regretted, Jane, youngest daughter of Mrs LEADBITTER, of Collingwood-street, in this town.
ROW  On the 21st inst, aged 25 years, Amos, youngest son of Mr Wm ROW, of St Peter`s Quay, near this town.
WILSON  On the 18th last, at his house in Cleveland-row, St James’s, London, in his 55th year, Major-Gen. John WILSON, colonel of the late 4th Ceylon regiment, and son of the late Rev. Cuthbert Wilson, of this town. Major-Gen. Wilson succeeded Sir T. Maitland in the civil and military command at Ceylon in 1811, and at the latter end of 1815, he was selected by his majesty` ministers for the civil and military government of Canada, in the absence of Sir G. Prevost ; from thence he returned about 18 months ago, in a bad state of health, and has ever since laboured under severe indisposition.
HAY  The 15th inst, at Manchester, in the 18th year of his age, John, eldest son of the late Mr Charles HAY, of this town, brewer.
ABBOTT  Lately at Nenagh, Ireland, aged 94, Mrs ABBOTT, relict of John Abbott, Esq. of Ballyhasty, Tipperary, She married at 18, was 36 years a wife, in which time she had three children in 10 months, four within 20, six within three years, and 15 upwards by single births making 28, many of whom she nursed.
DICKENSON  The 20th inst, at Hexham, aged 25, Mr Joseph Dinning DICKENSON, chemist and druggist, much and deservedly regretted.
LOCKIE  On the 14th inst, at Darlington, aged 53, Mr John LOCKIE, stone-cutter, much respected.
Thursday last, of an apoplexy, at Hinton St George, Somerset, the Right Hon. Earl Paulet, in his 63d year.
HUME  On the 21st inst, Mrs HUME, aged 23, wife of Mr John Hume, of North Shields, draper, justly esteemed and beloved by all her acquaintance.
BELL  The 15th inst, Janet, widow of Mr Matthew BELL, farmer, late of Prior House, Tweedmouth, aged 81 ;
HENDERSON  The 17th inst, John Alexander, son of Mr Alex. HENDERSON, saddler, age3d 4 years ;
SIMENTON  The 18th inst, Miss Margaret SIMENTON, a maiden lady, aged 64, all of Berwick.
PEARSON  The 20th inst, Mr Wm PEARSON, of Bishop Auckland, aged 60.
THIRKELD  The 17th inst, at Barnard Castle, Priscilla, daughter of Mrs Elizabeth THIRKELD, school-mistress, aged 5 years. Her death was caused by her clothes taking fire when her mother was out.
MURRAY  The 14th inst, at Jedburgh, in her 69th year, Betty, wife of James MURRAY, Esq. and second daughter of the Hon. George Home.
DAWSON  On Wednesday last, Isabella DAWSON, a young woman residing with her parents at the Westgate, died in consequence of having taken poison the preceding evening. Coroners verdict – insanity.
From within this issue.
GREY  On Saturday last, George Rochester, living at Easington, near Belford, was sent home by his uncle to bring him a gun, which another person was desirous to purchase. On his way back, Rochester fell in with some of his companions, who were amusing themselves as soldiers. When Rochester passed them they shouted out, “The Frenchman was running away” He immediately turned round, and levelling the piece, quite unconscious of its being loaded pulled the trigger, and shot dead a fine boy, named Edward GREY, about 10 years of age. His left hand was nearly shattered off, and some o the shot entered his left side and passed through his heart. An inquest was held on the body on Monday last, by T.A. Russell, Esq. and the jury, after long deliberation, brought in a verdict of Chance Medley. It appeared in evidence, that the uncle, a few days before, had been shooting sea fowl, and had very imprudently, taken home his gun without unloading it. The coroner severely reprimanded him for this unpardonable want of caution.
Jan 30 1819
ROBINSON  At Burdon, near Darlington, aged 75, Mrs ROBINSON, widow of the Rev. Stapylton Robinson, A.M. and sister of the late Morcroft Wastell, Esq. of Burdon.
NIXON  On the 20th inst, at Alnwick, Elizabeth NIXON, aged 82, much respected.
SMITH  The 16th inst, at Park Farm, Middleton, Oxfordshire, much respected, Mrs SMITH, wife of Mr John Smith, formerly of this town.
ROBSON  The 21st inst, at Throckley, Mrs Elizabeth ROBSON, widow.
CRANE  Same day, Mr John CRANE, of the Ranger revenue cutter,, North Shields, aged 35.
HETHERINGTON  The 25th inst, Mr Wm HETHERINGTON, of Percy Main, aged 19.
DENT  The 19th inst, at Durham, Mr Ralph DENT, attorney’s writer.
YOUNG  On the 5th November last, of the yellow fever, at Bermuda, Mr George YOUNG, of the commissariat department, only son of Mr George Young of Coldingham.
PATON  The 19th inst, at Kelso, Sarah, widow of the Rev. Wm PATON, minister at Eckford, in her 89th year.
TURNBULL  On the 14th inst, Mr Thomas TURNBULL, of Jedburgh, writer.
WILKINSON  On Monday last, aged 21, Dorothy, youngest daughter of Mr Stephen WILKINSON, of Morpeth, post master, much lamented.
WILKINSON  The 14th inst, at Skipton on Swale, near Thirsk, aged 20 years, Mr L. WILKINSON, Raper.
STEPHENSON  On the 15th inst, at Brampton, Mr Joseph STEPHENSON, aged 60 ;
GOODFELLOW  And on the following day, on being made acquainted with the dissolution of her brother, Mrs Susan GOODFELLOW, his sister, aged 68.
THOMPSON  Thursday se`nnight, Mr Joseph THOMPSON, of Carlisle, slater.
BUGG  Lately, in Mrs Ann Reuth`s Hospital, at Beverley, Mary BUGG, widow, who was born during the rebellion in 1715, and consequently was upwards of 103 years old.
LETT  The 3d inst, at Scafield, Mrs Elizabeth LETT, in her 100th year. Out of 56 children and grandchildren, the deceased was present at the birth of 40. In her 59th year she was delivered of her youngest child.
ANDREWS  On the 14th inst, Mr Wm ANDREWS, of Gateshead, chandler, aged 58.
GIBB  The 15th inst, aged 52, Mrs Isabella GIBB, wife of Mr Henry Gibb, of Alnwick, currier.
WAWN  Tuesday se`nnight, Mr WAWN, of Byker Bar, aged 79.
DYSON  On the 18th of July last, at Sangur, in the East Indies, Capt. DYSON, of his majesty`s 14th regiment of foot, son of John Dyson, Esq. of Clifton, near York.
SCARTH  On the 18th last, at an advanced age, Mr Isaac SCARTH, of South Shields.
COLPITTS  On the 26th inst, at Richmond, after a short illness, Thomas, last surviving son of the late Thomas COLPITTS, Esq. of Streatham, aged 54.
CORRI  The 20th inst, Margaret, wife of Mr M. CORRI, professor of music, at Edinburgh.
BURRELL  On the 23d inst, at Elstob House, near Sunderland, Miss BURRELL, niece of Mr John Renner, Esq. of Sunderland, aged 28, justly esteemed and lamented.
ALLISON  Same day, at Whitburn, Mr Robert ALLISON, stone-mason, aged 65.
SMITH  On the 26th inst, at Sunderland, Mr Wm SMITH, attorney, aged 59.
ROBSON  On the 26th inst, at Vouze, near Haydon-bridge, Mr John ROBSON, in his 97th year, much respected.
WILKIE  On the 23d inst, at Darlington, at an advanced age, Mr Nicholas WILKIE, one of the Society of Friends.
BAXTER  The 25th inst, Mrs BAXTER, wife of Mr George Baxter, of Barnard-Castle Moor, farmer, aged 28.
MURRAY  On the 27th inst, at Tweedmouth, aged 79, Mr Wm MURRAY ;
SUNDERLAND  And on the 28th inst, Mr John SUNDERLAND, officer of excise. He had served in the Northumberland collection nearly 40 years.
MARCHBAND  The 21st inst, Ann, wife of Mr Wm MARCHBAND, of Bishop-Auckland, aged 86.
THORP  The 26th inst, at Bishop-Auckland, John THORP, aged 86. He has left an infirm widow, aged 96.
REDPATH  The 25th inst, at Berwick, George, son of Mr George REDPATH, mason, aged one year.
DUNCAN  The 21st inst, at Spittal, Mrs Ester DUNCAN, widow, aged 64.
BROWN  The 22d inst, at Felkington, parish of Norham, Mr Thos. BROWN, aged 72.
STEAVENSON  The 24th inst, Mrs STEAVENSON, widow of Mr George Steavenson, aged 90;
HENDERSON  The same day, Jane, wife of Mr Hugh HENDERSON, farrier, aged 43, both of Berwick.
RUTHERFORD  The28th Nov. at St Kitt`s. Mr James RUTHERFORD, late of Longnewton Lees Roxburghshire.
LANGCAKE  On the evening of the 15th inst, Mr Joseph LANGCAKE, of Round Hill, fell into a draw well at Longrigg, and was drowned.
Feb 6 1819
BRANTINGHAM  The 29th ult, at the Westgate, aged 59, Mrs Rachel BRANTINGHAM, one of the Society of Friends, deeply regretted.
LUDLOW  On the 27th ult, Mr James LUDLOW, of Gateshead Fell, joiner and cabinet-maker, aged 68, much respected.
THEW  On the 25th ult, at Widdrington Middle Steads, aged 50, Jane, wife of Mr Edw THEW, , much lamented.
SQUIRE  Wednesday se`nnight, at Osgoodby, near Thirsk, Mr Thomas SQUIRE.
GASCOIGNE  Thursday se`nnight, at Parlington, Yorkshire, Mrs GASCOIGNE, wife of Richard Oliver Gascoigne Esq. deeply regretted.
SEFTON  Friday, in Hill-street, London, the Dowager Countess of Sefton, in her 71st year.
Tuesday se`nnight, at Lyndhurst, aged 47, William, Earl of Errol, High Constable of Scotland, Knight Marshal, and his Majesty`s High Commissioner for the affairs of the Church of Scotland.
TEMPEST  Friday last, at his seat, Thorpe Lee, Surrey, in his 67th year, sincerely regretted, Sir Henry TEMPEST, Bart. of Tong Hall, Yorkshire, and Hope End, Hereford, the last branch of the very ancient family of the Tempests of Tong.
LEA  On the 17th ult, in Needless-alley, Birmingham, Mrs Mary LEA, aged 104 years.
BOYES  On Friday last, Mr Moses BOYES, of Eskdaleside, near Whitby.
FORSTER  On the 19th ult, at Burfoot, in the parish of Stapleton, Margaret, wife of George FORSTER, aged 90. Her remains were attended to the grave by her husband, aged 100.
MILES  The 27th ult, at Yarm, in her 66th year, Rachel, wife of Mr Thomas MILES, sen.
IRELAND  Wednesday se`nnight, Joshua IRELAND, M.P. of Carlisle, in his 35th year.
THOMPSON  Sunday se`nnight, at Brampton, Mr Joshua THOMPSON, at an advanced age.
WANCHOPE  The 12th of August, at the fort of Callinger, Bengal, John WANCHOPE, Esq. 2nd son of Andrew Wanchope, Esq. of Niddrie Marischall, civil and politicatl agent to his excellency the Governor-General of India.
CARR  On Saturday last, at Bishop-Wearmouth, aged 49, Miss Ellen CARR, daughter of the late Thomas Carr, of Houghton-le-Spring, common brewer.
GRAHAM  On Monday, at the same place, aged 80, Mr James GRAHAM, late of Sunderland, bookseller.
ATKINSON  On the 27th ult, Mr ATKINSON, of Richmond, grocer, aged 45.
On Tuesday last, in this town, Mr Robert ROBINSON, late of Prestwick, aged 88.
RICHMOND  Saturday last, at Leighton Hall, near Lancaster, in her 34th year, Mrs RICHMOND, relict of the late Henry Richmond, M.D. of Bath, and eldest daughter of the late John Atherton, Esq. of Walton Hall, in Lancashire.
JOHNSON  Lately, in High Friar-street, in this town, aged 72, Mr Jacob JOHNSON, butcher.
PARK  The 29th ult, Miss Isabella PARK, daughter of Mr Wm Park, of the Postern, in this town, aged 6 years.
MOOR  The 30th ult, at Billingham, near Stockton, aged 58, Mr Robert MOOR, formerly a common brewer.
DOWNIE  Monday last, aged 13 months, Jane, daughter of Mr George DOWNIE, of Gateshead, surgeon.
CARR  Saturday last, at her sister`s, in Bishopwearmouth, Miss CARR, of Leek, Staffordshire, aged 48.
PARK  On the 25th ult, of the small-pox, Mr Wm PARK, of Kilham, Yorkshire, in his 75th year.
RAINFORTH  On Saturday last, at Cornhill, aged 92, Mrs Jane RAINFORTH.
CARR  On the 29th ult, Christiana, wife of George CARR, of the Ouseburn, flax-dresser, aged 27.
LAWSON  On the 28th ult, at Skerne House, near Darlington, aged 80, Mr Thos. LAWSON, farmer, much respected.
THOMPSON  The 1st inst, Mr Richard THOMPSON, formerly of the Nag`s Head Inn, Northallerton. His death was caused by his falling on a knife in a garden at Kirkbey Sigston, which entered his head, and was with difficulty withdrawn.
ATHLONE  The 19th ult, at the Hague, in her 74th year, the Countess Dowager of Athlone.
REED  The 4th inst, at Bell`s Folly, near Durham, in her 53d year, much respected, Mrs REED, of the South Bailey, in that city, relict of Mr Wm Reed.
SWINBURN  The 27th ult, Mrs Ellen SWINBURN, aged 41 ;
REED  The 28th ult, MRS Joanna REED, aged 70 ;
COWELL  The 1st inst, Mary, wife of Mr Thomas COWELL, baker, aged 55 ;
TODD  Mr Robert TODD, mariner, aged 37, all of North Shields.
COATES  The 3d inst, Mrs Elizabeth COATES, of Tynemouth, aged 52.
SWINNEY  Margaret wife of Mr Robert SWINNEY, of Chirton, aged 50.
STOREY  The 27th ult, Mr John STOREY, of Monkseaton, aged 35.
SMITH  The 3d inst, at Bishop-auckland, Mr Thomas SMITH, quarter-master, aged 61, much respected.
MAUGHAN  On the 18th of July last, at Culpees, near Calcutta, in the East Indies, much lamented, Mr John MAUGHAN, son-in-law, of the Reverend Simpson Brown, late of Shotley, Northumberland.
ORMSTON  The 3d inst, at Lilburn Tower Cottage, in he 32d year, Mrs ORMSTON, wife of Mr John Ormston, and eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Smith, of Tynemouth, surgeon, royal navy, much regretted.
MAY  The 28th ult, Mr Thomas MAY, excise-boatman, aged 54, drowned in the Tyne. Coroner`s verdict – Accidental death, by falling out of a boat.
BROWN  The 31st ult, at Tweedmouth, suddenly, Mary, daughter of George BROWN, aged 18.
TAYLOR  Same day, suddenly, Mr John TAYLOR, late of Tweedmouth, aged 87.
ANGELEY  The 3d inst, Mrs Sarah ANGELEY, widow, aged 80;
WOOD  Same day, Mrs WOOD, wife of Mr Wood, school master ;
WAITE  The 4th inst, Mr Ralph WAITE, aged 57, all of Berwick
From within this issue.
BLACKLOCK  On Friday night, a boy about 14 years of age, named BLACKLOCK, belonging to North Shields, was lost out of a keel at Willington Quay. It is supposed that he had got up in his sleep, being subject to sleep-walking.
Feb 13 1819
ERRINGTON  On the 20th ult, at Nice, in her 23d year, Eleanor, eldest daughter of William ERRINGTON, Esq, of Camden Place, Bath, and High Warden, Northumberland.
HOYLE  On the 29th ult, Mrs HOYLE, relict of John Hoyle, Esq. of Swift Place, Halifax, Yorkshire.
FORSTER  On the 26th of October last, at New York, North America, Mr John FORSTER, late of Glasgow, merchant.
PURVIS  On Sunday last, in All Saints, poor house, in this town, Margaret PURVIS, aged 99 years and 9 months, the mother of our well known musician, Blind Willy.
MORTON  On the 10th inst, at the Cow Stand, near Stamfordham, aged 66, Mr Barnabas MORTON, farmer, much respected.
BECK  Sunday se`nnight, John BECK, Esq. of Carlisle, banker, aged 45.
ATKINSON  The 28th ult, at Brampton, Mrs Ann ATKINSON, aged 71 ;
ATKINSON  And on the following day, her daughter, Miss Ann ATKINSON, aged 35.
HUDSON  Monday se`nnight, at the Crown Inn, Kendal, aged 75, Capt. Robert Sewell HUDSON. He had arrived in the coach from Penrith on Sunday evening to apparent health. About half past eleven on the succeeding morning, in stooping to draw on a boot, he fell down in a fit of apoplexy, and almost instantly expired.
BELL  On the 8th inst, Miss BELL, daughter of Mr Thomas Bell, of Los Lambton, deservedly respected.
SHEEPSHANKS  Sunday last,, Mr Joseph SHEEPSHANKS, of Leeds.
BASIN  Lately, at Staindrop, in his 94th year, Mr Anthony BASIN. He was a native of France, but resided in England nearly 72 year. He formerly kept the inn at Catterick Bridge, and was the projector of the first heavy coach from Boroughbridge to Carlisle.
LIGNUM  At Calcutta, in his 31st year, Mr J LIGNUM, jun. of Manchester, member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London, and surgeon in the service of the Hon. East India Company.
DONKIN  The 21st of August last, at Meercat, near Delhi, in the East Indies, the wife of Major-Gen. Sir R.S. DONKIN, K.C.B. eldest daughter of the very rev. the Dean of York.
SCORESBY  Monday se`nnight, at Whitby, Mrs SCORESBY, wife of Mr Wm Scoresby, owner of the Greenland ship Fame.
GENT  Saturday se`nnight at Bulwell aged 90, a veteran named GENT, formerly well known in Nottingham as a seller of besoms. He fought in the battle of Minden, in 1759, where he lost both is legs, and had them amputated above the knees. The case of a person`s surviving such a loss for 60 years is believed to be unprecedented. He travelled generally on an ass, and appearing in an old uniform, attracted considerable attention.
LESLIE  The 30th ult, at Leslie House, Fife, the Right Hon. Henrietta Ann, Countess of Rothes, Baroness LESLIE and Ballenbrich, in her 29th year. Her ladyship has left two sons and four daughters, by her husband, George Leslie, Esq. and is succeeded in her honours and estates by their eldest son, George William Evelyn Leslie, now Earl of Rothes, Lord Leslie and Ballenbretch.
BUTLER  The same day, at Cabir House, Tipperary, the Right Hon. Richard BUTLER, Earl of Glengal, one of the representative peers of Ireland. His title devolves on his eldest son, Lord Viscount Cahir, M.P. for the county of Tipperary.
DORMAN/DIERMOTT  At Strabane, John DORMAN, or DIERMOTT. He was born at Boigh, in the parish of Clonlee, county of Donegal, the 24th of August 1709, and consequently was upwards of 109 year of age. His father was a labourer, and lived to the age of 111. His mothers name was Margaret SHARKEY ; she lived to be 113 years old.
ALLEN  The 27th ult. Miss Ann ALLEN, aged 44, daughter of Mr Ralph Allen, of South Shields.
FRENCH  On the 29th ult, aged 63, Mr Wm FRENCH, of Haltwhistle brewery, much respected.
BOOCOCK  The 4th inst, Mr Stephen BOOCOCK, mariner, aged 52 ;
WONDERS  Mr Thomas WONDERS, mariner, aged 77;
SCORER  6th inst, Mrs Mary SCORER, widow, aged 50, all of North Shields
MUSGROVE  4th inst, Mr Joseph MUSGROVE, of Preston, farmer, aged 28.
SHOTTON  The 6th inst, Mrs Jane SHOTTON, of Whitehill Point, widow, aged 29.
RICHARDS  The 10th inst, Martha, wife of Mr RICHARDS Of Percy Main, age 38.
CREWE  On Saturday last, Sir Henry CREWE. He was killed by a fall near London from the ------carriage, which he was driving to break in a couple of y--- horses. His son was also thrown off and very much ----.
HULL  Same day, Mr Thomas HULL, son of Mr Hull of the --------- bank. As he was hunting, he fell from his horse and broke his neck.
THOMPSON  The 31st ult, at Tanfield, in his 42d year, John THOMPSON, mariner, a pensioner of Greenwich Hospital.
WOOD  On the 25th? Ult, at Widdrington Hagg House, Mr John WOOD, aged 82, much respected.
LINTEN  On the 5th inst, at Crook, near Durham, deservedly lamented, Mr Thomas LINTEN, warehouseman.
GIBSON  Mr Taylor GIBSON, of this town.
HEADLAM  The 6th inst, Miss Jane HEADLAM, daughter of T.E. Headlam, Esq. of Gateshead, aged 43.
BERTRAM  The 7th inst. John, the infant son of Capt BERTRAM of Durn Crook, in this town.
GRIER  On Saturday last, at Dumfries, within less than an hour of each other, Robert GRIER, aged 74, and Thomas GRIER, aged 37, father and son.
GRIER  On the 4th inst, at Cheetwood, Lancashire, James Banks ROBINSON, late of the royal navy, in his 71st year. He was 50 years in his majesty`s service --- fought in twelve general engagements, among which were --- of the Nile and Trafalgar, when he acted as ------  He commenced his career with the celebrated B---   one of the desperate few who carried up the bowl of ---  sacrificed to Bacchus, on the top of Pompey`s P----- ..
PATTINSON  --ult at Valenciennes, the Rev. Thomas PATTINSON of ----- Hall, Cumberland ;
G---AUNT  and last week at Carlisle, Mrs G?---AUNT.
VICKERS  On the 6th inst at Bishopwearmouth Mr ---- VICKERS, joiner and cabinet-maker, aged 34.
COATSWORTH  On – at Sunderland, Mrs COATSWORTH, pawn-broker, aged 37? Or 57?
BULMAN  8th inst, at Southampton, Charlotte Job, youngest daughter of the late Job BULMAN, Esq. of Coxlodge, Northumberland --  10 years.
WAKEFIELD  The 6th inst, at Hackney, in her 58th year --- WAKEFIELD, widow of the late Gilbert Wakefield.
SMITH  On – in Church-street, Durham, Mrs Ann SMITH, widow --- Anthony Smith, in her 60th year.
HOPPER  On Sunday last, in ---- Durham, MRS Ann HOPPER, wife of Mr Edward Hopper -----  66th year.
THOMPSON  The 4th inst, suddenly, at Mount Pl----, Startforth, Mr Thos. THOMPSON, late innkeeper at G--- aged 59 much lamented.
POTTS  On the 27th ult at Gl------- Edward POTTS. He was a servant in the late My ----- family of Titlington, for upwards of 70 years.
SHEPPARD  Monday last at Hume, Mr Thos SHEPPARD
And on Wednesday, --bel his wife.
Feb 27 1819
NIXON  On Saturday last, of apoplexy, while dressing, Mrs NIXON, wife of Mr Joseph Nixon, of Lova ne Row, in this town.
LIDDELL  Same day, in his 26th year, Mr Richard LIDDELL, of the customs at this port.
MACDONALD  Last week, Mrs MACDONALD, wife of Mr Wm Macdonald, of the Market-place, South Shields, grocer.
PEARSON  On the 21st ult, at Malta, Mr John PEARSON, ship-owner, late of this town, in the prime of life, much respected and lamented.
EDWARDS  The 8th inst, at Queen`s Elms, Sydenham EDWARDS, Esq. F.L.S. an accurate and able botanical and animal draughtsman. The Flora Loninenis. The Botanical Magazine, Botanical Ledger, and Roes`s Cylopaedia, owe their chief excellencies in these departments to his masterly pencil.
HUNTER  Monday se`nnight, at Eaglescliffe, near Yarm, in her 28th year, Sarah, wife of Andrew HUNTER, Esq.
STEPHENSON  The 14th inst, at Great Malvern, Mrs STEPHENSON, widow of the late Matthew STEPHENSON, Esq.
GALE  In September last, at Julna, in the East Indies, Lieut, Humphrey Senhouse GALE, of the Madras European regiment. He served under Sir T.HISLOP, and particularly distinguished himself in the great victory over Hholkar, wherein he was the only officer out of nine belonging to his regiment who escaped being either killed or wounded.
On Tuesday se`nnight, at Ashton Hall, near Lancaster, in his 79th year, the most noble Archibald Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, and of Charelerault, (in France) premier Duke and Marquis of Scotland.
On the 15th inst, at his lordship`s seat, in Kent, the Countess of Thanet.
CAMPBELL  On the 16th inst, George CAMPBELL, Esq. late comproller of the customs at Dunbar.
WATSON  The 12th inst, at Hawkhill, after a few months illness, David WATSON, aged 102. He was the father of 23 children.
MUIRHEAD  At Crumlin, Mr Abraham MUIRHEAD, at an advanced age of 110 years. He has left a widow and 16 children.
TYSON  The 1st inst, at Netherwasdale, Cumberland, Mr John TYSON, in his 43d year, being the first deceased of a family of 14 children born of one couple and in one house.
MOOR  The 16th inst, at Ovington, in his 89th year, Mr John MOOR, much respected.
GREY  On the 23d inst, at Framlington, Mr Thomas GREY, sen. Aged 85, much respected.
CHARTER  The 19th inst, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Wm CHARTER, of Chirton, aged 49.
The 21st inst, Mr Joseph RAMSAY, of High Chirton, farmer, aged 48.
SUTHERLAND  On the 20th inst on his passage from London, on board the ship Jane. Mr Robert SUTHERLAND, of Gateshead, aged 77, much respected.
STOREY  The 19th inst, in this town, in her 14th year, much regretted, Maria eldest daughter of Mr Wm STOREY, of Damdykes, Northumberland.
LEE  The 21st inst, aged 75, Mr Peter LEE, of Hexham, clogger, much respected.
LEE  Same day, Mrs Elizabeth LEE, wife of Cuthbert Lee, of the Butcher Bank, in this town, butcher, aged 77.
HUNT  On the 13th inst, Mr Francis HUNT, of Walkerfield, aged 86.
TINN  The 21st inst, Mrs Mary TINN, of North Shields, widow, aged 21.
RADCLIFFE  On the 19th inst, at Clifton, near Bristol, in his 75th year, Sir Joseph RADCLIFFE, of Milns Bridge, near Huddersfield, Bart. whose firm resistance to the Luddites gained him the favour of his sovereign, and the admiration of his neighbours.
RICHARDSON  On the 4th inst, aged 68, Mrs RICHARDSON, wife of Mr James Richardson, of Snitter, near Rothbury, sincerely regretted.
RUSSELL  On the 18th inst, at Bishop-wearmouth, Robert RUSSELL, Esq. captain in the royal navy, aged 44.
JOBSON  Same day, at Sunderland, Mr John JOBSON, gardener, aged 55.
BROWN  The 16th inst, Mr Benjamin BROWN, of Hartlepool, fish-monger, aged 44.
RIDLEY  Yesterday, Mary, second daughter of Mr John RIDLEY, of this town, joiner, aged 17.
BOWDEN  The 19th inst, at Chester-le-Street, Jane, wife of Mr Peter BOWDEN, shoe`maker, aged 71, much respected.
ARMSTRONG  Same day, at Fatfield, George, son of Mr John ARMSTRONG, corver, aged 19.
APPLEBY  The 18th inst, at Barnardcastle, Rachel, wife of John APPLEBY, shoe-maker, aged 46.
HUNTER  On the 24th inst, Mr John HUNTER, of Claypath, Durham, cordwainer, at an advanced age.
MEGGISON  At his father`s house, at Midridge, Mr Thomas MEGGISON, of Darlington, solicitor, aged 28. His death was caused by a fall from his horse.
OLIVER  On the 21st inst, at Hawick, Roxburghshire, aged 85, Mrs Jean OLIVER, much respected.
JAMES  Lately, at Birmingham, aged 38, Frances Charlotte, wife of the Rev. John Angell JAMES, and last surviving daughter of the late Thomas SMITH, M.D. of that place, deeply and justly regretted.
TIVENDEL  The 20th inst, Mrs TIVENDEL, wife of Mr John Tivendel, of Berwick, iron-monger.
SCARTH  The 9th inst, at Escomb, Mr David SCARTH, aged 67.
BROWN  The 17th inst, at Gainford, Mrs BROWN, aged 83. She had lived 61 years with the late Wm Cornforth, Esq. of Barford Hall, a faithful servant.
LAWS  The 23d inst, at Bishop-auckland, very suddenly, Mr Thos. LAWS, late skinner, aged 87.
March 6 1819
KERR  At Holmwood, near Henley, aged 17, Ensign KERR, 85th foot, eldest son of Lord Mark Kerr.
HUTCHINSON  The 27th ult, at Hexham, aged 47, Mr Joseph HUTCHINSON, butcher, much respected.
BURLISON  Saturday se`nnight, Mr Thomas BURLISON, of Ayton Banks, smith, much respected.
VENTEMAN  The 25th ult, Mrs Mary VENTEMAN, widow, aged 72 ;
PATERSON  Mrs Jane PATERSON, widow, aged 80;
HERBERT  The 26th ult, Ann, wife of Mr Mark HERBERT, mariner, aged 64, all of North Shields.
ARKLEY  Same day, Mr Wm ARKLEY, of Percy Main colliery office, agent, aged 39.
MATHEWS  The 28th ult, Mr James MATHEWS, ropemaker, aged 80.
STOKER  The 3d inst, Isabella, wife of Robert STOKER, of Percy Min, aged 28.
BROWN  On Wednesday last, aged 14 months, Hannah, youngest daughter of Mr L. BROWN, of Lanchester.
FELTON  The 12th ult, at Middleham, in Yorkshire, in his 89th year, James FELTON, well known on the turf.
APPLEBY  The 22d ult, at Stockton, Mr Robert APPLEBY, second son of Mr Robert Appleby, upholsterer.
HARE  Monday se`nnight, the Rev. Mr HARE, of Hayton, near Brampton, Cumberland, aged 66.
PROBIN  The 10th of January of a fever, Thomas PROBIN, Esq. governor of St Chritopher`s Novis, Anguilla, and the Virgin Islands.
MILNE  At Bridlington Quay, aged 67, Benjamin MILNE, Esq. 27 years collector of the customs at that port.
JOBLING  On the 3d inst, at Morpeth, aged 62, the wife of Mr James JOBLING, much respected.
SKELLY  On the 25th ult, at Denwick Lane Head, Mrs SKELLY, wife of Mr John Skelly.
LANDELLS  Same day, at Alnwick, Mrs LANDELLS, wife of Mr Walter Landells, aged 61.
WATSON  On Monday last, at Gateshead Fell, in his 86th year, Mr Wm WATSON.
MACDOUGALL  On Sunday last, at Witton-le-Wear, John MACDOUGALL, aged 8 year, only son of the late J. Macdougall, Esq.
PRIARMAN  The 5th ult, at Bishopton, near Stockton, Mrs PRIARMAN, aged 76 ;
PRIARMAN  And on the 13th, her husband, George PRIARMAN, Esq. aged 85, both greatly respected.
ABBOT  Sunday last, Mrs ABBOT, widow of Mr Joseph Abbot, of Gateshead, brazier, deeply regretted.
WILKINSON  Lately, Mrs WILKINSON, wife of Mr Thos. Wilkinson, of Birkby, near Northallerton, greatly respected.
WALKER  Sunday last, in Claypath, Durham, Mr John WALKER, cordwainer, much respected.
ROBSON  The 26th ult, at Exmouth, Devon, in his 27th year, Mr Edward ROBSON, of Darlington, mercer and draper, universally respected.
WHITELOCK  The 28th ult, at Camperdown, near Chester-le-Street, Margaret WHITELOCK, aged 97;
TURNER  And at Lumley, in the same parish, Eleanor TURNER, aged 100.
HARDY  On the 3d inst, at Alnwick, Major HARDY, late of the 4th garrison battalion, aged 53.
WHITE  The 26th ult, Miss Hannah WHITE, aged 40 ;
PALMER  The 27th ult, Mrs PALMER, widow, aged 84 ;
WEATHERBURN  Same day, Mrs Ann WEATHERBURN, a maiden lady, aged 69 ;
HOGARTH  The 2d inst, Mrs HOGARTH, widow of Mr Thos. Hogarth, watch-maker, all of Berwick.
ROBERTSON  Saturday last, the Rev. R ROBERTSON, minister of Ednam.
From within this issue.
HALL  On the 20th ult, at Hartley, as a coal waggoner, named Matthew HALL, was sitting on the convoy of his waggon – which is a lever, used for pressing on the wheel, to prevent if going too quickly down-hill  - he was unfortunately overtaken by another waggon, which was running amain, and crushed to death. He has left a widow  and two children.
March 13
BRANKSTON  On the 5th inst, aged 24, Jane, second daughter of Mr Thomas BRANKSTON, of Newgate-street, in this town, grocer, deeply lamented.
GREEN  Monday last, at the house of the Rev. Robert GREEN, in this town, aged 31,
WOOD Miss Agnes WOOD, of Thornton, in the parish of Norham.
BELL  On the 3d inst, Mr John BELL, of this town, joiner, deservedly regretted.
HEWSON  On Monday last, Mr Thomas HEWSON, of Dockwray-square, North Shields, ship-owner.
COWLEY  on Friday last, at Gateshead, in her 50th year, Mrs Jane COWLEY, wife of Mr John Cowley, colliery viewer, much respected.
DAGLISH  At her father`s house, Birk-heads, near Tanfield, deservedly regretted, Mrs DAGLISH, aged 30.
COWARD  On Monday last, much respected. Mrs COWARD, widow of the late Robert Coward, Esq. of Cullercoats.
YOUNG  The 25th ult, Mr James YOUNG, of Hamsterly, tailor and grocer, aged 69.
DEASE  Lately, in Sackville-street, Dublin, Mr R. DEASE, surgeon, and Professor of Anatomy to the Royal College of Surgeons.
His death was caused by a slight puncture of one of his fingers when dissecting.
HORNSEY  On the 28th ult, aged 38, Mrs HORNSEY, wife of Mr Robert Hornsey, of Scarbro`
LITTLEFAIR  Saturday se`nnight, at Whitby, Mrs Margaret LITTLEFAIR, widow, of Mr Thomas Littlefair, spirit-merchant.
ELLENBOROUGH  On Friday last, in London, Lady ELLENBOROUGH, aged 27. Her ladyship was the youngest daughter of the Marquis of Londonderry, and sister of Lords Castlereagh and Stewart.
RAE  On the 6th ult, at Pisa, in Italy, whether he had gone by the advice of his physicians, and only three days after his arrival, Mr Thomas RAE, jun. late of Sunderland, bookseller, in his 27th year, just respected. He was the only surviving son of Mr Rae, of Pallinsburn Cottage, near Coldstream, who in the course of two years and a half, has lost three hopeful sons in the bloom of life.
LAIDLAW  The 24th ult, Mr LAIDLAW, of Hill, near Gisland?. He was unfortunately drowned in the Irthing, as he was returning from Brampton market, having as is supposed, missed his way, owing to the darkness of the night.
NORMAN  Sunday se`nnight, at Carlton, near Carlisle, Miss Ann NORMAN, aged 38.
TOWNLEY  Wednesday se`nnight, Mrs TOWNLEY, wife of Mr Townley, of Brampton, druggist.
MURRAY  The 28th ult, at Chichester, in his 60th year, Vice-Admiral Sir George MURRAY, K.C.B. and late captain of the fleet under Lord Nelson.
WHITE.  On the 8th ult, in Needham-street, Newry, aged 107 years, Mrs Mabella WHITE.
KENSEY  Last week A.M. KENSEY, Esq. of Southgate, who had a family of 14 children, lost five of them (four girls and a boy) by a putrid fever ; the eldest was 12 years of age, the others 10, 8, 7 and 2. They were all buried on Wednesday in one grave.
SWAN  On the 9th inst, at Morpeth, Sarah, wife of Robert SWAN, of the Wheat Sheaf Inn, aged 42.
ARMSTRONG  The 3d inst, at Slaley, aged 56, Mrs Mary ARMSTRONG, dress-maker.
ATKINSON  The 9th inst, at the Red Lion, near Hexham, aged 66, Mr Edward ATKINSON.
JAMES  On the 11th inst, at Summer Hill, Mr Charles JAMES, formerly of Elswick, farmer, aged 56.
COVENTRY  The 5th inst, Jane, wife of Mr Andrew COVENTRY, baker, aged 36;
ASKEW  The 7th inst, Hannah, wife of Mr John ASKEW, aged 77;
MURTON  Mrs Mary MURTON, of Toll-square, aged 45 ;
LAMB  The 8th inst,, Mrs Elizabeth LAMB, widow, aged 84 ;
TURNBULL  Mrs Jane TURNBULL, aged 62 ;
POLLOCK  Mr Wm POLLOCK, of the excise, aged 46, all of North Shields.
ROBINSON  Thomas ROBINSON, of North Shields, mariner, aged 21, drowned by the upsetting of a boat. Verdict – Accidental death.
MOWBRAY  On the 3d inst, at Bishopwearmouth, Mrs MOWBRAY, wife of Mr Wm Mowbray, ship-owner, aged 39.
WARD  On Monday last, at the same place, Mrs Dorothy WARD, widow, aged 85, formerly of the General Wolf public house, Sunderland.
BRAID  Same day, at Sunderland, Mr James BRAID, ship-owner, aged 74.
DAVISON  On Tuesday, at Bishopwearmouth, in a fit of apoplexy, Mr John DAVISON, ship-builder, aged 65.
KINLOCK  The 8th inst, William, son of Mr A.M. KINLOCK, of this town, aged 14.
PERKINS  The 1st inst, Mrs PERKINS, aged 71, widow of Mr Christopher Perkins, of Stockton, cabinet-maker.
TURNBULL  The 7th inst, Mr George TURNBULL, aged 42, many years clerk to the late Christopher Smith, Esq. of Stockton, banker.
CUYLER  Monday, at St John`s Lodge, Herts, Gen. Sir C. CUYLER, Bart. governor of Kinsale, and colonel of the 69th foot.
DODD  The 4th inst, at Chester-le-Street, Wilkinson, infant son of the Rev. John DODD.
HUMBLE  On Tuesday last, James HUMBLE, of New Urpeth, pitman, was killed in the pit at Ouston, bu a fall of stones.
STANWICK  On the 26th ult, Jane daughter of Mr John STANWICK, of Staindrop, innkeeper.
NICHOLSON  The 5th inst, Hannah, wife of Mr Matthew NICHOLSON, of Hilton, aged 76, much respected.
DIXON  On Tuesday last, at Traveller`s Rest, near Darlington, Mrs Mary DIXON, aged 67.
MARTIN  In London, Mr W. MARTIN, boat builder, late of Sunderland.
WOODHOUSE  On Thursday, in his 75th year, Mr Joseph WOODHOUSE, of Scotch-wood, near this town. He lived beloved and died lamented by his family and friends.
RANDYLL  On the 10th inst, Frances, the infant daughter of Mr RANDYLL, of Aycliff, Durham.
MAFLITT?  Wednesday last, at Alnwick, Mr W. MAFLITT?, landscape gardener to the Duke of Northumberland.
Mar 20 1819
MACDONALD  Monday se`nnight, Miss MACDONALD, daughter of Mr Wm Macdonald, of South Shields, grocer.
EDGAR  The 13th inst, at the Wall Knoll, in this town, Mr John EDGAR, aged 84.
THOMPSON  The 1st inst, Mr Nicholas THOMPSON, of Wolsingham Park, farmer, aged 79.
WALES  On Wednesday se`nnight, Mr Robert WALES, of Houghton, near Heddon-on-the-Wall, farmer, in consequence of a fall from his horse.
MACK  On the 9th inst, in Gateshead, Mrs MACK, aged 77, much regretted.
CURRY  The 12th inst, at Dukesfield, aged 39, Mrs Jane CURRY, widow of Mr John Curry.
NICHOLSON  On Saturday, aged 21, Robert, only son of Mr John NICHOLSON, of Morpeth, tobacconist, much lamented.
SCAIFE  On the 3d inst, was lost on board the Eleanor of Blyth, aged 19, Henry, youngest son of Mr Jos.SCAIFE, of Blyth, a youth of very promising abilities.
SANDERSON  Tuesday se`nnight, aged 25, Miss SANDERSON, daughter of the late Mr J. Sanderson, of Whitby, grocer.
PARSONS  On Friday, at his apartments in Baliol College, Oxford, the Rev. John PARSONS, D.D. bishop of Peterborough, in his 58th year.
COLYEAR  The 18th ult, at Rome, in his 22d year, the Hon. Brownlow C. COLYEAR, son of Viscount Milsintown, His death was caused by a fever proceeding from the attack and subsequent ill treatment of a banditti on the 4th of February, when on his return from Naples to Rome, and who stripped him, his companion and servants of all the property they had with them.
GRAVES  Lately, at Valaraiso, in South America, in his 22d year, William, third son of the Rev. J.GRAVES, of Yarm.
ARMSTRONG  The 8th November last, at Petrazavodsky, Russia, Mr Adam ARMSTRONG, director of the St Petersburgh, Cronstadt, and Olonetz foundries ; he also held the rank of major-general in the Russian service.
WALKER  Gertrude Louisa, youngest daughter of Joshua WALKER, Esq. M.P. of Hendon Place, Middlesex, aged 3 months.
LEATHART  The 7th inst, in Ridley-place, in this town, Isabella, youngest daughter of Major LEATHART, aged 5 years.
LILBURN  Same day, at Berwick, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Capt. James LILBURN, R.N. aged 13.
CROSSMAN  Tuesday se`nnight, at Holy Island, Margaret, wife of Mr Wm CROSSMAN, aged 58.
GRAY  The 17th inst, Thomas GRAY, of London, mariner, aged 28.
ELLIOT  Hannah, daughter of Adam ELLIOT, of Percy Main, aged 5 years. She was killed by a coal waggon, passing over her.
SHAFTO  On the 10th inst, Mrs SHAFTO, wife of John Shafto, Esq. of Broadwater, near Framlingham, Suffolk.
WILKIN  On the 12th inst, Miss Frances Greathead Wilkin, daughter of Mr Joseph WILKIN, of the Barras Bridge, in this town, joiner, aged 29.
WILSON  The 14th inst, at Norton, near Stockton, Mrs WILSON, wife of Mr Robert Wilson, of the Swan Inn, much respected.
HIRD  On Sunday, at Bishopwearmouth, Mrs HIRD, wife of Mr P. Hird, officer of excise, aged 67, much lamented.
WARDALE  Same day, aged 67, Jane, wife of Francis WARDALE, Esq. of Whitby.
HEWISON  Saturday last, in his 17th year, John, second son of Mr John HEWISON, of the Forth, near this town, deeply lamented.
GIBSON   The 1st inst, Mr Nicholas GIBSON, of Middleton in Teesdale, in his 67th year.
HADDRICK  Monday last, in the Close, in this town, aged 65, Martha, relict of Mr Wm HADDRICK, much respected.
CRAWFORD  Lately at Rotterdam, aged 68, Mr George CRAWFORD, formerly English envoy at the court of France, for the negociation of a treaty of commerce.
RAW  On the 14th inst, at Thrintoft, near Northallerton, Mrs Rachael RAW, greatly respected.
BARTRAM  On the 16th inst, at Chester-le-Street, Mr John BARTRAM, aged 88, much respected.
WILSON  On the 18th inst, at Picktree, in the parish of Chester-le-Street, aged 73, Wm WILSON, Esq. a freeman in the Mercers company of Durham, much respected.
SANDERSON  The 17th inst, at Tofthill, Francis SANDERSON, Esq. aged 71.
SCOTT  The 13th inst, at Alnmouth, Mrs Mary SCOTT, aged 91, formerly of High Buston.
TINDAL  On the 16th inst, Mr Robert TINDAL, of Chatton. He was found dead on the road near Lillburn House. It appears he had been dining with a friend, and on his returning home had missed his way, and fallen from his horse. An inquest was holden on the body. Verdict – Accidental death. He efficiated as adjutant to the Percy Tenantry during the war, and was a man of most agreeable manners, about 60 years of age, and his death will be sincerely lamented.
LANGLANDS  On the 11th inst, at Hawick, Mrs Margaret LANGLANDS, aged 88.
SCOTT  The 3d inst, at Woodside, Miss Anne SCOTT, daughter of the lat, Walter Scott, Esq. of Harden.
FRAZER  Sunday last, aged 36, Mrs Hannah FRAZER, wife of Mr Hugh Frazer, of this town, cordwainer.
From within this issue.
SCOTT  On Thursday se`nnight, Joseph SCOTT, a servant at Throckley, having assisted in a ploughing day on Wylam Riff, was driving furiously home in a cart, over the front of which he fell, and the wheel, went over his neck and killed him on the spot.
March 27 1819
MORGAN  The 21st inst, in Portland-place, London, Lieut. Gen. Charles MORGAN, in his 77th year.
CHAPMAN  The 16th inst, in his 75th year, Francis CHAPMAN, Esq. of Thornton, in Wensleydale.
KENDRAY  Friday last, at Thirsk, in his 68th year, Mr Ralph KENDRAY.
DUNCAN  The 15th inst, at Mertoun, Manse, Barbara, third daughter of the Rev. James DUNCAN.
HUME  Friday last, Mr Mills HUME, of Berwick, carpenter, aged 26.
CHARTERS  Monday se`nnight, Mr Thomas CHARTERS, of the same place, cooper, aged 78.
WILSON  Thursday se`nnight, in Caldergate, Carlisle, aged 9 years, John, the only son of John WILSON, Esq.
NIXON  On the 1st inst, in Bells`s Court, in this town, Miss Catharine NIXON, fourth daughter of the late Mr John Nixon, officer of excise.
PRICE  On the 4th inst, at Shadfin, near Morpeth, aged 45, Lieut. PRICE, of the 4th batt, royal veterans, much respected.
DAWSON  On the 18th inst, at Morpeth, Francis DAWSON, Esq. aged 87 ;
On the 20th inst, Mr Archibald THOMPSON, aged 77 ;
DUNN  On the 23d inst, Mr Wm DUNN, butcher, aged 63.
HOLMES  On the 18th inst, at South Shields, aged 66, Mrs HOLMES, relict of Mr Wm Holmes, of that place, ship-owner, greatly esteemed.
NICHOLSON  The 20th inst, Rosamond, wife of Mr John NICHOLSON, of North Shields, mariner, aged 36.
PRATT  The 24th inst, Mrs Sarah PRATT, of this town, widow, aged 70.
HALL  On the 18th inst, at Belford, at the age of 74, Mrs HALL, widow of Mr George Hall, much and deservedly regretted.
TROTTER  The 6th inst, in Dublin, Major-Gen. Thomas TROTTER, colonel-commandant of the royal artillery, and commanding the royal artillery in Ireland.
HOWEY  On Sunday last, the wife of Mr George HOWEY, near Ouseburn Bridge, flour-dealer, &c.
ANDERSON  Same day, in Orchard-street, in this town, aged 33, Mr Robert Pollock ANDERSON, son of Mr Kenneth Anderson, printer, much respected.
COX  On Tuesday se`nnight, at an advanced age, the wife of Mr Wm COX, of Sandgate, in this town, tinman and brazier.
GIBBON  On the 17th inst, Mrs GIBBON, wife of Mr Gibbon, of Richmond, draper, aged 25.
GIBSON  On the 20th inst, Mrs GIBSON, wife of Mr George Gibson, of Richmond.
FRANCIS  On the 14th inst, Robert, infant son of Mr Robert FRANCIS, of the Side, in this town, hatter.
EMMERSON  On Tuesday last, at Sunderland, Mrs EMMERSON, wife of MR William Emmerson, tailor, aged 95. Her death was caused by her clothes taking fire.
WALTON  On Sunday last, at the same place, MR Thomas WALTON, master-mariner, aged 67.
DARLEY  On the 11th inst, at the same place, Mr DARLEY, of the theatre.
GILHESPY  Lately at Coastly Burnfoot, in the 75th year of his age, Mr Thos GILHESPY, upwards of 40 years in the Greenwich Hospital employment.
LAMBERT  At Elrington, near Haydon Bridge, Miss Eliz. LAMBERT, aged 51.
HODGSON  The 18th inst, aged 60, the wife of Mr John HODGSON, of Darlington, innkeeper.
WARD  The 17th inst, at Stockton, aged 59, James WARD, Esq. sincerely regretted.
HERON  Same day, John HERON, a pensioner formerly belonging to the 1st regiment of guards. At his request, three vollies were fired over his grave.
LODGE  The 20th inst, aged 57, Mr Joseph LODGE, of Stockton.
CORPE  On the 20th inst, at Romanby, near Northallerton, Mrs Mary CORPE, widow of the late Mr James Corpe, of that place.
HESLOP  The 23d inst, at Barnardcastle, Mrs HESLOP, mother of Mr J.N. Heslop, brewer, aged 82, much respected.
RAISBECK  On Tuesday last, at Lumley, in the parish of Chester-le-Street, Mr John RAISBECK, at an advanced age.
MATHEW  The 19th inst, in Ireland, Gen. the Hon. Montagu MATHEW, M.P. for the county of Tipperary.
LONSDALE  The 16th inst, at Leasingthorn, Mr Geo. LONSDALE, aged 97, much respected.
BUCKTON  The 20th inst, at Stapleton, Mrs Mary BUCKTON, aged 27, wife of Mr Geo Buckton, much esteemed.
SIMPSON  The 17th inst, Mr Wm SIMPSON, of Bockenfield, aged 84.
From within this issue.
WRIGHT  Wednesday se`nnight, On the evening of the same day, the Henry and Mary, Dring of Whitby, went into Whitby harbour, and was driven by a heavy sea against the end of the pier, when one of her people, Benjamin WRIGHT, was washed overboard and drowned. The vessel sunk after she had got into the harbour.
SCOTT  On Thursday morning last, as Stephen SCOTT, aged 34, cartman to Mr Wilson, of Blyth Tile Sheds, was in the act of going for a hand-barrow to assist in lifting a stone, at the High Pans, he fell down in a fit of apoplexy, and instantly expired. He was a trusted servant, and much respected by his employer.
PIGGOTT  On Monday night, Richard Piggott, of St Nicholas Church-yard, in this town, aged 34, an out pensioner of Kilmainham hospital, cut his throat. He was in liquor at the time, and subject to temporary fits of derangement. Coroners verdict – Cut his throat in a state of insanity.
April 3 1819
HEY  On the 23d ult, in Leeds, aged 82, Em HEY, Esq. F.R.S. His high professional eminence as a surgeon, his various and sound learning, his extensive benevolence, and his exemplary deportment as a christian, and as a magistrate, (having seven times filled the office of mayor) render his death a real and general loss. Mr H. was the founder of the Leeds Infirmary, and the author of a work on surgery of great celebrity. During the late prevalence of Typhus in Leeds, he caught the contagion, in visiting a lady, and closed a long and valuable public life of 60 years by a death of peace.
BARKER  On the 26th ult, Mrs BARKER, of Bedlington, aged 86.
SPARKE  On the 27th ult at the Leazes, near Hexham, in her 23d year, Mrs SPARKE, relict of Isaac SPARKE Esq. of Summerrods, much respected.
BULMAN  The 17th ult, in his 82d year, Mr Wm BULMAN, of Wardle Hall.
ARMSTRONG  The 24th ult, Mr Joseph ARMSTRONG, of West Acomb, in his 70th year, much respected.
RUTTER  Same day, Mrs RUTTER, of Hebburn Colliery, aged 57.
PROUDHOW  The 29th of Jan. Elizabeth only child of Mr Christopher PROUDHOW, officer of excise, Lemington, aged 11 years ;
PROUDHOW  And on the 24th ult, Mrs PROUDLOW, wife of the same, much lamented.
WEIR  The 23d ult. Mr Adam WEIR, of Kelso, merchant.
MILLER  The 21st ult, Mr Thomas MILLER, of Hawick, writer.
DUNBAR  The 16th ult, at Elgin, Lady DUNBAR, wife of Sir Archibald Dunbar, of Northfield, Bart.
TODD  The 22d ult, at Ladykirk Mause, in Berwickshire, the Rev. George TODD.
LAWSON  The 16th ult, suddenly, at her brothers house, Manchester. Miss LAWSON, eldest daughter of Mr Robert Lawson, of Chirnside.
CRUTHERS  The 25th ult, at the Lee Rothbury Forest, Mr John CRUTHERS, aged 75.
LIDDELL  The 18th inst, at Kingswood, Northumberland, aged 85, Mrs Ann LIDDELL, widow of Mr Robert Liddell, of this town, raff-merchant.
CARRICK  The 23d ult, in his 91st year, Mr Thomas CARRICK of Carlisle, father of Mr David Carrick, banker, one of the Society of Friends.
FOWLER  The 26th ult, Elizabeth, wife of Mr James FOWLER, of North Shields, aged 75. She was killed by a coal waggon while crossing the waggon-way at Milburn Place. Verdict – Accidental death.
MASON  The 26th ult, Mr MASON, of Gilling, near Richmond, mason.
HEDWORTH  The 28th ult, MRS Isabella HEDWORTH, of North Shields, widow, aged 65.
HORNSBY  The 29th ult, Mary wife of Mr Robert HORNSBY, of Preston, aged 68.
FOSTER  Mr Wm FOSTER, of Murton, aged 52.
REDSHAW  Friday last, Mr Ebenezer REDSHAW, of this town, merchant, aged 41.
JOHNSON  Saturday last, Mary, wife of Mr JOHNSON, of Pilgrim-street, in this town, grocer, aged 43.
FROST  Saturday last, Mr George FROST, formerly a publican on the Quayside, in this town.
SMILES  On Monday last, Mrs Ann SMILES, widow of Mr Wm Smiles, of this town, painter and glazier, aged 83.
WOMACK  The 20th ult, at Ashton-hall, near Lancaster, aged 53, Mr Geo. WOMACK, many years house steward to the late Duke Of Hamilton. He locked himself in his own room, and fired a pistol at his head, which instantaneously killed him. Verdict – Insanity.
WALTON  The 23d ult, at the West Boat, near Hexham, aged 72. Mr Joseph WALTON, much respected.
ROBINSON  Thursday se`nnight, aged 88, Mrs Margaret ROBINSON, aunt of Wm Robinson, Esq. of Silksworth Hall.
HENDERSON  Saturday last, in the High Bridge, in this town, Mr George HENDERSON, musician.
WATKIN  On the 16th ult, in Pilgrim-street, in this town, Mrs Margaret WATKIN, mother in law of Mr R. Davies, sculptor, aged 88.
SCOUGALL  The 25th ult, Mrs Euphemia SCOUGALL, of Gateshead, aged 65.
WINSDALE  The 25th ult, at Barnardcastle, Mrs WINSDALE, aged 90, much respected.
LUCAN  On the 24th ult, at Paris, in the 50th year of her age, Elizabeth, Countess of Lucan, youngest daughter of the late Henry Earl Fauconberg, and originally married to the present Duke of Norfolk.
CROW  The 29th ult, at Berwick, Isabella, daughter of Mr Wm CROW, innkeeper, aged 9 years.
DAWSON  The 30th ult, Mrs Ann DAWSON, widow, aged 98;
ENGLISH  Same day, suddenly, Mrs Jane ENGLISH, widow, aged 34, both of Spittal.
TODD  The 31st ult, Mrs Ann TODD, wife of Mr Henry Todd, of Bishop-auckland, aged 83,.
HALL  The 24th ult, at the Mountain, near Whittingham, aged 68, in a fit of apoplexy, Mrs HALL, late of Berwick.
From within this issue.
AINSLIE  Wednesday se`nnight, about two A.M. the Nelly, Allan, of and for Aberdeen, with lime, running with a strong gale of wind from the southward, when, as he supposed, 20 miles from the land, struck an outer rock near John shaven. One of the seamen, T. AINSLIE, was drowned in attempting to get into the boat. The remainder got on shore by a rope, only a few minutes before the vessel was completely on fire.
DONKIN  On the 26th ult, an inquest was holden on the body of James DONKIN, a boy who belonged to the ship Lavant, and who had been missing about six weeks, and was found in the Tyne in a very putrid stat. Verdict – Found drowned.
G.R.  On the 27th, an inquest was holden on the body of a man (dressed in sailor`s cloaths) who was that morning found floating in the Tyne, near Hebburn. He appeared to have been a considerable time in the water. In one of his pockets was found a knife with the letters “G.R.” cut on the haft. Small buckles at each side of his shoes. Same verdict.
April 10 1819
CHARLTON  The 3d inst, Teresa Anne, eldest daughter of W.J. CHARLTON, Esq. of Hesleyside.
HAMILTON  The 2d inst, at Hexham, aged 35, Mr Christopher HAMILTON, draper, much respected.
GREEN  Same day, Margaret, wife of Mr John GREEN, of Holywell, aged 46, much respected.
COLLING  The 4th inst, at Towler Mill, Yorkshire, Mr Cuthbert COLLING. In his 93d year.
LEA  The 28th ult, at Edinburgh, Mr James LEA, aged 84, many years principal dentist there ; who for urbanity of manners, and his humane and charitable disposition, will long be lamented.
DODDS  The 1st inst, Mrs Elizabeth DODDS, of Cullercoats, widow, aged 70.
PRINGLE  The 4th inst, Mr Edward PRINGLE, of North Shields, master-mariner, aged 42.
HOG  Mr Thomas HOG, of Preston Lane, near North Shields, gardener, aged 69.
FARQUBAR  Tuesday se`nnight, in London, Sir Walter Farqubar, Bart. physician, in his 81st year.
MAINLAND  On the 2d inst, aged 33, Mrs MAINLAND, widow of Capt. Mainland ;
PURVIS  On the 4th inst, aged 37, Mrs PURVIS, wife of Mr Gilbert Purvis, both of South Shields, much respected.
HODGSON  Friday last, at Sedgewick House, near Kendal, on her return from Liverpool, Mrs Margaret HODGSON, of Scotby, near Carlisle, one of the Society of Friends.
PALEY  Sunday se`nnight, in Carlisle, Mrs PALEY, relict of the Rev. Dr Paley, the celebrated author, aged 76.
BATES  The 6th inst, Mr George BATES, of Claywalls, much respected.
HEATON  The 2d inst, at Hutton Henry, Mrs D. HEATON, widow of Mr R. Heaton, of Acton, much respected.
STEVENSON  On the 3d inst, Mrs Isabella STEVENSON, of the Sandhill, in this town, aged 82.
ELTRINGHAM  The 7th inst, Robert, only son of Mr John ELTRINGHAM, of Oakwellgate, Gateshead, aged 7 months.
INGLEDEW  On the 7th inst, in this town, in his 17th year, Mr James INGLEDEW, brother of Mr Henry Inledew, attorney-at-law.
SIMPSON  On the 2d inst, Mrs E. SIMPSON, of Richmond.
DORMER  On the 1st inst, in Paris, the Right Hon. Lord Dormer, an English catholic peer.
HEMSLEY  The 31st ult, aged 16, George Crooks HEMSLEY, third son of the late Mr Ralph Hemsley, of this town, tanner.
GRAY  On the 4th inst, Mrs GRAY, wife of Mr George Gray, of this town, artist..
HARVEY  Mrs HARVEY, wife of Mr Richard Harvey, of Fenkle-street, in this town, aged 50.
KNOWLES  On the 3d inst, at Yarm, aged 55, Mr John KNOWLES, butcher, much respected.
YOUNG  Same day, at Bishopwearmouth, Mrs YOUNG, wife of Mr Thomas Young, ironmonger, aged 45.
THOMPSON  On the 8th inst, at Sunderland, Mrs THOMPSON, wife of Mr Wm Thompson, patten-maker, aged 66.
COXON  The 27th of September last, in Ceylon, Major Ralph COXON, of the first Ceylon regiment.
BULMAN  On the 5th inst, at Marshall Green, near Witton-le-Wear, Mrs Mary BULMAN, late of Fatfield, aged 88.
WALKER  Wednesday se`nnight, at Workington, Catharine, daughter of John WALKER, Esq. aged 20, deeply lamented.
CRAMPTON  The 2d inst, at Barnardcastle, James the infant son of Mr Robert CRAMPTON, draper.
GREATHEAD  On Friday last, in New Elvet Durham, much respected, Mr Philip GREATHEAD, attorney-at-law.
BONE  The 30th ult, at Broadmeadows, Berwickshire, Mr George BONE, farmer, aged 53.
CLARK  The 5th inst, at Berwick, Mrs CLARK, widow.
WHINNEM  Same day, at Tweedmouth, Mrs Catharine WHINNEM, widow, aged 74.
WRIGHT  On Friday last, James WRIGHT, in a fit, fell out of a keel into the river at Sunderland and was drowned.
April 17 1819
CHARLETON  The 9th inst, at Hesleyside, aged 2 years, Harriet the daughter of Wm John CHARLTON Esq.
FORSTER  Same day, at the Rising Sun, near Hexham, aged 50, Mr Robert FORSTER, farmer.
DODDS  The 5th inst, at Cambois, very suddenly, Mr Wm DODDS, Custom house officer, aged 56, much respected.
HODGSON  On the 4th inst, Mrs Mary HODGSON, relict of the Rev. Richard HODGSON, upwards of forty years curate of Kirkby Sigston, near Northallerton ;
STOCKDALE  And on the 7th inst, Mrs STOCKDALE, relict of Mr Wm Kirkby Stockdale, of Romanby, near Northallerton, and daughter of the aforesaid Rev. Richard THROCKMORTON  Hodgson, greatly respected.
The 31st ult, at Brighton, Wm THROCKMORTON, Esq. brother of Sir John Throckmorton, Bart.
CRONE  The 8th inst, Margaret, wife of Mr James CRONE, of Monkwearmouth, ship-builder, aged 49, much respected.
SCOTT  The 8th inst, at Edinburgh, Mary, widow of Francis SCOTT, Esq.
MACRAE  Last week, at the great age of 106, Duncan MACRAE, of Bogbain, near Inverness. His brother Alexander died in the same place, several years ago, at nearly the same age.
TOWES  The 9th inst, Margaret, wife of Mr John TOWES, mariner, aged 68, the largest woman in North Shields ;
OVINGTON  The 10th inst, Mrs Mary OVINGTON, widow, aged 85 ;
MOORE  Hannah, wife of Mr James MOORE, paper-maker, aged 44 ;
MARTIN  The 12th inst, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Henry MARTIN, mariner, aged 25, all of North Shields.
McGLASHAM  The 11th inst, Mary, wife of Mr Joseph McGLASHAM, of Preston, near North Shields, weaver, aged 76.
HERRIES  The 3d inst, at Ha-ti--- in his 76th year, Col. HERRIES, commandant of the City of London Light Horse Volunteers. The corps has determined to bury him at their own expense in Westminster Abbey, and erect a monument to his memory.
DALRYMPLE  The 31st ult, at North Berwick, the Dowager Lady Hamilton Dalrymple.
ROBSON  On the 10th inst, at South Shields, aged 59, Mrs Jane ROBSON, widow, greatly esteemed.
MARSHALL  At the same place, aged 40, Mr Wm MARSHALL, pilot.
CHICKLEY  On Sunday last, Mr W. CHICKLEY, carpenter of H.M. ship Spey. He attended at Kingston church to be married, and the rites having been completed by his signing the church book, in the Vestry-room, he was in the act of putting his hand in his pocket to pay the clerk the usual fees, when he was seized with apoplexy, sunk down, and shortly afterwards expired. He was in the 44th year of his age. He had been married twice before.
RENNOLDSON  Same day, at Jesmond Water Mill, near this town, aged 72 years, Mr John RENNOLDSON, much respected.
BATESON  Same day, aged 34, Mr Thomas BATESON, master of the Crown and Mitre Inn, Sadler-street, Durham.
ELLIOT  Same day, at Haydon Bridge, deservedly respected, aged 88, Mrs ELLIOT, widow of Mr John Elliot.
DOWELL  The 23d ult, at Stokesley, in Yorkshire, Lieut. Thomas DOWELL, of the royal navy.
OGLE  Yesterday week, at the Glass-house Bridge, near this town, Capt. OGLE.
CLARKE  Sunday last, deeply regretted, aged 16, Annabella, second daughter of Mr Wm CLARKE, of this town, school-master.
HODGSON  On the 14th inst, at Sunderland, suddenly, Mr George HODGSON, grocer, aged 64.
ARLOTT  Same day and place, Mr Thomas ARLOTT, watch-maker, nearly 40 years parish clerk, aged 77.
BLAND  On Friday last, at Durham, Mr Joseph BLAND, aged 85, formerly collector of the tolls for the corporation.
DRUMMOND  On Sunday last at Pelton, in the parish of Chester-le-Street, Mr Robert DRUMMOND, shoe-maker, aged 29.
OGLE  The 8th inst, at Clifton, near Bristol, Elizabeth Frances, wife of Wm Ogle Wallis OGLE Esq. of Causey Park, Northumberland.
SCORER  The 11th inst, Thomas, aged 9 years, son of Mr Thomas SCORER, of Newfield, farmer.
SCORER  The same day and place, aged 92, Mr Thos SCORER, uncle to do.
ARMSTRONG  The 10th inst, at Wooler, Mr Joseph ARMSTRONG, shoe-maker.
SNOWDEN  Same day, at Tweedmouth, Mrs Elizabeth SNOWDEN, late of Berwick, widow, aged 61.
CUNNINGHAM  The 12th inst, at Ord, Tweedmouth, Miss CUNNINGHAM, only daughter of Mr W. Cunningham, of Berwick, aged 17.
From within this issue.
PRINCE  Wednesday evening se`nnight, about seven o`clock, Lieut. GRIFFIN, commander of H.M. cutter, Swan, Mr HALE, clerk, John DILLEN, and John PRINCE, a black seaman, were drowned in attempting to go on board that vessel in Bridlington Roads. There being much se, and low water, the boat was upset, and afterwards dashed to pieces behind the North Pier ; four seamen were providentially saved by a rope being thrown them. The body of Lieut Griffin was found on Thursday morning near to Wilsthorp.
ELLIOT  On the 13th inst, as a young man, named ELLIOT, about 17 years of age, servant to Mrs Duncan, of the Black Bull Inn, Wooler, was driving a two-horse cart down a steep hill, known by the name of Wooler Path, one of the horses being young and spirited, turned restive, the cart ran amain, and the driver was pushed down run over by one of the wheels, and killed.
LEADBETTER  A stone mason of Sheffield named LEADBETTER, last week died of hydrophobia, caused by saliva, proceeding from a dog affected with “the Distemper,” as he supposed, to which, about three months ago, he had been in the habit of giving physic, while his hand was lacerated ; and the saliva fell upon it. It was only a few days precious to his death that the usual symptoms of canine madness first appeared, the state of which continues to increase till the time of his dissolution, and were manifested by a loathing of liquids, and a frightful appearance of horror whenever any thing of the kind was offered to him, medicinally or otherwise.
April 24 1819
The 10th inst, at Cortachy Castle, in his 86th year, the Right HON. Walter Earl of Airly
DOBINSON   On the 12th inst, at Great Whittington, in the parish of Corbridge, Mr Joseph DOBINSON, aged 83, much respected.
PICKERING  On the 14th inst, at Elwick, Mr Richard PICKERING, aged 91, much respected. He has left an aged widow to who he was married 69 years.
M`CLAY  Friday last, at High Felling, Mary M`CLAY, aged 95; her husband John M`CLAY, died at the same place, June 13, 1817, aged 101.
LANCASTER  The 16th inst, Ann, wife of Mr Joseph LANCASTER, of North Shields, master-mariner, aged 53.
MITCHELL  Mr Richard MITCHELL, of Tynemouth, late of his majesty`s corps of artillery, aged 30.
CUNLIFFE  Mr John CUNLIFFE, late barrack serjeant at Tynemouth, aged 64.
MARTIN  Wednesday se`nnight, at Hull, aged 63, Elizabeth, wife of Wm MARTIN, formerly one of the musicians in the Northumberland militia.
FARRINGTON  The 5th inst, in London, George, the eldest son of W. FARRINGTON, Esq. of Shawe Hall, Lancashire.
SCOTT  Sunday se`nnight, at Middle Farm, near Brampton, Mrs Ann SCOTT, aged 24.
JORDAN  Friday last, in Berwick, Mr Richard JORDAN, formerly of the Nag`s Head Inn, aged 77.
GRIMMER  In Magdalen-street, Norwich. Charles GRIMMER, aged 101, who for upwards of sixty years had been known as a buyer of hare and rabbit skins, which practice he continued until two or three days before his death.
BURRIDGE  At Greenfield, near Ampthill, Beds, Wm BURRIDGE, labourer, aged upwards of 90 years, a rare instance of pedestrian servitude, having regularly, and punctual to his time for 32 years, walked from his cottage to his circle of work, in Ampthill Park, averaging about seven miles a day, nearly 70,000 miles, which is almost three times round the circumference of the globe ; he continued this task until the decease of his noble employer, Lord Ossory, whom he did not long survive.
GOFF  The 2d inst, at Standon, Herts, Rich. GOFF, at the extraordinary aged of 113 years. He has left a widow in her 47th year, and three children, the eldest of whom is but 17, and the youngest two years and a half old. He was a native of Ireland. His hair and beard were very white, which gave him a patriarchal appearance, and he appeared sensible to the last.
KINEAR  The 16th inst, aged 51, Mr Robert KINEAR, of this town musician.
CHARLTON  On Sunday se`nnight, at Old Lambton, Mrs CHARLTON, wife of Mr John Charlton ;
CHARLTON  And on Wednesday evening, while attending her funeral, Mr Thomas CHARLTON, of Durham, clock and watch-maker, and brother to the above named Mr John Charlton.
HARLE  On the 13th inst, in London, in his 15th year, Edward, fourth son of Mr Wm HARLE, of this town.
WATERS  The 18th inst, at Swalwell, aged 72, Mr Anthony WATERS, much respected.
GRAHAMSLEY  On the 15th inst, at Morpeth, Mr Wm GRAHAMSLEY. He went to bed apparently in good health and was found a  corpse in the morning. A Coroner`s inquest was holden on the body, and returned a verdict of – Died by the visitation of God.
DALTON  On the 21st inst, suddenly, Mr John DALTON, of Richmond, blacksmith.
BENSON  Tuesday se`nnight, aged 75, Mr Henry BENSON, of this town, much respected.
ENGLISH  Saturday se`nnight, on his passage from Riga, aged 46, Capt. James ENGLISH, of the ship Brilliant, of Hull.
COWEL  On the 12th inst, aged 2 ½ year, George, youngest son of Mr R. COWEL, of Ouston, Durham.
PENNINGTON  Thursday se`nnight, Mr Thomas PENNINGTON, of Kendal, solicitor, nephew of the late Alderman Pennington, aged 24.
SZINEVIER  Lately, in Hungary, aged 113, Gregory SZINEVIER. He was born in 1696.
BROCKETT  On Monday night, in Dun-Cow-Lane, Durham, in his 75th year, Mr Ralph BROCKETT, sen, house-carpenter, much respected.
MARSHALL  The 22d inst, at Witton-Gilbert, near Durham, Mr Andrew MARSHALL, gardener, aged 77.
COLLING  On the 20th inst, in his 77th year, much respected, Mr Thomas COLLING, of Darlington, father of Mr Wm Colling of Mark-Lane, London, wholesale grocer.
WILSON  Tuesday last, Mr Wm WILSON, of this town, draper, aged 42.
CLUNIE  On the 22d inst, at Berwick, John CLUNIE, Esq. one of the magistrates for that borough, and late a corn-merchant.
HARDWICKE  On the 17th inst, Mr Richard HARDWICKE, upwards of 50 year, a respectable tenant of the late Mrs Mary Lambton, (of Biddick) at Romanby township, near Northallerton.
CURRY  On Wednesday, in Dockwray-Square, greatly respected, Mrs CURRY, widow of the late Mr Wm Curry, ship-owner, aged 87.
LUNDIN  The 11th inst, in Edinburgh, Miss Anne LUNDIN, daughter of the late Andrew Lundin, Esq. of Strathairly. She has bequeathed 2,300l. to the public charities of Edinburgh, and 500l to the poor of her native parish of Largo, Fife.
ADAMS  Extract from the Supplement of the Calcutta Gazette, 29th Oct 1818, “Died Dr William ADAMS, aged 45,”
YOUNG  On the 21st inst, Joseph YOUNG, a keelman, fell out of a keel into the river Wear, at Sunderland, and was drowned.
JOHNSTON  On the 17th inst, a man named JOHNSTON, was unfortunately drowned in the Tweed, near Cornhill. His body is not yet found.
From within this issue.
HUNTER  On Sunday se`nnight, a large brig, the Neva, Jackson 378 register tops, of and from Shields for Shediac?, went into Aberdeen with the loss of bossprit and fore-topmast, carried away the night previous of Kinnaird`s Head, it blowing strong with a head sea. Four men were handling the top-gallant sails at the time of the accident ; three of them were thrown into the sea, two of who were with difficulty saved, when on the point of sinking ; but the  third, a fine young man of the name of William HUNTER, was unfortunately drowned. The Neva sailed again on the 18th.
GALT  On Tuesday se`nnight, there was found upon the Glasgow road, by Evan Water, in the parish of Cranford, the body of a man, who from the shocking appearance, must have been murdered. His name of David GALT, labourer, a native of Ireland ; and two persons are in custody named Robt. M`Caver and Niel Killin, also natives of Ireland. The three persons had been travelling together for some time, and it is supposed the latter two had perpetrated the barbarous deed for the purpose of obtaining a watch which their unfortunate companion possessed. They took also his hat and shoes.
May 8 1819
CLAYTON  Saturday last, in Percy-street, in her 90th year, Mrs Catherine CLAYTON, sister of the late Snow Clayton, Esq. of this town.
FORSTER  On the 30th ult, in Cumberland Row, near this town, Mr Robert FORSTER, late a grocer in the Side, much and deservedly respected.
SPAGGON  The 26th ult, aged 53 year, Mrs SPRAGGON, widow of Mr R. Spaggon, of Thorneyford, farmer, much lamented.
MILBURN  The 24th ult, at Blacklaw, near Bellingham, Mr Edward MILBURN, aged 32.
CLEAVER  Wednesday se`nnight, at Buckworth, Hants, Jane, wife of Euseby CLEAVER, Esq. and daughter of John Chapman, Esq. of Whitby.
POULETT  The 20th ult, in her 87th year, the Right Hon. Mary, Countess Dowager POULETT.
HETHERINGTON  Friday last, in Botchergate, Carlisle, suddenly, Mr Wm HETHERINGTON, aged 70.
WEIGHTMAN  On Tuesday week, at Brampton, the Rev. John WEIGHTMAN, minister of the Presbyterian chapel there, aged 61, much respected.
ELLIOT  Same place, on Saturday week, Mr Chas. ELLIOT, shoe-maker, aged 79.
PHENISTER  Same place, on Wednesday se`nnight, Mr James PHENISTER, aged 37.
TROUTBECK  Friday se`nnight, at Blencow, near Penrith, William TROUTBECK, Esq. aged 77.
CRICKETT  The 29th ult, Sarah, wife of Mr Robert CRICKETT, aged 49 ;
ROWLEY  The 30th ult, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Aaron ROWLEY, aged 66 ;
JACKSON  The 2d inst, Mr John JACKSON, master-mariner, aged 27 ;
WALKER  Mrs Esther WALKER, widow of Toll-square, aged 60 ;
CHATER  The 5th inst, Mrs Mary CHATER, spinster, aged 36, all of North Shields
TODD  The 30th ult, in this town, Mr Thomas TODD, late of West Brunton, Northumberland, aged 83.
HALL  On the 3d inst, Mrs HALL, wife of Mr John Hall, of Collingwood-street, in this town, tailor.
STRICKLAND  The 23d ult, in Poland street, London, aged 87, the Rev. W. STRICKLAND ------ ancient family of Strickland, of Sizer, Westmorland ------- over, at an ealy age, to his younger brother (grand ------present representative of the family, Charles Strickland --- Esq.) the whole of his patrimonieal inheritance, ----- on small annuity, and retired to the English Jesuits College Omer`s, where he embraced the ecclesiastical state ----- of that society.
G------?  The 29th ult, in his 104th year Mr G---- an oyster dredge, of Saltfleet Lincolnshire. He retained his faculties to the last, and walked, about ------death, to Louth (14 miles), and returned the next day.
GRACIE  Monday suddenly, Isabella, wife of Mr GRACIE, ------- Dumfries, and daughter of the late James Campbell -----  ----field.
GRAHAM  Friday last, at Dumfries, Miss GRAHAM, ---- ----- near Penrith.
GRAINGER  On the 1st inst, in his 77th year, Mr Geo? GRAINGER, of Bishop-auckland, much respected.
OASTLER  ----Mrs OASTLER, wife of Mr Samson OASTLER, of Sowerby -----
HUTTON  On the 4th inst, at Widdicarhill, near No----------  Mrs HUTTON, relict of Wm Hutton, Esq.
POMPHRET  On Friday last, at Darlington?, much respected. Mrs POMPHRET, wife of Mr Pomphret, currier, aged 40.
KIRBY  On the 23d inst, at S--------  Mr Wm KIRBY, brother of Mr Kirby, of Chester-le-Street, ---- keeper, aged 56, greatly respected.
ALLISON  On the 4th inst, at Chester-le-Street, Ann, widow of Mr Robert ALLISON -------
FALDER  Tuesday last, at Alnwick, Joseph FALDER, Esq. --------
DOBSON  On the 29th ult, at Harlow Hill, aged 21, Thomas, youngest son of Samuel DOBSON, much lamented.
ROBERTSON  Thursday se`nnight, Frederick, son of Mr A.H. ROBERTSON, of Sunderland.
BELL  On the 29th ult, at Roxburgh Manse, the Rev. Andrew BELL, aged –
BROWN  On Monday last, an inquest was holden at Chester-le-Street, on the body of Mary BROWN, widow of William Brown, tailor? Who was found dead in bed that morning. Verdict – Died by the visitation of God.
May 15 1819
DOUGLAS  The 20th ult at Lisbon, his Grace Charles William Montagu Scott DOUGLAS, Duke of Bucclouch and Queensbury, Earl of Doncaster, &c. &c. Knight of the Thistle, and Lord Lieutenant of the counties of Mid Lothian and Dumfries, aged 47.
WEBB  The 27th ult, at Paris, the Hon. Lady Charlotte Frances WEBB, wife of Sir Thomas Webb, Bart, sister of Viscount Dillon, and niece of the Earl of Mulgrave.
WARING  The 5th inst, in Half Moon-street, Piccadilly, London, Major Scott WARING.
WYNDHAM  At Salisbury, in his 83d year, Henry Penruddocke WYNDHAM, Esq. formerly M.P. for Wiltshire.
HENSON  The 28th ult, in Gray`s Inn-square, London, aged 24, Knowsley Smith HENSON, youngest son of the late Rev. F Henson, rector of South Kilvington, near Thirstk.
ELSLEY  The 25th ult, Mrs ELSLEY, wife of the Rev. H.ELSLEY, vicar of Burneston, Yorskhire.
PEARS  Thursday se`nnight, Mr John PEARS, of Carlisle, saddler.
LUMSDON  Sunday last, at Ponteland, after a few hours illness, Mr William LUMSDON, farmer, aged 70, much respected.
AYNSLEY  Lately, Mr Thomas AYNSLEY, of Great Bavington, farmer, much respected.
EVANS  On the 10th inst, in this town, Frances Henrietta, second daughter of Lieut-Col.. EVANS, aged 6 years and 11 months.
LAMB  On the 5th inst, Dorothy Armstrong LAMB, aged 17 years, fourth daughter of Mr Richard Lamb, of the customs, at this port.
ARMORER  The 9th inst, at Dunns, near Elsdon, Northumberland, Mrs ARMORER, aged 33.
SIMPSON  Sunday se`nnight, at Tweedmouth, Elizabeth SIMPSON, aged 38. After attending divine service in the afternoon, she had taken a fit and fallen into the fire : when found she was in a most shocking stat, and died soon after.
LYSTER  Monday sennight, in London, Richard LYSTER, of Rowton Castle, Shropshire, Esq. M.P. for Shrewsbury.
MILLS  On the 26th ult, at Lilburn Tower, Joseph MILLS, Esq. aged 75.
BUSSEY  On the 11th inst, Miss Barbara BUSSEY, fourth daughter of Mr G. Bussey, of Richmond, seedsman.
ELLIOT  On Thursday last, Mrs ELLIOT, wife of Mr Elliot, of the Ouseburn Pottery, near this town.
EALES  The 11th inst, Mr Peter EALES, mariner, aged 62 ;
FORSTER  The 12th inst, Ann, wife of Mr John FORSTER, aged 53, both of North Shields.
LISTER  The 28th ult, Mr John LISTER, of Gateshead, shoe-maker, aged 66.
GIFFARD  Wednesday se`nnight in Dublin, John GIFFARD, Esq. the staunch opponent of the catholic claims, in the corporation of that city. He was a  native of Wellington, in Somersetshire.
GANSBEKE  On the 26th ult, at Kruyshauten, near Ghent, Elizabeth Von GANSBEKE, aged 104. She was the mother of nine children, and lived to see their descendants to the fourth generation.
SPEARMAN  The 9th inst, Mr Isaac Woodhouse SPEARMAN, master-mariner, aged 34, son of Mr George Spearman, of St Anthony`s, pilot.
SHUTE  On the 19th of October last, at Burreea, in Bengal, in his 29th year. Thomas Bowman SHUTE, son of the Rev. Thomas Shute, of Morpeth, lieutenant and adjutant, 1st bat. 26th regiment Native Infantry. He had attained the character of a good officer, and an honourable and correct young man, and his death was lamented by his brother officers as a loss of no common magnitude to the battalion, which did not fail to pay every mark of respect and honour to his memory.
CAYLEY  Latley, Lieut Wm CAYLEY, of the royal navy, son of Cap. Cayley, late of Brompton, Yorkshire.
MOOR  9th Inst, at Bishopwearmouth, Mr James MOOR, master mariner, aged 62.
THOMPSON  Same day, at Sunderland, Mrs THOMPSON, wife of Mr Thomas Thompson, carrier between this town and that place, aged 47.
THOMPSON  On the 8th inst, at Low Barns, near Bishopwearmouth, Mr John THOMPSON, formerly of Sedgfield, aged 77.
MILLAR  On the 11th inst, at Bishopwearmouth, Mr James MILLAR, master-mariner, aged 32.
PARKINSON  On the 12th inst, at Monkwearmouth, Mrs PARKINSON, widow, aged 87.
COLLIN  On the 13th inst, Mr Thos. COLLIN, of Sunderland, blacksmith. He hung himself in his bed-room. No reason can be assigned for the rash act.
CROSS  On the 11th inst, at Down Hill, near West Boldon, Mrs CROSS, wife of Mr Wm Cross, tanner, aged 32.
SPOONER  The 7th inst, at Barnard-castle, Mr Wm SPOONER, farmer, aged 74.
HARLAND  Monday last, at Lunily, Mr Benj. HARLAND, formerly serjeant in the 2d Durham local militia.
PARKINSON  On the 3d inst, at Middleton Tyas, universally respected, Margaret, wife of Mr Ralph PARKINSON, aged 38.
HAYES  The 12th inst, the Rev. Thomas HAYES, vicar of St Oswald`s, Durham, in his 87th year, deservedly respected and lamented.
BAYLES  Wednesday se`nnight, in Milburngate, Durham, aged 90, Mr John BAYLES, formerly of the Market-place Mill.
HENDERSON  Thursday se`nnight, aged 77, Mr Wm HENDERSON, one of the brethren of Sherburn Hospital, and many years a  respectable bookbinder in Durham.
WILTON  The 1st inst, in Dublin, aged 26, Lieut. Wm WILTON, of the 14th light dragoons, second son of the Rev. W.J. Wilton, of Upper Norton-street, London, late of this town, much respected.
WATSON  Sunday last, at Crawcrook, near Bradly, Mr Nath. WATSON, aged 92 years. He was 61 years in the capacity of house-steward, in the worthy family of Simpson, of Bradley Hall: a man of great affability, of sound integrity, and died highly respected. After the marriage of Miss M. Simpson, ( now Lady Liddell, of Ravensworth Castle,) his salary, house, garden, &c. were continued to him, and so the day of his death.
From within this issue.
CLUTTERBUCK  On Wednesday evening last, Major CLUTTERBUCK, of the Northumberland militia, on his way home to Warkworth, had the misfortune to fall from his horse, and was killed on the spot.
GRAYDON  On Monday last, while a young man, named Graydon, aged about 17, belonging to Silver-street, in this town, was assisting to load a cart of timber, at St Peter`s Quay, a large piece fell upon him, and crushed him to death.
SIMPSON  On Wednesday last, an inquest was holden over the body of Robert SIMPSON, one of the miners of Harraton Outside Colliery, who was unfortunately killed by a fall down a stapple, of 8 fathoms depth, whilst escaping from a train of gun-powder, which he had fired in order to blast the coal. He was a married man, aged about 32. Verdict – Accidental death.
FOGIE  On the 12th inst, Wm FOGIE, sawyer, at North Shields dock, aged 70, was killed by the handle of a crane striking him. Verdict accordingly.
RICHARDSON  A boy named RICHARDSON, aged 12 years, was killed by a stone falling on him at Howden pit on the 10th inst. Verdict – Accidental death.
DANKS  On the evening of Tuesday last, as some children were amusing themselves by climbing over a wall in Wanless`s Lane, Durham, one of them, named William DANKS, about 5 years old, fell from the top, and was so severely bruised, that after lingering in the greatest agony till Thursday afternoon, he expired.
May 22 1819
ORD  Wednesday last, advanced in years, Mrs ORD, wife of Mr Charles Ord, of Pilgrim-street, in this town, flour-dealer, much respected.
SATCHELL  Tuesday se`nnight, at Chelsea, J. SATCHELL, Esq. late of Virginia, North America, and brother of Mrs Stephen Kemble.
ROTHWELL  The 8th inst, Mr Edward ROTHWELL, of the M-i- Cotton Works, Carlisle, aged 54.
COKE  Same day, at Leith, in his 86th year, Mr Wm COKE, bookseller, who carried on business with the same premises, for the long period of 53 years, and was the father of the bookselling trade in Scotland.
MORRISON  The 9th? Inst, at Morebattle, the Rev. David MORRISON, in his 82d year.
GIBSON  On Saturday last, the infant son of Mr Thomas GIBSON, of Saville Court, in this town.
BACKHOUSE  The 13th inst, in Percy-street, in this town, at the house of her son-in-law, Mr Myers, chemist, aged 81, Mrs BACKHOUSE.
RUTTER  The 15th inst, Mr Wm RUTTER, of the West Turnpike-gate, near this town, aged 26 ;
RUTTER  And the same day his brother, Mr Thos RUTTER, aged 21. The were both buried in one grave.
PITSELLA  The 13th inst, Mr Thos. PITSELLA, master mariner aged 58 ;
ANGUISH  The 18th inst, Mr Robert ANGUISH, aged 72, both North Shields.
TEMPLE  On Sunday last, Mrs TEMPLE, of Dean-street, in this town, linen-draper, aged 67, much respected.
EMERSON  On Tuesday last, Miss Isabella EMERSON, fifth daughter of the late – George Emerson, of this town, much regretted.
HOPPER  The 14th inst, Mrs Ann HOPPER, of High Friar-street, in this town, aged 57.
DODDS  Same day, Mr John DODDS, viewer at Derwent Crook coll—aged 77.
PATTISON  Friday last, at the Water Works, on the Town MOOR, Mrs PATTISON, widow, aged 64.
SALMON  On Tuesday, at Sunderland, Mrs Mary SALMON, aged 82.
ROBINSON  The 8th inst, at Bath, in her – year. Matilda, wife of Lieut.-Col. ROBINSON, regt, and niece of Sir Thomas Frankland, Bart. of Thirkleby, near Thirsk?
MARLEY  The 17th inst, at Richmond, Jane, eldest daughter of J--- R. MARLEY, Esq. of Marrick Park, aged 10 years.
HODGSON  The 3d inst, at Staindrop, Mrs HODGSON, wife of Mr Geo. Hodgson, glazier, aged 69, much respected.
PEARSON  The 11th inst, Mr Tho. PEARSON, of Staindrop, glazier, aged 68, much respected.
CHURCH  The 8th inst, at Darlington, much respected. Mr CHURCH, son of the late Richard Church, Esq. of Cork, Ireland, aged 27.
GREENSETT  The 14th inst, at the same place, much respected, Mr George GREENSETT, aged 74.
TOWERS  The 15th inst, at the same place, much respected, George, son of Mr George TOWERS, draper and tailor, aged 20.
BROTHERTON  The 1- inst, Mr Francis BROTHERTON, of Darlington, cooper, much respected.
COATS  The 15th inst, at the Low Flatts, near Chester-le-Street. Mr George COATS, engine-wright, aged 60, much respected.
STEPHENSON  The 21st inst, at Chester-le-Street, Phoebe, widow of Mr Thomas STEPHENSON, shoe-maker, aged 87, much respected.
N?----   Lately, at Lilburn Tower, after a short illness, Joseph N?--- Esq. of Cornhill House, aged 75.
HUNTER  16th inst, in this town, Mr John HUNTER, of Bedlington, mason, aged 44.
HODGSHON  21st Charlotte? Wife of Mr George HODGSHON, surgeon, and daughter of Michael Widdrington, of Percy-street, in this town, much lamented.
BUCHAN  The 12th inst, in Edinburgh, Margaret Countess BUCHAN.
BROOMFIELD  Lately, at Greenlaw, Berwickshire, aged 85? Or 35?, Mrs Julian BROOMFIELD, midwife.
HOME  The 17th inst, at Berwick, Mrs Ellen HOME, widow, aged 60.
TAYLOR  The 14th inst, at Spittal, Mrs Jane TAYLOR, widow, aged 96.
ALLAN  Same day, at Tweedmouth, Mrs Jane ALLAN, widow, aged 76.
PAL----   The 5th inst, Mr David PAL----of Windleston, aged 34.
VASEY  The 16th inst, at Staindrop, Mr J—VASEY, of Quarry House, farmer, aged 73, much respected.
May 29 1819
BIGGE  On the 19th inst, in London, Eliza, third daughter of the late Thomas Charles BIGGE, Esq. of Benton House, near this town.
GRAY  The 24th inst, in Newgate-street, in this town, Sarah Maria, the wife of John GRAY, Esq. in her 22d year.
TINNISWOOD  Same day, Mr Thomas TINNISWOOD, of this town, tobacconist, much respected.
ROBSON  Same day, Mr Robert ROBSON, of Lobley Hill, aged 48, much respected.
SMITHERMAN  Sunday week, at St Thomas`s Hospital, Mr SMITHERMAN, of White-street, Southwark, in consequence of the bursting of the boiler of his steam-engine, as formerly mentioned.
BYRNE  The 14th inst, in Dublin, Mr Edw. BYRNE, late of Liverpool, father of Miss Byrne, the celebrated singer.
SOLOMON  On Friday last, at Bath, Dr SOLOMON, of Liverpool.
CHAYTOR  Saturday se`nnight, at Spennithorne, aged 86, Wm CHAYTOR, Esq. vice-lieutenant of the North Riding of the county of York, bencher of the Hon. Society of the Inner Temple, and one of his majesty`s justices of the peace, in which latter capacity he had acted upwards of 60 year ; and during a great part of that period presided as chairman of the quarter sessions, with the highest credit to himself and utility to his country.
DOXFORD  The 22d inst, Mrs Ann DOXFORD, aged 44 ;
FORSTER  The 24th inst, Mabel, wife of Mr Wm FORSTER, mariner, aged 65 ;
STOREY  The 26th inst, Mary, wife of Mr Edward STOREY, of Bedford-street, aged 43, all of North Shields.
HALL  On Saturday last, very suddenly, Mr Wm HALL, of Elsdon, innkeeper.
GRAHAM  The 1st inst, at Naples, in his 24th year, Mr Henry GRAHAM, architect, son of the Rev. J. Graham, of York.
Last week, the Earl of Stamford and Warrington, lord lieutenant of the county of Chester.
JOBLING  On the 10th inst, at Hawkwell, Northumberland, Mrs JOBLING, formerly of Hoppyland, Durham, much respected.
DAWSON  The 15th inst, at Ovingham, aged 23, Mr George DAWSON, school-master.
WILLIS  The 25th inst, at Stillington, near Stockton, Mr John WILLIS, farmer, much respected.
STOKOE  Sunday last, aged 27, Margaret, wife of Mr George STOKOE, of this town.
PATTERSON  Thursday se`nnight, Mr John PATTERSON, of Fulloden, farmer, aged 23. His horse fell, as he was riding on Newton Sands, the day before, and the injury caused his death.
FAWCETT  On Sunday last, suddenly, Mrs FAWCETT, wife of Mr Thomas Fawcett, of Langlands, near Northallerton.
PEARSON  On the 25th inst, at Brompton, near Northallerton, aged 73, Mr John PEARSON, proprietor, of the stage waggon between Stockton, Northallerton, and Masham, greatly respected.
WATER  Same day, at Newham, near Darlington, aged 100 years and 6 months, Frances WATER, a pauper. She retained the use of her faculties to the last.
RICHARDSON  The 24th inst, at Barnard castle, Mr Richard RICHARDSON, hatter, aged 49 ;
HODGSON  Same day, Mr Charles HODGSON, rope-maker, aged 30.
ROBSON  This morning, Mr Edward ROBSON, formerly a hosier, in this town.
PERRY  The 25th inst, Mrs Sarah PERRY, widow of Mr Abraham Perry, of Berwick, aged 62.
From within this issue.
YOUNG  Last week, George YOUNG, of Whitley, aged 8 years, was drowned in a quarry into which he fell while attempting to reach a bird`s nest. Coroner`s verdict – Accidental death. This is the fifth accident of the same kind at the same place.
HEPPEL  Sunday, Michael HEPPEL, of Blythe, seaman, fell from one of the yards of the ship Patience, of North Shields, off Tynemouth bar, and was so much bruised and hurt that he died at Shields next day. He has left a widow and 5 or 6 children.
June 5 1819
HASELL  The 27th ult, at Heighington, Durham, aged 68, Mrs HASWELL, widow of the Rev. Wm Haswell, lecturer, of Tynemouth, and daughter of the late Wm Jepson, Esq. of the former place.
PITT  The 26th ult, at Highfield Park, Hants, in her 86th year, the Hon. Lady PITT, relict of Gen. Sir W. Augustus Pitt, K.B. &c. and sister of the late Admiral Earl Howe.
THOMPSON  On Saturday, at Morpeth, in consequence of a fall from his horse, Mr Robert THOMPSON, of the Turk`s Head Inn, aged 59, much respected.
LEGARD  Sunday se`nnight, at Beverley, aged 80, Henry LEGARD, Esq. many years register of the East Riding of Yorkshire.
WILSON  Same day, aged 69, Mr Botterill WILSON, of Scarborough, barrack-master.
WILKINSON  On the 1st inst, at Bishopwearmouth, Jane, eldest daughter of the late Wm WILKINSON, Esq. of Whitburn.
HEWISON  The 2d inst, Mr John HEWISON, of the Forth, near this town, brick-maker, aged 56, much respected.
PLIGNAC  At St Maude, near Parish, the Countess Jules PLIGNAC, aged 31. She belonged to one of the most ancient and illustrious families of Scotland.
JUDE  The 28th ult, -------- JUDE, of Chirton, aged 95.
The 29th ult, Mrs Elizabeth ---- of North Shields, widow, aged 104.
LAWS  Same day, suddenly, while drawing off his boots, Mr Benjamin LAWS, coachman to J------mer, Esq. of Preston, near North Shields, aged 51, much respected.
B-----   The 31st ult, at York, in his 61st year, Adam B------ Esq. late of Whitby.
WHITE  The 27th ult, at St Ann`s Hill, Stockton, Miss Jane WHITE, aged 46, sister of Mr Richard White, late of Kelloe, near Durham.
---LISH     On the 19th ult, Mr JOHN ----LISH, of Broadwoodhall, near Allendale Town, deservedly respected.
CROSBY?  The 24th ult, aged 22, John, son of Mr A CROSBY?, of Norton near Stockton, much respected.
GOWLAND  On the 30th ult, Mrs GOWLAND, wife of Mr Clement Gowland, of Sunderland, watch-maker, aged 62.
SPARK  On the 1st inst, at Bishopwearmouth, Thomas SPARK, master-mariner, aged 29.
M`CAIN  On the 2d inst, at Sunderland, Mr Wm M`CAIN, dealer in marine stores, aged –
CASTLE  Tuesday se`nnight, Mrs CASTLE, relict of Samuel Castle, B?--- of Durhamg.
KIPLING  On the 22d ult, Mr Richard KIPLING, officer of the customs, at Harlepool, aged 63.
WHEATLEY  Thursday, on the Pal---- Green, Durham, Mrs Catharine WHEATLEY, aged 82. The 3- ult, Mrs Eleanor THOMPSON, widow, aged 90 ;
JACKSON  The 2d inst  -- Charles JACKSON, father of Capt. Samuel Jackson, of the royal navy, C.B. aged 78 ;
GRIEVE  Same day, Mr George GRIEVE, many years a ship-master in the West India trade, aged 67 ;
OVANS  Same day suddenly, Miss OVANS, only daughter of Dr Ovans, deceased. – aged 27, all of Tweedmouth.
WELFOR--  The 21st ult, Mr George WELFOR—of Bishop-auckland, tailor, aged 64.
LAX  The 27th ult, Mrs Ann LAX, wife of Mr Thomas Lax, of Constantine, farmer, much respected.
TURNER  The 30th ult, John, son of Mr John TURNER, of Bishop-auckland, aged 20.
HAND  On the 25th ult, Wm HAND, a keelman, aged 18 years fell into the river at Sunderland, and was drowned.
NELSON  The body of James NELSON, the chaise driver, who was drowned some time ago in attempting to ford the river Wear, near Hallowell, was found on the evening of Monday last in the river near the Race Ground, at Durham, and since been interred.
June 12 1819
F------   On the 9th inst, very Suddenly, Mr Henry F-----, one of the serjeants at mace of this town.
WATSON  The 27th ult on the Isle of Man, Mr Ralph WATSON, late coast waiter of this town, aged 73.
WATSON  On the 2d inst, Jane, fourth daughter of the – Major WATSON, of Warkworth.
WILSON  On the 3d inst, at R---- Mr H. WILSON, quarter-master in the 2nd regiment of North Riding local militia, aged 75, much respected.
CROMPTON  Saturday --- at York, Mrs CROMPTON, wife of Joshua Crompton, Esq. of L?--- hall.
WAINWRIGHT  Same day, in consequence of a fall from his horse the preceding day, Benjamin WAINWRIGHT, M.D. of Richmond formerly of Sheffield.
L-------Friday last, Mary, wife of Mr John L----- of Berwick, linen draper, aged 49.
GIBSON  The 21st ult, at Ca---- Mr Wm GIBSON, supervisor of excise.
SINCLAIR  Friday last, Mrs SINCLAIR, wife of Capt. Sinclair, of Gateshead, aged 68.
On the 5--- at his mother`s house, in Tynemouth, in his 44th year, John ----- Esq. commander in the royal navy, thirds son of the late D---   of this town.
PEMBERTON  On Wednesday last,, at West Boldon, much respected, Mr PEMBERTON, aged 72. On the 2d inst, Mrs BILTON, wife of Mr Lewis Bilton, of Long Dyke, near Felton, much and deservedly respected.
TULLY  The 29th ult, at D---- aged 11 years, Miss Tulip, daughter of Henry TULLY, of Bruton House, near Hexham.
GREEN  Lately, at Fenton, in Northumberland, Mr John GREEN, farmer.
GREEN  On the 7th inst, at Al---  Mr Peter GREEN, at an advanced age of 100 years. He was able to attend to his usual occupation until a few days before his death.
BAILEY  Yesterday se`nnight, John BAILEY, Esq. of –lingham, Northumberland, aged 68, author of the Agr--- Report of the County of Durham, and joint writer -----  Culley, of the Northumberland Report, drawn up for the ---- of Agriculture. Few men possessed greater skill in --- economy, or have managed such extensive concerns in --- agency, with more general esteem and respect.
ANDERSON  The – ult. Mr George ANDERSON, of Pandon, in this town, pub---- aged 43, much respected.
SMITH  On the 15th ult, aged 35, Miss  ---- SMITH, of Harton, near South Shields.
WILSON  On the 18th --- at South Shields, aged 63, Mr Samuel WILSON, upwards of --- years agent to I Cookson, Esq. and Co. glass manufacturer, much respected.
DAY  On the 6th inst, at West Dean House, South Shields, aged 42, Mrs Isabella DAY, widow, and daughter of John Blenkinsop, Esq. greatly lamented.
STOREY  The 5th inst, Mrs Ann STOREY, widow, aged 80 ;
G-----The 6th inst, Mrs Jane G--- widow, aged 97, both of North Shields.
DODDS   On the 30th ult, at Newburn, aged 84, Mr Oswald DODDS, formerly of Berwick on Tweed.
FRYER  On the 1st inst, in his 52d year, John FRYER, late of  Newbiggin in Wensleydale.
WATSON  The 8th inst, Mr Wm WATSON, of Stockton, druggist, at an advanced age, greatly respected.
L----Same day, in the Freeman`s Hospital, in this town Mrs L?--- aged 72.
CLAPPIN  On the 5th inst, at Chester-le-Street, Mrs CLAPPIN, w---- of Mr Wm Clappin, of Lambton, joiner, aged 39.
SMITH  On Monday last, in the Market-place, Durham, Mr Ralph SMITH, ---- in his 22d year.
GARDNER  On Tuesday, on the Palace Green, Durham, Mary GARDNER, aged 80.
HARPERLEY  On the 5th inst, at Darlington, aged 67, Miss HARPERLEY, much respected.
ELLERSON  On the 7th inst at the same place, aged 37, Miss ELLERSON, much respected.
CROWTHERS  The – inst, at Berwick, Jane, wife of Mr Thomas CROWTHERS -----maker, aged 21.
COCKBURN  The 4th inst, at Unthank-square, Tweedmouth, Mr David COCKBURN, aged 72.
BROWN  The 6th inst, at Spittal, John BROWN, aged 57.
----SON  The 5th inst, aged 64, Mr John ----son, town clerk of Jedburgh.
JEFFREY  On Sunday last, Mrs JEFFREY, w--- of Mr Jeffrey of this port, master-mariner.
RALSTON  The 4th inst, at Edinburgh, aged 85, Gavin RALSTON, Esq. of Ralston, ---- master at Piershall.
D----The 2nd inst, Jessy, wife of Alex D---- Esq. chief magistrate of Lauder
From within this issue.
PATRICKSON  On the evening of Monday se`nnight, Mr FROOD, of Rabywhaite, Mr GRAHAM, of the Cross-keys public-house, Dumfries, Mr FERGUSON, of Oaks-hill, near Dumfries, and Mr PATRICKSON, of Lochmaben, after crossing the Solway Frith on horseback, between Bowness and Annan, unfortunately lost their way upon the sands in consequence of a thick fog, and wandered back into the tide, which cam in very rapidly, impelled by a strong wind, and all perished!  Another person, (the son of Mr Graham above mentioned) who was in company, would have shared the same fate had it not been for the spirit and strength of his horse. They were on their return home from Rosley Hill fair. All the bodies have been found, except that of Mr Ferguson.
WATSON  As Mr Samuel WATSON, of Cliburn-hall, Westermorland, was on his road home from Malmerby, on the 21st ult, he was thrown from his horse, and his foot being entangled in the stirrup, he was dragged upwards of a quarter of a mile, and so much injured that he died a short time afterwards.
GREGSON  On Monday evening last, a very melancholy accident, from the careless handling of fire-arms, occurred at Fulwell, near Sunderland. Mr Gregson and Mr Masterson, of Monkwearmouth, with two of Mr Gregson`s sons, were in a garden at Fulwell, Mr Gregson having a double barrelled gun with him. One of the barrels had a few minutes before been fired off, and he was ignorant of the other being loaded. The boys were playing among the gooseberry bushes, and Mr Masterman jocularly threatened to shoot them if they did not behave. Mr Gregson gave Mr Masterman the gun, when, dreadful to relate, it went off, and shot one of Mr GREGSON`s sons, aged 8 years, dead upon the spot!  An inquest was holden on Tuesday by John Stobart, Esq. coroner, and after a most attentive and patient investigation, the jury returned a verdict of Accidental death.
June 19 1819
GREEN  On the 14th inst, Robert GREEN, Esq. of South Shields, aged 63, many years senior magistrate of that place, and a firm supporter of the laws, in the most turbulent of times.
BRUMELL  The 5th inst, at Beadnell, in Northumberland, Mr Hawden BRUMELL, formerly of this town, aged 81.
YOUNG  Same day, in Tavistock-street, Covent Garden, London, deeply regretted, Mr James YOUNG, aged 27, only son of Mr J. Young, formerly of Northumberland.
DRURY  Saturday, after a few hours illness, greatly respected, at Chirton Cottage, South Preston, Mr Edward DRURY, of North Shields, surgeon, aged 68.
TREVELYNN  The 10th inst, Walter TREVELYNN, of Netherwitton, Esq. aged 78, one of his majesty`s justices of the peace for Northumberland, and formerly vice-lieutenant of the county, justly regretted.
LAMBERT  On the 12th inst, at Seaton Sluice, Mary, wife of Mr P. LAMBERT, aged 29, greatly lamented.
ROBSON  The 8th inst, at Hexham, aged 94, Mrs ROBSON, wife of Mr James Robson.
ROBSON  The 7th inst, aged 67, Mr Thomas ROBSON, of Wall, butcher.
BLACKBURN  On the 26th ult, at Exelby, in Yorkshire, Robert BLACKBURN, Esq. late of Ainderby Steeple, near Northallerton.
JENKINSON  On the 4th inst, after one day`s illness, greatly respected, Mr Wm JENKINSON, upwards of thirty years parish clerk of North Otterington, in Yorkshire.
PERRY  On the 28th ult, aged one hundred and nine years, Eliz. PERRY, born at Shirlheath, in the parish of Eardisland, and who resided at Streamford, Herefordshire, within 200 yards of the same spot, to the day of her death. Her sight was a little impaired, but she could walk about the house, with the assistance of her daughter, who is now upwards of 80.
GARTH  Wednesday se`nnight, at Beverley, aged 86, Gen George GARTH, colonel of the 17th regiment of foot.
PECK  Same day, in his 46th year, Mr Robert PECK, for many years printer of the Hull Packet, much respected.
YOUNG  The 14th inst, at South Shields, aged 99, William YOUNG, seaman, well known in the whale fisheries.
ROBSON  The 10th inst, Mr Robert ROBSON, of Tynemouth, aged 88.
LEIGHTON  The 11th inst, Mr Wm LEIGHTON, aged 64 ;
BEIGHET  The 13th inst, Mrs Esther BEIGHET, aged 50 ;
FORREST  Mrs Mary FORREST, aged 72 ;
JAMIESON  The 14th inst, Elizabeth wife of Robert JAMIESON, aged 37 ;
TURNBULL  The 15th inst, Elizabeth, wife of John TURNBULL, of Tyne-street, cabinet-maker, aged 24 ;
LAIDLAW  Mrs Martha LAIDLAW, widow, aged 88 ;
MITCHELL  Mr John MITCHELL, master-mariner, aged 34 ;
DUXFORD  Mr Matthew DUXFORD, aged 48, all of North Shields.
LEISHMAN  On the 17th of March last, at Savvana-la-Mar, Jamaica, Mr Wm LEISHMAN, of Hackney, formerly of this town.
ANDERSON  The 15th inst, suddenly, Mr John ANDERSON, of Gateshead, boat-builder, aged 55.
PATTISON  The 16th inst, Mr Joseph PATTISON, of Norwood, aged 40, much respected.
CAIRNS  On the 12th inst, at Bishopwearmouth. Mrs Isabella CAIRNS, aged 84.
TARN  On Sunday, at the same place, Miss TARN, daughter of Mr Wm Tarn, of North Shields, aged 27.
WHITFIELD  Thursday se`nnight, at Merrington, aged 68, Mrs Eleanor WHITFIELD.
MARTINDALE  On the 16th inst, at the Flatts, near Chester-le-Street, Elizabeth, wife of Mr John MARTINDALE, aged 67, much respected.
DENNISON  On the 11th inst, Mrs Anne DENNISON, relict of Mr Robert Dennison, an old and respectable tenant of the late Mrs Mary Lambton, at Romanby, near Northallerton.
PURVIS  Monday last, at Alnwick, John, third son of Mr Samuel PURVIS, tallow-chandler, aged 17.
RICHARDSON  On the 27th ult, in consequence of the foundering of the ship Jane, of Blyth, Capt. Wm RICHARDSON, aged 29, deeply regretted.
REED  14th inst, Miss REED, aged 22, daughter of Mr John Reed, of Hilton, farmer.
GOUNDRY  Same day, Miss Ann GOUNDRY, aged 18, daughter of Mr Geo. Goundry, of Etherley, farmer.
DUNDAS  Yesterday, in Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Robert DUNDAS, of Arniston, Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer, in Scotland.
DAUNCEY  Tuesday last, Philip DAUNCEY, Esq. King`s counsel, aged 59.
YOUNG  At Fenwick, Kyloe on the 11th inst, Mrs Jane YOUNG, widow, aged 87.
DODDS  At Shoreswood, near Berwick, on the 15th inst, Mr Thos. DODDS, farmer.
STAMP  The 7th inst, at New Raby, Mr Robert STAMP, aged 74.
From within this issue.
FORDYCE  On Sunday last, as two sons of Mr FORDYCE, of this town, wool-comber, were bathing in the Tyne, near Dent`s Hole, the elder got out of his depth, and the younger, about 17, lost his life in endeavouring to save him. Verdict Accidental death.
SHOTTON  On Friday last, the body of a young man named P. SHOTTON, aged 26, who had been missing from this town since the 30th ult, (as advertised in our last) was found in the river Pont, near Ponteland. Verdict – Accidental death.
SIMPSON  On Saturday last, an inquest was holden on Joseph SIMPSON, of Shields, who fell dead in his boat while dredging for coals in the Tyne. Verdict – Died by the visitation of God.
June 26 1819
NEWBIGEN  The 24th inst, Mr Henry NEWBIGEN, of this town, butcher, aged 50, much respected.
HYMERS  On the 18th inst, in her 74th year, at the house of her son-in-law, Mr John Cassan, Forth Banks, Mrs Elizabeth HYMERS, daughter of the late Rev. Robert SIMON, vicar of Bywell, much lamented.
OSWALD  On the 19th inst, in the New Road, Mrs Catharine OSWALD, relict of Mr Joseph Oswald, of Gateshead, worsted manufacturer.
SCOTT  The 17th inst, aged 62, much respected, Catharine, wife of Mr John SCOTT, of this town, whitesmith.
LUMSDEN  The 9th inst, at Shilbottle, much respected, Mrs Elizabeth LUMSDEN, widow of Mr Wm Lumsden, of Prendick, farmer, aged 85.
SANDWICK  The 19th inst, at Morpeth, Mrs Elizabeth SANDWICK, widow of Mr John Sandwick, aged 90.
OLIVER  The 13th inst, William, son of Mr Nicholas OLIVER, of Bamburgh Castle, aged 3 years.
BLAKE  The 17th inst, Mr Charles BLAKE, mariner, aged 56 ;
CAMPBELL  Mary, wife of Mr James CAMPBELL, viewer at Shields colliery, aged 53 ;
STEPHENSON  The 20th inst, Margaret, wife of Mr John STEPHENSON, much respected ;
THRIFT  Miss Ann THRIFT, daughter of Mrs Isabella Thrift, of the Newcastle Arms, aged 31 ;
MATHER  Mr John MATHER, mariner, aged 54 ;
BARENS  The 21st inst, Mr James BARENS of Cullercoats, aged 94.
SIMPSON  The 21st inst, Mr Thomas SIMPSON, of Whitehill Point, aged 73.
EARNSHAW  Friday last, at Whitby, aged 62, Mr John EARNSHAW, surgeon.
PORTER  Saturday se`nnight, Mr Joseph PORTER, aged 78, many years clerk of the Carlisle race course.
DICKSON  The 11th inst. Mr Archibald DICKSON, jun. of Hawick, seedsman.
LEAHY  At Lane Lodge, at the advanced age of 105 years, Major LEAHY.
KENT  Monday last, Mrs Anne KENT, of the Spital Tongues, near this town, aged 80.
WATSON  On Tuesday last, William WATSON, aged 23, third son of the late Mr William Watson of Shieldrow, near Tanfield.
PALLISTER  The 17th inst, at Stockton, at an advanced age, Mr Robert PALLISTER, many years common carrier between that place and Darlington.
COATSWORTH  On Monday, at Sunderland, Mrs COATSWORTH, wife of Mr Wm Coatsworth, of the Black Bull Tavern, aged 30.
JOHNSTONE  The 19th inst, at Harkness, near Scarbro`, in her 24th year, Margaret Anne, wife of George JOHNSTONE, Esq. and eldest daughter of the late Sir R.V.B. Johnstone, Bart.
ATKINSON  Tuesday se`nnight, in Claypath, Durham, in his 88th year, Mr Wm ATKINSON, sen. Hat-manufacturer.
HOWEY  Same day, at the Ouseburn Bridge, near this town, Mr George HOWEY, flour-dealer.
STAINTHORP  On the 12th inst, Mrs STAINTHORP, relict of Mr Thomas Stainthorp, of Brompton, near Northallerton.
GARTH  The 18th inst, at Barnard-castle, Mrs GARTH, widow of Mr Thomas Garth, flax-dresser, aged 57.
GIBSON  The 20th inst, at the same place, Mr Wm GIBSON, draper and grocer, aged 41, much respected.
CURLL  The 2d inst, at Shiell, in Eskdale, Gideon CURLL, Esq. of Eastfield, in his 77th year.
GREEN  On Tuesday, Robt GREEN, of Percy-Street, in this town, cabinet-maker, aged 32.
July 3 1819
ATKIN  Wednesday se`nnight, in consequence of a fall, Mr Robert ATKIN, of the Barras Bridge, near this town, aged 71 years deservedly lamented.
JACKSON  The 20th ult, at Barford Hall, the house of her grandfather (Mr Clark) Miss JACKSON, of Easingwold, Yorkshire, aged 11 years.
GIBB  On the 22d ult, Mrs GIBB, wife of Mr Wm Gibb, of Alnwick, aged 23.
DONKIN  On the 16th ult, at the Wood Head, near Framlington, Mr Wm DONKIN, aged 62, greatly respected.
ROBINSON  On Sunday last, at Hedworth, Mr James ROBINSON, farmer, aged 44.
CLEUGH  Saturday last, in his 82d year, Mr John CLEUGH, of this town, universally respected.
HALL  On Saturday last, Miss Emily HALL, niece of Mr Michael Hall, of Gateshead.
HORNSBY  At Farewell Hall, near Durham, Mr John HORNSBY, farmer, aged 73.
RUTTER  The 16th ult, Mr Wm RUTTER, of Greenhill, near Haltwhistle, Northumberland, aged 44.
LAYE  On his passage from Jamaica to Porto Bello, Captain LAYE, aid-de-camp to McGREGOR  General Sir Gregor McGREGOR, and son of Major-General Laye, of this town.
WEEKS  Yesterday se`nnight, at Shirehampton, aged 84, Mr John WEEKS, the patriotic landlord of the Bush Tavern, Bristol.
HODGSON  Monday se`nnight, the Rev. Mr HODGSON, curate of Great Salkeld, Cumberland, aged 39.
TURNER  The 21st ult, at Newton-upon-Ayr, Mr James TURNER, aged 100. He was a serjeant in the King`s army in 1745.
GOOLEY  Wednesday se`nnight, Mr GOOLEY, head clerk in the York post-office. This unfortunate man attempted suicide on that evening se`nnight, by cutting his throat. He was discovered before life was extinct, and medical assistance was procured. A few weeks ago, along with several others, he was summoned to give evidence on a trial in London, against a person who had committed a robbery on the General Post-office. The prisoner was found guilty and sentenced to die ; and it is supposed this circumstance had affected his mind.
TURNBULL  The 23d ult, Mrs Mary TURNBULL, of Percy Main, aged 31.
SHERATON  The 24th ult, Mr Joseph SHERATON, of North Shields, aged 21.
JACKSON  The 30th ult, Mary, daughter of Mr John JACKSON, of South Shields, supervisor of excise, aged 17.
HUTCHINSON  On Saturday last, at Durham, Mr R. HUTCHINSON, aged 38.
MASON  On Monday last, Mr John MASON, of the Saracen`s Head Inn, Stirling. He rode out on a spirited horse, to meet a gentleman at the steam boat. By taking his handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his face, his horse was startled ; and in attempting to check him, his hat, which he held in his bridle hand, fell, which frightening the horse still more, he ran off, and became unmanageable, when Mr Mason was thrown to the ground, and received so much injury, that he died in less than half an hour.
CASELEY  On Saturday last, at the Minories, near this town, Mr Robert CASELEY, late clerk to Thomas Davidson, Esq. aged 29, much regretted.
HEATHCOTE  Same day, at Hursley Park, in Hampshire, Sir Wm HEATHCOTE, Bart.
CHARNLEY  On Thursday, Mr Wm CHARNLEY, aged 47, brother of Mr Emerson Charnley, of this town, bookseller.
WILSON  On the 25th ult, at Sunderland, Mr Robinson WILSON, grocer, aged 32.
CRISP  On the 29th ult, at Bishopwearmouth, Mr John CRISP, butcher, aged 84.
YULE  On the 30th ult, at Sunderland, Mr Alex YULE, ship-owner. He was found in the morning suspended from the bed pillars by his handkerchief. A coroner`s inquest was held on the body. Verdict – Lunacy.
LIGHTFOOT  Saturday last, in Claypath, Durham, Mrs Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT, aged 77.
HEPBURN  Same day, at Smeaton, Haddingtonshire, Sir George Buchan HEPBURN, Bart. formerly one of the Barons of Exchequer in Scotland, aged 81.
FRIZZLE  The 26th ult, at Felkington, Norham, Mrs Jane FRIZZLE, widow, aged 78.
BELL  Same day, at Spittal, near Berwick, Mr George BELL, shoe-maker, aged 69.
WOOD  The 30th ult, at Berwick, suddenly, Mrs WOOD, wife of Mr James Wood, weaver.
From within this issue.
WADDELL  On Tuesday se`nnight, as James WADDELL, jun. a young man of excellent character, who was employed at Kilingworth Colliery, was ascending from the mine, and had got about half way between the meetings and the bottom, he fell from his hold without any known cause, and was killed on the spot. An inquest was holden on the body on the Thursday following. Verdict – Accidental Death.
July 10
CRAWFORD  The 6th inst, Robert Rumney, son of Mr CRAWFORD, of Warden Paper Mill, Northumberland, aged two years.
DOWNING  On Thursday se`nnight, at Kelso, Mary, wife of Jabez DOWNING, moulder, formerly of this town.
EWBANK  The 26th ult, at Barnard-castle, Mr Henry EWBANK, stuff manufacturer, aged 74, much respected.
KENNEDY  Wednesday se`nnight, in consequence of a fall from his horse, David KENNEDY, Esq. one of his majesty`s justices of the peace, and a deputy lieutenant for Cumberland.
HOOD  The 14th of May, at Saneta Maura, Capt. Thomas HOOD, 75th regiment, eldest son of Thomas Hood, Esq. of Hardacres.
WRIGHT  Thursday se`nnight, at Kelso, in his 102d year, John WRIGHT, fisherman at Craigover, near Maxton.
GREEN  Thursday se`nnight, aged 17, Anne Sophia Shipley, daughter of Wm GREEN, Esq. of Stanway Hall, near Colchester ;
GREEN  And in the evening of the same day, her twin sister, Harriet Mary Frances.
LYSONS  Tuesday se`nnight, at Cirencester, Samuel LYSONS, Esq. of the Inner Temple, F.R.S. and F.A.S. keeper of his Majesty`s Records in the Tower of London, &c.
ROBINSON  On the 23d ult, at Paris, John ROBINSON, Esq. M.P. of Denston Hall, Suffolk, a lieutenant-general in the army, colonel-commandant of the 60th regiment, and brother-in-law of the Earl of Powis. He represented the borough of Bishop`s Castle, in Shropshire, in several parliaments.
POWELL  On the 25th ult, at Montgomery, in he 103d year, Mrs POWELL, having resided in that parish the whole of her life.
LYONS  On the 6th May, at Jamaica, after three days illness, Thomas LYONS, of the Heworth, of this port, son of Mr Wm Lyons, of Hexham, in the 19th year of his age, much lamented.
HERON  The 21st ult, at South Shields, Mrs HERON, widow of the late Cuthbert Heron, Esq. of Hexham, much respected.
KEIR  The 6th inst, at Hexham, aged 87, Mr Peter KEIR, sen, much respected.
ALLISON  The 28th ult, Mrs ALLISON, wife of the Rev. A. Allison, minister of Long Benton, aged 40, deservedly lamented.
CRAGILD  The 4th inst, aged 52, Mr Edward CRAGILD, mason ;
MURRAY  The 6th inst, Mrs Deborah MURRAY, relict of Mr Wm Murray, ship-owner, aged 81, both of North Shields.
ROGERS  On the 28th ult, at Chatton, Peter, third son of Mr John ROGERS, nurseryman, aged 20.
THORBURN  Lately, at Westgate, in Weardale, aged 67, Mr Thos. THORBURN.
CARLILE  On Tuesday se`nnight, at Edgbaston, having just completed her 27th year, Mary, wife of the Rev. James CARLILE, of Mary`s Abbey, Dublin, and youngest daughter of Mr Thomas BEILBY, of Birmingham.
MAXWELL  The 30th ult, at Abberville, in France, Marmaduke Constable MAXWELL, Esq. of Terreagles, Dumfriesshire, and Everingham, Yorkshire.
STOBART  Monday last, in Gateshead, suddenly, of a fit of apoplexy, John STOBART, Esq. attorney-at-law, and coroner for Chester ward.
GIBBON  In the night of Saturday last, at Tynemouth, Mrs GIBBON, relict of Mr Ralph Gibbon, of the North Shore, near this town. She went to bed in health, and was found a corpse in the morning.
SMART  Sunday last, aged 20, Miss Sarah SMART, of the Quayside, in this town.
EELLS?  At Sedgefield, aged 29, Mr John EELLS?, draper and grocer.
DOUGLASS  On Tuesday last, in Claypath, Durham, in his 39th year, Mr James DOUGLASS, joiner, much respected ;
WHITE  Same day and place, Mr Thomas WHITE, hair-dresser, much respected, aged 60.
NESS  The 1st ult, at Paisley, Marion, relict of Mr Jesse NESS, of this town.
HOBSON  The 6th inst, at Barnardcastle, at an advanced age, Mrs HOBSON, widow of Mr Wm Hobson, of Middleton in Teesdale, much respected.
OGLE  Sunday morning last, at North Shields, Wm OGLE, organ blower. He attended at the tuning of the reed stops the night before.
SOMERVAIL  The 2d inst, Jane, eldest daughter of Mr James SOMERVAIL, of Little Swinton, farmer.
HEDLEY  On Thursday, at Newburn, while bathing in the Tyne, Mr George HEDLEY, grocer, aged 27, universally respected.
From within this issue.
WHITE  On Friday last, a vagrant, about 30, who stated his name to be R. WHITE, from Northumberland, died in the Infirmary at Tothill-fields, Bridewell, London.
July 17 1819
LONGRIDGE  On Friday last, Mr Thomas LONGRIDGE, of Bermondsey, near London, ship-broker, formerly of North Shields, master-mariner, much respected.
HUMBLE  The 12th inst, at Pellow-wood House, near Durham, aged 42, Sarah, wife of Mr Flower HUMBLE, and sister of Charles Forster, Esq. of Hull.
PARKER  On Thursday week, Mrs PARKER, of Cowsley, in the county of Durham, widow of Mr Wm Parker, formerly surveyor of the customs at Howdon Pans, much respected.
DOBSON  On the 9th inst, Mr Timothy DOBSON, of this town, brandy-merchant.
DOBINSON  The 2d inst, at Summer House, Miss Frances DOBINSON, third daughter of Mr J. Dobinson, aged 19, much respected.
PERCY  On the 29th ult, at Paris, the Hon. Alice PERCY, second daughter of Lord Lovaine, in her 11th year.
BROUGHAM  The 2d inst, at Edinburgh, very suddenly, Thomas BROUGHAM, Esq. of Penrith, one of his majesty`s justices of the peace for Cumberland.
WORSWICK  The 3d inst, at Ellel Grange, in his 51st year, Richard WORSWICK, Esq, of Lancaster, banker, deeply regretted.
CORNWALLIS  The 5th inst at Newlands, Southampton, the Hon. Admiral Sir William CORNWALLIS, G.C.B. vice-admiral of England.
HOME  On Friday last, at Rothbury, Mr Robert HOME, of Berwick, merchant, much respected.
GILLIES  Tuesday se`nnight, in Berwick, Elizabeth, widow of Capt. Wm GILLIES, aged 71.
MALVIN  The 7th inst, at Easington, aged 26, Mr Jacob MALVIN, of Hart, Durham, shoe-maker, much respected.
ARCHBOLD  The 2d inst, at Burdon, aged 18, Mr Wm ARCHBOLD, joiner and Cartwright, sincerely lamented.
THOMPSON  On the 9th inst, at Chester-le-Street, Sarah, daughter of the late Mr John THOMPSON, butcher, aged 80s.
HESLOP  On the 10th inst, at the same place, Mrs HESLOP, wife of Mr Heslop, officer of excise, aged 29.
THAIRLWALL  On the 12th inst, Mrs THAIRLWALL, wife of Mr Thairlwall, of Richmond, grocer.
EGGLESTON  On Sunday last, aged 21, Mr John EGGLESTON, clerk at Kenton colliery, much respected.
CHRISTOPHER  On Monday last, at Stockton, in his 70th year, Mr Robert CHRISTOPHER, a very eminent and much respected bookseller, who has carried on that business extensively for nearly half a century ; and whose memory, so long as industry and integrity, and that goodness of heart which is satisfied with well-doing, is thought honourable among men, will be cherished by a very large circle of relatives and friends.
COLLINGS  The 11th inst, at Stockton, aged 86, Mrs Elizabeth COLLINGS, much respected
MEWBURN  On the 9th inst, at Sunderland, Mr Joseph MEWBURN, shoe-maker, aged 61.
WILSON  On Sunday, at the same place, Mr John WILSON, soap-boiler, aged 37.
CONING  The 12th inst, at Guisborough, William CONING, one of the Society of Friends, much esteemed.
BARTRAM  Lately, at Bishopwearmouth, Mrs BARTRAM, aged 63.
MURPHY  The 22d ult, at Mount Pleasant (Kilkenny), aged 105 years, Mary relict of Michael MURPHY, Esq. of Castletown. She retained her mental faculties to the last.
WEATHERSON  The 12th inst, at Tweedmouth, Mr Robert WEATHERSON, late of London, aged 38.
July 24 1819
SNAITH  On Friday last, at Byker, aged 60, Dorothy, wife of Mr Thomas SNAITH, of this town, and youngest daughter of the late Mr George Marshall, of Blyth, raff-merchant.
PRINGLE  On the 17th inst, Mary, relict of Mr Robert PRINGLE, of St Anthon`s, aged 78, much respected.
STOBBS  On the 18th inst, at Morpeth, aged 18, much respected, Mr Henry STOBBS, son of the late Mr Joseph Stocbbs, formerly of Tritlington.
ROW  Wednesday se`nnight, at Prudhoe, Mr John ROW, aged 82.
WALCOTT  The 14th of March last, at Ashley Hall, near Kingston, Jamaica, Mrs WALCOTT, aged 21 ;
SHAW  And on the 24th March, at Antego Bay, Mr Wm SHAW, aged 19 years, daughter and son of the late Henry Shaw, Esq. of Croby-upon-Eden, Cumberland.
BURRELL  The 16th inst, Elizabeth, wife of Mr James BURRELL, ship-wright, aged 57, ;
FERGUSON  The 18th inst, Mrs Mary FERGUSON, widow, aged 105, both of North Shields.
CLARK  Same day, Mars Jane CLARK, of Tynemouth, widow, aged 74.
GORDON  On Thursday last, Mrs GORDON, widow, of Mr Gordon, late of the Quayside, in this town, woollen-draper.
COLLINSON  The 20th inst, at Ryton, Mrs COLLINSON, wife of the Rev. John Collinson, curate of that place, much respected.
LAING  On the 15th inst, at Southwick, Miss LAING, daughter of Mr Philip Laing, ship-builder, aged 8 years.
FALCONAR  On Saturday last, in Gateshead, aged 59, Mrs FALCONAR, widow of Mr Alex Falconar, of this town, and daughter of the late Mr Benj. Brunton, much respected.
GIBSON  On the 16th inst, at Hartburn, near Stockton, Mr Geo. GIBSON, late farmer, aged 76.
INGRAM  On the 17th inst, at Stockton, Mrs Eliz. INGRAM, aged 81.
WARD  On the 19th inst, at the same place, deservedly lamented, Mr James Curlewis WARD, only son of the late James Ward, Esq. aged 32.
MURRAY  On Wednesday last, aged 9 year, John, youngest son of Mr MURRAY, of this town, school-master.
COWELL  The 19th inst, at Chester-le-Street, Hannah, wife of Mr Ralph COWELL, innkeeper, aged 58.
PENMAN On the 18th inst, Mr James PENMAN, of Alnwick, aged 89.
THOMPSON  The 15th inst, at Tweedmouth, Isabella, daughter of Mr John THOMPSON, captain of the Hannah, of Berwick, aged 4 years.
BELL  At Spittal, Tweedmouth, Mary BELL, widow of Mr Geo. Bell, shoe-maker, aged 63.
WYNARD  The 10th inst, Lieut. Gen. W. WYNARD, late equerry to his majesty, and colonel of the 5th foot.
DRYDEN  The 21st inst, aged 41, Mr John DRYDEN, of Howburn.
From within this issue.
ROBINSON  A shocking accident happened at Croft, near Darlington, on Monday last. A man named George ROBINSON, and a boy were employed in leading stones from the River Tees at that place. Unperceived by them, the river most rapidly came down. With much difficulty the boy saved himself by getting on the fore horse, and slipping the chains from the shaft ; the horse swam out with him. The man and the other horse and cart were swept away by the current nearly 4 miles. He has left a widow and 6 children to lament his untimely fate. The body has not been found.
HOWEY  On Sunday last, two young women, Sarah BRADFORD, and Eliz, HOWEY, both of Renington, while bathing at Caster, got out of their depths, and were drowned.
July 31 1819
HODGSON  On Tuesday last, at her brother`s house, in Gilesgate, Duham, aged 26, Margaret, daughter of the late Mr John HODGSON, of Newlands Hall, near Wolsingham.
ROBSON  Saturday last, very suddenly, Mrs ROBSON, wife of Mr Robson, of the Nag`s Head Inn, Old Flesh-market, in this town, much respected.
METCALFE  Lately, Mrs METCALFE, wife of Mr Metcalfe, of Thirsk, draper, and eldest daughter of the late Mr Thos. Spence, of Broomfield Park, near Northallerton.
FORSTER  The 26th inst, aged 90, Mrs FORSTER, mother of Mr Thomas Forster, of Hutton Bonville-hill, near Northallerton.
DAY  On the 27th inst, very suddenly, at Langton upon Swale, in Yorkshire, Mr DAY, Innkeeper.
DUNCOME  The 18th inst, at Worthing, Eleanor, third daughter of Charles DUNCOME, Esq. M.P. of Duncombe Park, Yorkshire.
PURVES  Same day, at Mossburnford, Miss Mary PURVES, third daughter of Mr Wm Purves, late of Broomhouse.
PLAYFAIR  Tuesday se`nnight, Professor PLAYFAIR, of the university of Edinburgh, greatly regretted.
DAWSON  Monday se`nnight, Mrs DAWSON, wife of John Dawson, Esq. of Sunderland-street, Bishopwearmouth.
The 21st inst, on his passage form London, on board of the Ann, Chape, of Berwick, Mr James -------of London, watch-maker, aged 45.
WOOD  The 15th inst, at Et----     WOOD, aged 88.
RIC---  The 22d inst, Mr Benson Robert RIC---- of North Shields, mariner, aged 56.
HARRISON  The 13th inst, Mr ---- HARRISON, of the Old Rose and Crown Inn, Easingwold.
SMITH  Monday, at Sunderland, Mr Joseph SMITH, tailor, aged 7.
---day last, in Old Elvet, Durham, aged 65. Mr John -------- schoolmaster.
FARROW  Saturday, Mr Wm FARROW, of Claypath, I------ painter, aged 52.
WILKINSON  Sunday last, MRS Ellenor WILKINSON,    ---- of Mr Matthew Wilkinson, of Cleatlam, near Staindrop.
HANN  --ult, at Riga, Mr James HANN, master of the ship James ----- port.
KILBURN  The 23d inst, Mr Thos KILBURN, farmer, near A------  aged 63.
From within this issue.
SANDELANDS  On Saturday last, Andrew SANDELANDS, a youth of 18, residing in Pipewellgate, Gateshead, was drowned in attempting to swim, in the river Tyne, while bathing near Newcastle Bridge. It was so long before the body was recovered, that all the means used to restore animation failed.
MOOR  On Sunday last, a young man named MOOR, servant with Mr Pearson, miller, at Burdon, near Darlington, who, with two other young men, was bathing in the Skerne, near that place, unfortunately got out of his depth, and before any assistance could be given, was drowned.
ROBINSON  The Body of George ROBINSON, who was drowned at Croft, by the sudden swelling of the river, as mentioned last week, was found near Dinsdale Fish Locks, on Monday last.
JONES  The 24th inst, James, son of Mr Thomas JONES, of Barnard Castle, cart-wright, aged 9 years, while bathing in the Tees, got out of his depth, and was drowned.
Aug 7 1819
ROBSON  On the 30th ult, Mr Robert ROBSON, fifth son of Mrs Robson, of Trench Hall, aged 20.
HUNTLEY  Saturday last, aged 67, Mr Roger HUNTLEY, of this town, paviour, deservedly respected.
NICHOLSON  Friday last, Lucas NICHOLSON, Esq. formerly town-clerk of Leeds.
MacFARLANE  The 26th ult, at Inverness, in his 76th year, The Right Rev. Andrew MacFARLANE, senior bishop of the Scots Episcopal Church.
VANSTTART  Monday last at Blackheath, Mrs VANSTTART, mother of the chancellor of the Exchequer.
KNAPTON  Monday se`nnight, at Gainsborough, in the prime of life, of the hydrophobia, Mr KNAPTON, brush-maker. About two months ago, he was amusing himself with a small dog, which at the time bit his lip.
ELLETSON  The 31st of May last, at the Hope estate, Jamaica, aged upwards of 140 years, R. H. ELLETSON, a negro, born in the island.
MUNTON  On the 27th ult, at Pear Tree Lodge, near Southampton, Mrs MUNTON, relict of Anthony Munton, Esq. of that place.
HEATH  Friday last, Mrs HEATH, wife of Mr Thomas Heath, of Northumberland-street, in this town.
BUCHANAN  Thursday se`nnight, Margaret BUCHANAN, wife of Peter Buchanan, of this town, shoe-maker.
PORTER  Tuesday se`nnight, the Right Rev. Dr PORTER, bishop of Clogher.
HUNTON  The 31st ult, at Swainby, Mr W. HUNTON, in his 82d year.
GIBSON  On the 16th of May, at Priston estate, near Port Maria, Jamaica, Joseph Bacon GIBSON, third son of Mr Taylor Gibson, of this town, deeply lamented.
MARSHALL  On the 7th of May last, aged 21, Mr John MARSHALL, of Cane Wood estate, Jamaica, late of Sunderland.
FORSTER  3d instant, Mr Geo. FORSTER, of Swalwell, farmer, aged 36.
FARROW  On the 30th ult, at Plawsworth, in the parish of Chester-le-Street, Mr Robert FARROW, tailor.
WRAY  Mary, aged 18 year, only daughter of Mr Christopher WRAY, farmer, near Darlington.
WHARTON  The 29th ult, at Barnard castle, Mrs Mary WHARTON, midwife, aged 73, much lamented.
ELLIOT  On the 1st of March, Mrs ELLIOT, wife of the Right Hon. Hugh Elliot, governor of Madras.
YOUNG  The 1st inst, at Coldstream, Mr YOUNG, innkeeper.
DIXON  The 31st ult, Dorothy, widow of Ralph DIXON, aged 84 ;
YULL  Same day, Mrs YULL, aged 64, both of Berwick.
FORSTER  The 2d inst, at Alnwick, Mr Henry FORSTER, innkeeper, aged 66.
MacDONALD  The 3d inst, at the same place, Mrs Eliz. MacDONALD, relict of Mr Charles MacDonald, formerly of the Blue Bell Inn, Belford.
STUART  Sunday last, Mr Archibald, STUART of Kelso, surgeon.
DICKSON  The 13th ult, at Galashiels, Mr Robert DICKSON, skinner.
WARD  Suicide. – On Tuesday last, Mary, wife of John WARD, labourer, at Cockerton, near Darlington, a woman near 60 years of age, having been in a  melancholy way for some time, in the absence of her husband, suspended herself in a back room adjoining their dwelling house.
August 14 1819
NODIN  Tuesday se`nnight, in Bridge-street, Blackfriars, London, Mr John NODIN, in his 78th year.
MONTGOMERY  The 27th ult, in Dublin, Mr MONTGOMERY, late stage manager of the Theatre-Royal in that city.
RAMSAY  The 5th inst, at her mother`s house, in Whickham, lamented by her relatives and friends, Miss RAMSAY, in her 29th year.
BRAIDWOOD  The 1st inst, at Edgbaston, near Birmingham, Isabella, widow of Mr BRAIDWOOD, of Hackney, teacher to the deaf and dumb.
LACHLAN  Last week, at Ayr, John LACHLAN, shoe-maker, the “Souter Johnnie” of Burn`s tale of Tam O`Shanter.
RICHARDSON  Friday last, Mr George RICHARDSON, of the Angel Inn, Berwick, aged 65.
HEWIT  Same day, Mr James HEWIT, of Berwick, schoolmaster, aged 74.
LORAINE  Thursday week, at the New Hospital, Westgate, after a few days illness, aged 77, Edward LORAINE, late bellman of this town.
TURNBULL  The 2d inst, Mr Anthony TURNBULL, of Moorhouses, near North Shields, aged 71.
CUTTEY  The 4th inst, Charlotte, wife of Mr George CUTTEY, mariner, aged 37 ;
ANDREWS  Mr John ANDREWS, mariner, aged 37 ;
DIXON  The 5th inst, Mary, wife of Mr George DIXON, mariner, aged 77 ;
HUNTER  The 7th inst, Mrs Ann HUNTER, widow, aged 78, all of North Shields.
ROWELL  Same day, Mrs Elizabeth ROWELL, of Preston, widow, aged 69.
STAFFORD  At Gibraltar, Capt. STAFFORD, of the 27th regiment. He was descending a very narrow and dangerous passage from Wind Mill Hill to Europe Flats, when he fell down a precipice, and was killed on the spot.
STEWART  Monday last, at Moffat, Col. James STEWART, late of the 42d regiment.
FRYER  Mrs FRYER, wife of Mr Wm Fryer, of South Shields, aged 44.
TATE  Miss TATE, aged 18 years, daughter of Mr Tate of Harton, near South Shields.
PATTISON  The 10th inst, Mr John PATTISON, of Cullercoats, aged 80, much respected.
MacGREGOR  On the 5th inst, very suddenly, aged 68, Mrs MacGREGOR, wife of Mr Alexander MacGregor, of this town, chairman.
ELLIOT  The 3d inst, at Erring Bridge End, aged 82 years. Mr George ELLIOT, schoolmaster.
BOWES  On the 4th inst, Mrs Mary BOWES, of Wolsingham, innkeeper, aged 62. She died suddenly on the road, while on her way home from this town.
GREEN  The 12th inst, suddenly, at Tynemouth, aged 11 year, and 8 months, Daniel, eldest son of Mr John GREEN, jun. of Corbridge, builder.
BARRY  On Tuesday last, at the Minories, near this town, Mr Wm BARRY, in his 76th year, much respected.
HEDLEY  Same day, in the Wall Knoll, in this town, aged 61, Mrs Eleanor HEDLEY, widow of Mr Wm Hedley, sailcloth-manufacturer.
PATTINSON  On Saturday last, at Bishopwearmouth, Joseph PATTINSON, aged 21. He was found dead in his bed in the morning, supposed from the effects of liquor.
SHARP  On Sunday last, at Sunderland, Mr Michael SHARP, master-mariner, aged 38.
On Wednesday, at West Boldon, aged 80, Mrs Dorothy SHEVILL, widow.
DICKSON  On Monday last, Mr Wm DICKSON, of Chester-le-Street, skinner, aged 32, much regretted. He was unfortunately drowned when bathing in the Wear.
WEATHERHEAD  The 9th inst, at Coldsteam, Mrs WEATHERHEAD, wife of Mr Robert Weatherhead, aged 72.
DIXON  The 11th inst, at Spittal, Tweedmouth, Mrs DIXON, wife of Mr Wm Dixon.
STEEL  Same day, William, eldest son of T.J. STEEL Esq. treasurer to the corporation of Berwick, a fine promising youth of 16. He was unfortunately drowned when bathing in the sea.
BELL  The 4th inst, Mr John BELL, of Esliott, farmer, aged 56.
SMITH  On Sunday last, William SMITH, of Gateshead, aged 20 year, was unfortunately drowned while bathing in the Tyne near that place.
OLIVER  On Tuesday last, at Haughton-le-Skerne, near Darlington, Thos OLIVER hanged himself in his workshop. Verdict – Insanity.
Aug 21 1819
JOHNSON  On the 16th inst, Mrs JOHNSON, of Byker, aged 74, relict of George Johnson, Esq. much respected.
SCOTT  On Sunday last, Mrs SCOTT, wife of Mr James Scott, of Blackett-street, in this town, in her 80th year, much respected.
PROUD  On the 13th inst, aged 21, Henry, son of Mr Henry PROUD, of this town, draper, much regretted.
THOMSON  The 17th inst, Mr Richard THOMPSON, of this town, cabinet-maker, formerly of Sunderland, aged 47.
LEONARD  The 11th inst, in her 20th year, Miss LEONARD, daughter of William Leonard, Esq. of Parsons-green, Fulham.
RIDLEY  Sunday week, at Acomb, near Hexham, aged 87, Mr Henry RIDLEY, farmer.
MAUGHAN  Tuesday week, Mrs MAUGHAN, wife of Mr George Maughan, sign of the Sun, Spicer-Lane, in this town.
THOBURN  The 13th inst, James, son of Mr THOBURN, surgeon, aged 12 ;
CROW  The same day, aged 56, Mrs CROW ;
DOUGLAS  The 18th inst, Mr Wm DOUGLAS, grocer, all of South Shields.
TAYLOR  The 13th inst, Mrs Eliz TAYLOR, widow, aged 90 ;
COLHOUN  Mr Robert COLHOUN, tanner, aged 60 ;
YOUNG  The 17th inst, Mr Nicholas YOUNG, mariner, aged 50 ;
CLARKE  Thomasin, wife of Mr Archibald CLARKE, mariner, aged 69 ;
CLARK  The 18th inst, Ann, wife of MR Robert CLARK, cooper, aged 49 ;
SMITH  Mrs Mary SMITH, widow, aged 64 ;
BURN  Mrs Isabella BURN, widow, aged 40, all of North Shields.
ATKINSON  On Sunday last, in his 51st year, at his house at Walcot-place, Lambeth, James Moncaster ATKINSON, Esq. much esteemed and lamented.
HALL  On Sunday last, at Whitehaven, Justly esteemed and lamented, Mrs E. HALL, sister of the late Rev. Mark Hall, of Earsdon, Northumberland, and sister to the late Rev. Wm Hall, A.M. of Haydon Bridge, and to the late Right Rev. George Hall, D.D. Bishop of Dromore, Ireland.
SHORT  On the 17th inst, at Sunderland, Mr James SHORT, of Stockton, mariner, aged 22.
NICHOLSON  On Sunday, at the same place, aged 7 years, Elizabeth NICHOLSON, daughter of Mr Wm Nicholson, blacksmith.
HUTCHINSON  On the 11th inst, at Bishopwearmouth, Mrs HUTCHINSON, formerly of Durham, widow, aged 67, mother of Mr Wm Hutchinson, of the former place, coal fitter.
COX  Sunday last, at Crook Hill House, near Ryton, Mr Robert COX, aged 71.
WILSON  On Saturday last, Mr Richard WILSON, of Stokesley, saddler, aged 62.
STEVENSON  Monday week, Mr Robert STEVENSON, of the same place, watch-maker, aged 62.
KIDD  The 15th inst, aged 76, Mr Luke KIDD, of this town, flax-merchant.
MALLATRAT  The 14th inst, Margaret, wife of Mr Frederick MALLATRAT, of York, woollen-draper.
CHARLTON  Yesterday, at the Half Moon Inn, in this town, very suddenly, Mr John CHARLTON, of the Coach and Horses public-house, Hexham. He together with his wife, and daughter gave evidence against Maichin and M`Kenny, for uttering forged notes, on Monday, in the County court. He was a very fat man.
FAVERLY  The 9th inst, at Greenwich, Kent, Mr E. PAVERLY, aged 71.
MILBANKE  The 3d ult, at Halnaby, Yorkshire, aged 42, the wife of J.P. MILBANKE, Esq. late of Calverton, Nottinghamshire.
WETHERELL The 19th inst, aged 35, Mrs WETHERELL, relict of John Wetherell, Esq. of Field-house, near Darlington, universally respected.
THIRLWALL  13th inst, at Darlington, aged 89, Mrs THIRLWALL, relict of the late Mr Thirlwall, officer of excise, and mother of the Rev. Thomas Thirlwall, rector of Stepney, London.
KITCHING  On the 18th inst, at the same place, in his 67th year, Mr Wm KITCHING, iron-founder, one of the Society of Friends, much respected.
GRUNDY  The 17th inst, at South Shields, Mr Robert GRUNDY, aged 65, late of Gateshead Fell.
GAULTER  Monday last, Mary, wife of Henry GAULTER, Esq. of Percy-street, London, and only daughter of Nathaniel OGLE, Esq. late of Kirkley, Northumberland.
SWANN  On Monday last, at Alnwick, Mrs SWANN, widow of Mr James Swan, formerly of Denwick, aged 87.
Aug 28 1819
PIPPER  On the 20th inst, at South Shield, Mr Thos. PIPPER, ship-owner, aged 55, justly respected.
YOUNG  On the 19th inst, suddenly, at Walker, Mr Wm YOUNG, flour-dealer, aged 56, sincerely lamented.
STOREY  Same day, at Morpeth, much respected. Mr Andrew STOREY, hair dresser, aged 45.
ARMSTRONG  Same day, at Hexham, aged 40, Susanna ARMSTRONG, youngest daughter of the late Mr Francis Armstrong, of Woodhall, near Haydon Bridge.
PROUD  On Saturday last, at North Shields, James PROUD, carter.
PIDGEM  The 19th inst, Mr George PIDGEM, of London, Master-mariner, aged 50.
OLIVER  The 20th inst, Mrs Jane OLIVER, of New York, near, North Shields, widow, aged 50.
SPROAT  The 22d inst, Mr James SPROAT, of North Shields, aged 69.
SALLIS  Same day, Sarah, widow of Mr John SALLIS, of Durham, aged 83.
BROWN  The 24th inst, Mrs Dorothy BROWN, of North Shields, widow, aged 87.
SPARK  The 12th inst, at Alnmouth, Capt. Wm SPARK, of the Robert and Margaret, much respected.
LANGTON  Tuesday se`nnight, aged 47, George LANGTON, Esq. of Langton-hall, near Spilsby, Lincolnshire; and on Monday following, his widow. Mr Langton was the eldest son of the late Bennet Langton, Esq. L.L.D. (the friend of Dr Johnson.)
CARRICK  Tuesday se`nnight, in London, Mr George CARRICK, nephew of the late celebrated David Garrick, and husband of Mrs Garrick, formerly of the Theatre here.
ETHERINGTON  Monday se`nnight, in his 88th year, Sir Henry ETHERINGTON, Bart. senior alderman of Hull.
HOUSMAN  At Sheffield, John HOUSMAN, Esq. aged 55, land steward to the Duke of Norfolk, a native of Cumberland, and author of a “Descriptive Tour to the Lakes”, and other pleasing literary works.
GADDES  Wednesday se`nnight, at Cambeck Bridge, near Brampton, Mr Christopher GADDES, innkeeper. His death was caused by a fall from a cart while loading it with hay.
ALLISON  On Saturday last, at Sunderland, Mr Anthony ALLISON, grocer, aged 33.
SMITH  On Wednesday last, at Bishopwearmouth, Mrs Ann SMITH, wife of Capt. Smith, of Dover, in the revenue service, deservedly lamented.
BRUNTON  Lately, in Sunderland, aged 77, Mrs BRUNTON, formerly of Southwick.
Tuesday se`nnight, at the Manors, aged 83, much respected, Mrs Elizabeth JOHNSON, upwards of 40 years mistress of All Saints` Girls School.
COOK  The 13th inst, aged 33, Mr Wm COOK, late wine-merchant at Alnwick.
CHARLTON  On the 23d inst, at Cupar Angus, suddenly, Mr John CHARLTON, of Gateshead, nearly 30 years a traveller for Messrs Wm Hawks, son & Co. justly esteemed and regretted by all who knew him.
WEATHERILL  Same day, in Ridley Place, in this town, aged 83, Mrs WEATHERILL, relict of Thomas Weatherill, Esq. of Stokesley.
BERTHIER  The 17th inst, at Groisbois, (in consequence, as it is said, of falling into a piece of water, during a fit of apoplexy), Lieut.-Gen. Count Caesar BERTHIER, brother to the late Prince of Wagram. It will be recollected that the latter, Bonaparte`s chief of staff, committed suicide by throwing himself from a window in Bamberg.
COULSON  The 22d inst, at Haughton-le-Skern, near Darlington, aged 53, Mr Henry COULSON, a considerable dealer in pigs, much respected.
HAUXBY  On the 23d inst, at Northallerton, from excessive fatigue in the harvest field, Mrs HAUXBY, wife of Mr Abraham Hauxby, fish-monger, formerly of Carthorpe, greatly respected.
RATTRAY  On Wednesday, last, at Alnwick, Mrs Mary RATTRAY, innkeeper, aged 68, much respected.
HOWE  On the same day, very suddenly, Mr James HOWE, aged 80, much respected.
GRAY  The 20th inst, Mrs Ruth GRAY, of Bishop-auckland, aged 50.
KINGHORN  Same day, at St Boswell`s Farm, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Alex, KINGHORN.
BLACK  At Nether Wells, near Jedburgh, John BLACK, Esq.
WILSON  Monday last, Wm WILSON, aged 22, son of Mr Thomas Wilson, painter, DUNSE. He was unfortunately drowned whilst bathing in the Jed. His brother was a spectator of the catastrophe, but was unable to render him any assistance.
GOODCHILD  Died in the City of Durham, on the 23d instant, John GOODCHILD, Esq. late of Pallion, in the county of Durham, aged 83 years and 2 months : a gentleman, whose ancestors have been classed for nearly 300 years amongst the most respectable inhabitants of the neighbourhood in which he lived ; and whose honourable mind, tranquil happy life, and uniformly cheerful, peaceable, unassuming disposition, for nearly 80 years, endeared him to a most extensive circle of friends and acquaintance. Having been thus admired and beloved in prosperity. He was no less revered and respected by all ranks of society during the adversity of the last 4 years of his life ; an adversity produced by the virtue and goodness of his heart : unacquainted with iniquity, he feared no evil, and gave unlimited confidence to specious villainy. As he lived, he died, in peace with all mankind, leaving an example behind him of the instability of human affairs.
From within this issue.
HAGGERSTONE  On Sunday morning last, the body of Wm. HAGGERSTONE, of Morpeth, currier, was found drowned, in the river, near Morpeth bridge. He had been with some company, on the Thursday night preceding, and it is supposed he had missed his way, on his return home. Coroner`s verdict – Found drowned.
LAMB  Monday se`nnight, a son of Mr LAMB, of the Sandhill, in this town, publican, about 10 years of age, fell into the Tyne from the Quay, near the High Crane. The body was got out in about a quarter of an hour, but every attempt to restore animation proved ineffectual.
Yorkshire MARY  On Tuesday se`nnight, the body of a woman of the town, generally known by the name of Yorkshire MARY, was found drowned in the Tyne, near to Blacklock`s Quay, North Shields. The deceased was seen near the quay late the evening preceding in a state of intoxication. Verdict – Found drowned.
Sep 4 1819
RYMER  On the 12th ult, Mrs RYMER, wife of Mr C--? Rymer, of Wolsingham, solicitor.
STODDART  The 27th ult, in ---- street, in this town, Mrs M. STODDART, daughter of the ---- Charles Stodddart, of Brampton, Cumberland, aged 72.
CLARK  31st ult, Miss CLARK, daughter of the late Mr R. Clark ----worth, much respected.
COOPER  Saturday last, at Gateshead, M--------  COOPER, widow, aged 80.
WATT  Wednesday se`nnight in --- years, that distinguished philosopher, James WATT, Esq. ----memory will be ever esteemed for the improvements he ---- the steam engine : which he rendered applicable to every ---- of the art and manufacturer.
MILLS  The 28th ult, Elizabeth wife ------ Henry MILLS, of Cullercoats, aged 60.
RICHARDSON  The 30th ult, Mr ------ RICHARDSON Esq. of Dockwray-Square, ship-owner, a – much respected.
SMITH  Mr Robert SMITH, of North Shields, aged 60.
MARSHALL  The 31st of January last, at Vigigapatam, -----  MARSHALL, eldest son of Joseph Marshall, Esq. of Edr-----
ROLLAND  The 18th ult, at Edinburgh, Adam ROLLAND, of Gask, I---- vocate, and deputy-governor of the Bank of Scotland, -- left 13,000l. to charitable societies.
GREY  On the 28th ult, at --- son, Joanna GREY, second daughter of William Grey E---- five years.
APPLEGARTH  On Saturday last, at Chester-le-Street, Mr ----- APPLEGARTH, aged 75.
STEPHENSON  On Monday last, at Alnwick, M--- STEPHENSON, of this town, architect.
WOOD  The 28th ult, Mr – WOOD, of Newgate-street, in this town, baker, aged 45.
FALKUS  29th ult, Mrs Mary FALKUS, wife of Mr Falkus, of Ga------ tailor.
BRAITHWAITE  On the 29th ult, At Bishopwearmouth, Miss BRAITHWAITE, daughter of Mr John Braithwaite, preacher, in the M----- connexion, aged 23.
ROSS  The 28th ult, Mrs Jessie ROSS, wife of Hector ROSS, of Denton Chare, in this town, aged 35
BERKELY  30th ult, Mrs Sarah BERKELY, of Percy-street, in this town, aged 54.
----SHALL  The 26th ult, at Stockton, aged 70, Mr Lawrence ----SHALL, much respected.
KIRSOP  The 27th ult, at Warden, aged 77? ---- KIRSOP, Esq. much respected.
JACQUES  Lately at Bedale greatly respected by all who knew him, Christopher JACQUES, Esq.
DUNN  29th ult, at Barnard-castle, Mrs Elizabeth DUNN, wife --- Rich. Dunn, currier, aged 26, much lamented.
HENDERSON  At Sunderland, aged 30, Mr Edward HENDERSON, only son o the late R------ Henderson, of Great Aycliffe.
DAVIDSON  On Tuesday last, while ---- corn in a field, Mr Matthew DAVIDSON, of Great Aycliffe – 72.
WEATHERELL  Friday last, Mr Wm WEATHERELL, farmer, near Dal---- aged 74, much regretted.
ROLFET   On Monday, John ROLFET   ag---- CLARK, aged 89 ;
ROOTS  And John ROOTS, aged 79, all of ---gate. Rolfet had pursued his daily labour on the road --- Saturday last, and had never know a day`s illness. Ro---  been a constant watchman 46 years, and was on duty the----- before his death.
BROWN  On the 20th ult, Hannah, wife of Mr ----- BROWN, aged 20 ;
DAVISON  Same day, Mrs DAVISON, widow, aged 89
HEDLEY  ult, Mr Thomas HEDLEY, Military Road, all of South Shiles.
DOVE  Friday last, Mr Alex DOVE, of Kelso, innkeeper.
GAITSKELL  On Monday, Mr GAITSKELL, jun. a great hop-merchant – Southwark, put an end to his existence with a pistol. ----   been in a desponding way for some time, Verdict – Lunacy.
HOUSMAN   *** The account of the death of Mr John HOUSMAN from a Carlisle paper, is unfounded.
From within this issue.
SCOTT  On the 22nd ult, as a sailor of the name of John SCOTT, belonging the Triton, of Yarmouth, was bathing in the Tyne near to Bill Point, he was unfortunately drowned. His body was found on the Thursday following.
COX  On Saturday afternoon last, a boy named Benjamin COX, 9 years of age, son of Mrs H. Cox, of the Ship public house, Scotchwood, was unfortunately killed on Fawdon Waggon-way, by 3 coal-waggons passing over his body. The waggons were going by machinery, and the  child, at play on the way, slipped his foot and fell before them.
CAMPBELL  Mr CAMPBELL, a special constable, who was taken to the Manchester Infirmary, from his residence, in the vicinity of Newton Lane, the day after the late tumultuous meeting, died on Monday, from the violent treatment he is experienced from the mob on the 16th inst, - Manchester Mercury.
Sep 11 1819
WAKE  On the 4th inst, at Gateshead, Mrs WAKE, wife of Mr Ralph WAKE, deservedly lamented.
OLIVER  Same day, Margaret, wife of David OLIVER, of Murton Row, near North Shields, aged 24.
HILLS  The 6th inst, Margaret, wife of Stephen HILLS, of High Chirton, aged 49.
GILLIS  The 7th inst, Eunice, wife of Mr Carnegie GILLIS, of North Shields, shoe-maker, aged 56.
EMMERSON  The 4th inst. Mr Joseph EMMERSON, wine and spirit-merchant, aged 57 ;
CUMMINGS  Same day,  Miss Isabella CUMMINGS, aged 24 ;
MILLS  The 7th inst,. Lieutenant George MILLS, R. N. commander of the Stork revenue cutter, all of Berwick.
MORPETH  The 31st ult, at Hexham, aged 68, Mr Thomas MORPETH, clock and watch-maker.
BRAGG  Friday last, at Cross, near Whitehaven, aged 69, Mr Isaac BRAGG, merchant, one of the Society of Friends, brother of Mr H. Bragg, of his town, much respected.
HOLDEN  Monday se`nnight, in his 89th year, Mr George HOLDEN, of Hull, merchant.
GILCHRIST  The 27th of January last, at Calcutta, in his 31st year, Mr Robert GILCHRIST, son of Mr Thomas Gilchrist, of Gainslaw.
JACKSON  Tuesday se`nnight, at Felpham, near Bosnor, Sussex, in his 74th year, the Rev. Dr Cyril JACKSON, formerly dean of Christ Church, Oxford.
REED  The 24th ult, at Edinburgh, Mr Thomas REED, of this town, aged 31.
GREY  Tuesday se`nnight, Agnes, wife of Mr Christopher GREY, of Stokesley, hatter.
WILSON  On the 7th inst, Mrs WILSON, wife of the Rev. Dr Wilson, of Falkirk, and mother of the Rev. John Wilson, of North Shields.
GILES  On the 19th of June last, at Falmouth, Jamaica, Mr Andrew GILES, formerly of this town, much respected.
BATSON?  Monday last, in Halgarth-street, Durham, much respected, Mr BATSON?, aged 60.
From within this issue.
CHARLETON  On the 7th inst, an inquest was holden before S. REED, Esq. coroner, at Edgewell House, near Prudhoe, on the body of Geo. CHARLETON, husbandsman, who hanged himself. Verdict – Felo de se ; and the body was ordered to be buried in the highway.
Sep 18 1819
FITZGIBBON  Monday se`nnight, at the Palace of Tuam, Ireland. His Grace the Archbishop of that see. His grace was born – 1745, married in 1765, Elizabeth FITZGIBBON, sister of the – Earl of Clare, and by her, who died in 1807, had issue ten sons  and six daughters. His Grace was brother of the first Marquis of Waterford, and was consecrated Bishop of Dromore, in 178-? Bishop of Ossory in 1782, Archbishop of Tuam in 1794, and in December 1812, created Baron Decies, which title had been enjoyed by his maternal Ancester, James de la Poer, third and  last Viscout Decies, and Earl of Tyrone. His grace is succeeded in his titles and estates by his eldest son, the Hon. And Rev. John Horsley, Beresford, of Bolam, Northumberland, now Lord Decies.
PIGGOTT  Same day, at Eastborne, Sir Arthur PIGGOTT, M—one of his majesty`s counsel, and Attorney-general during the Talents administration.
PATTINSON  On the 4th inst, at Harraby, in her 95th year, Ann, relict of John PATTINSON, Esq. collector of the port of Carlisle.
GRAHAM  Thursday se`nnight, at Brampton, Mrs Margaret GRAHAM, at an advanced age.
HOLMES  Friday last, Mrs HOLMES aged 36, wife of Mr Ralph Holmes, of the King`s Arms Inn, Carlisle.
BENNISON  Wednesday se`nnight, at Whitby, aged 35, Mrs BENNISON, wife of Mr Wm Bennison, cabinet-maker.
ATKINSON  Aged – from a cold, and the effects of drinking cold milk when warm? John ATKINSON, Esq. mayor of Salisbury.
RIDDELL  The 5th inst, Miss Maria Jane RIDDELL, second daughter of the late Thomas Riddell, Esq. of Bessborough.
KELLIE  Monday se`nnight, at Eyemouth, in her 90th year, Mrs Margaret KELLIE.
TURNER  The 14th ult, on his passage from the West Indies, Capt. Arthur TURNER, aged 35 years, son of Mr L. Turner, of the Black Bull, Berwick.
TURNBULL  The 2d inst, at Wooler, Mrs TURNBULL, wife of Mr David Turnbull, butcher, aged 64.
LUCKLEY  The 10th inst, at Spittal, Tweedmouth, Ann, wife of Mr James LUCKLEY, aged 58.
LEE  The 12th inst, at Norham Mains, near Berwick, David LEE, Esq. aged 58.
MacPHERSON  Same day, Ann, wife of John MacPHERSON, aged 60 ;
MIDDLEMAS  The 13th inst, Mr James MIDDLEMAS, aged 88, both of Berwick.
DICK`NSON  The 2d inst, Mrs DICK`NSON, aged 74 ;
FRAZIER  The 5th, Mr J. FRAZIER, aged 81 ;
CHAMBERS  The 8th, Mrs CHAMBERS, widow, all of South Shields.
BANKS  The 9th inst, Mrs M--- Aur. BANKS, widow, aged 69 ;
MORRISON  Mrs Isabella MORRISON, widow, aged 66 ;
VENUS  Rebecca, daughter of Mr Robert VENUS, master-mariner, aged 24 ;
SHOTTEN  Mr John SHOTTEN, aged 73 ;
MILBURN  The 14th inst, Sarah MILBURN, aged 35 years, 24 of which she was a faithful servant to Messrs Snowdon and Wardle, bakers, all of North Shields.
SIMMONS  On Sunday last, suddenly, Mr SIMMONS, of Covent Garden Theatre.
NEAL  On the 9th inst, aged 27, Mr James NEAL, of the Manor Chare, in this town, publican.
HAWTHORN  On the 6th inst, suddenly, in Curzon-street, London, aged 48, Mr Edward HAWTHORN, greatly respected. The 2d inst, at Woolwich, Academy, aged 17, SMELT  Cornelius Robert SMELT, gentleman cadet, youngest son of Col. Smelt, governor of the Isle of Man.
SANDERS  Monday se`nnight, very suddenly, Mr George SANDERS, of Ryton, Durham, aged 75, much respected.
ELERINGTON  The 4th inst, at Lintz Hall, near Tanfield, Miss Catharine ELERINGTON, aged 25, daughter of Mr Ralph Elerington, woodmonger.
TROTTER  The 4th inst, in Dublin, R. TROTTER, Esq. late of Brooindykes, Berwickshire.
MASON  On the 10th inst, at Bishopwearmouth, much respected, Thomas MASON, aged 25, son of the Rev. Thos. MASON, A.M. minister of Spring-garden Street Chapel, Sunderland, and late shopman to Mr Joseph Rooke, of this town, woollen-draper, deceased.
GREY  On Friday last, Mrs Sarah GREY, wife of Mr Robt. Grey, of Percy-Street, in this town, builder, aged 74.
VARENNES  Lately, at St Domingo, Bill----  VARENNES, the sanguinary colleague of Robespierre.
HASWELL  The 3rd inst, at Stockton, Mr John HASWELL, common brewer, aged 32 ;
LAKING  The 8th inst, MRS Margaret LAKING, aged 93 ;
WHITFIELD  The 10th inst, Mr Thos. WHITFIELD, innkeeper, aged 66, much respected ;
RICHMOND  The 12th inst, Mrs Ann RICHMOND, aged 66, relict of Mr Robert Richmond, master mariner, much respected.
SIVRIGHT  On the 4th inst, at Blyth, Mr David SIVRIGHT, formerly a merchant in London.
FOX  The 22nd ult, Mrs FOX, widow of Richard Fox, of the Blue? Bell Inn, Otley, Yorkshire. Her death was caused by putting her feet and legs into cold water, while in a state of free perspiration, which brought on a severe afflection of the brain.
ESKETT  On Tuesday last, in the North Bailey, Durham, at an advanced age, Mr John ESKETT, landlord of the Queen`s Head Inn there.
SNOWDON  On the 6th inst, aged 81, Mrs SNOWDON, relict of Mr Robert SNOWDON, of Northallerton.
DIXON  On the 9th inst, aged 51, at Bank Close-house, near Northallerton, greatly respected, Miss Margaret DIXON.
WETHEREL  On the 15th inst, at Northallerton, Mr Geo. WETHEREL, late officer of excise.
WHITFIELD  Lately, Mr WHITFIELD, master of the George and Dragon Inn, Stockton.
GREENWELL  On Tuesday evening last, as John GREENWELL, in the employment of Mr Ferguson, porter-merchant, near the head of Dean-street, in this town, was locking up the doors of the cellars, he unfortunately fell down the stairs, and was killed on the spot. He has left a widow and family to lament his loss.
From within this issue.
PYE  On the 9th inst, an inquest was held at Nettlesworth in the parish of Chester-le-Street, on the body of Ralph PYE, who put an end to his existence, by hanging himself, that morning. – Verdict – Lunacy.
Sep 25 1819
KOR  Saturday se`nnight, in Oxford-street, London, the Right Hon. Lady Essex KOR, second sister of his Grace the late John, Duke of Roxburgh.
FAIRBAIRN  The 14th inst, at Alnwick, Mr Geo. FAIRBAIRN, aged 59.
SCOTT  Thursday se`nnight, at Peterborough, Mrs SCOTT, widow of James Scott, D. D. rector of Simonburn, Northumberland.
WALKER  Wednesday se`nnight, Mrs WALKER, of Masbro` House, near Rotherham. She was walking in her garden, about 5 o`clock in the evening, and did in less than an hour.
SMITH  Monday last, at Bury St Edmunds, in his 89th year, William SMITH, Esq. formerly of Drury-lane Theatre.
TODD  Tuesday se`nnight, Mr Joseph TODD, of Bedale, printer.
WATSON  On the 15th inst, at Morpeth, the wife of George WATSON, blacksmith, aged 41.
NELSON  On the 17th inst, at the same place, much respected, Mr George NELSON, aged 78.
STEPHENSON  The 19th inst, Mr John STEPHENSON, of South Shields, aged 74.
THOMPSON  On the 20th inst, Mrs Jane THOMPSON, of the Pudding Chare in this town, much respected.
PRUDDAH  On the 17th inst, at Lemington, suddenly, Mr Christopher PRUDDAH, officer of excise, aged 30? (or 39).
M`KEE  On the 1st inst, aged 101, Mrs Susannah M`KEE, relict of Mr Wm M`Kee, Drumewhey, parish of Newtonards. Her lawful issue were 11 children 36 grand children, 66 great grandchildren, 66 great grand children and 10 great great great great grand children, in all 123. Her mother, in the same house died at the age of 100.
URWIN  On the 18th inst, at Sunderland, Mrs URWIN, wife of Mr Stephen Urwin, shoe-maker, aged 90.
WILSON  Same day, at Bishopwearmouth, Mrs Mary WILSON, widow, aged 75.
NESBIT  The 11th inst, at Alwinton, Mr Robert NESBIT, aged 74.
LENNOX  Lately, at Dundalk, Charles LENNOX, youngest son of Lieut.-Col. Teesdale, of the 1st Dragoon Guards.
DIXON  On the 20th inst, at Northallerton, Mr Thos. DIXON jun. late of the 66th regiment when at Ceylon.
DUNN  Tuesday last at Greatham, near Stockton, Martin DUNN, Esq. aged 73, universally respected.
STEPHENSON  The 21st inst, Mrs STEPHENSON, wife of Mr Isaac Stephenson, farmer, near Windleston, much respected.
BLACKLOCK  The 18th inst, at Barnardcastle, Mr Robert BLACKLOCK, aged 91.
FORTUNE  The 16th inst, aged 15, Miss FORTUNE, daughter of Mr T. Fortune, of Heighington, deeply regretted.
CARR  On the 18th inst, Mr Joseph CARR, of Painshaw Staiths, aged 50 years.
JOPLING  Friday, the 17th inst, at Howdon Docks, after a short illness, Mr John JOPLING, ship-owner, in the 61st year of his age ; a gentleman of the most amiable manners and benevolent disposition, and whose loss will be long felt and regretted by the surrounding neighbourhood, and by the lower orders of people, to whom he gave active employment, in various ways, for several years past.
COLLINGWOOD  Same day, at Tynemouth, whither she had gone for the recovery of her health, the Right Hon. Lady COLLINGWOOD, relict of the gallant Admiral Lord Collingwood, the heroic second in command under the renowned Lord Viscount Nelson, when he lost his life at the battle of Trafalgar. She was the daughter of the late Alderman John Erasmus BLACKETT, Esq. of this town.
Oct 2 1819
CARRUTHERS  inst, at Humshaugh, near Chollerford, having nearly competed her 81st year, Mrs Phillis CARRUTHERS, greatly respected.
CHANCER  The 26th ult, at Ryton, Durham, Mr Thos. CHANCER, mason, much regretted.
HUMBLE  The 14th ult, at the same place, Mr Michael HUMBLE, aged 82, much respected.
POTTER  On the 17th ult, Mrs POTTER, aged 48, wife of Mr Samuel Potter, of Cleadon Laws, near Sunderland, farmer.
BROWELL  The 18th ult, Mrs Mary BROWELL, widow, aged 90 ;
GRAY  The 25th ult, Mrs Mary GRAY, widow, aged 81, both of North Shields.
SMITH  Thursday se`nnight, at Harrogate, aged 67, Nicholas SMITH, Esq. barrister-at-law, and accomptant-general of the High Court of Chancery.
KNATCHULL  Monday se`nnight, Sir Edward KNATCHULL, Bart. M. P. for Kent.
PERCIVAL  The 23d ult, at Bath, in his 37th year, Edward PERCIVAL, M. D. : eldest surviving son of the late Thomas Percival, M.D. of Manchester.
BAILEY  On the 23d ult, at Trimdon, aged 35, Mr J.G. BAILEY, eldest son of the lat John Bailey, Esq. of Chillingham, Northumberland.
BALL  On Monday, Thomas BALL, aged 60, assistant to Messrs Stephenson and on, of South Shields, butchers, dropped down in the shop, while in active employment, and instantly expired. He had a few minutes before finished a hearty dinner. The deceased was a steady, sober, and most industrious character, and much respected.
CHAPMAN  On the 21st ult, at Corbridge, Miss Jane CHAPMAN, daughter of the late Mr John Chapman, of this town, house-carpenter, much respected.
COOK  Same day, at Burgham, near Felton, much respected, Mrs COOK, widow of the late Mr Wm Cook, farmer, aged 56.
ELLIOT  The 23d ult, at Spittal, near Berwick, Mrs Elizabeth ELLIOT, aged 64.
SPENCE  The 24th ult, Jane, daughter of Mr Thomas SPENCE, aged 35 ;
BROWN  And the same day, David, son of Mr David BROWN, aged 19, both of Tweedmouth.
BLUCHER  On the 10th ult, at his seat in Silesia, in his 77th year, the gallant hero Marshall Prince BLUCHER of Wahistadt, to whose personal services, next to those of the illustrious Wellington, Europe is most indebted for its delivery from Corsican thraldom. The King of Prussia visited the death bed of the dying patriot, and has ordered the army to wear mourning 8 days for his loss.
BUCHAN  On Monday last, at Dumfries, James BUCHAN, glover, who, though only a journeyman, from great parsimony and frugality, amassed, nearly 2,000l.
CADELL  The 17th ult, at Carron Park, William CADELL, Esq. of Banton, aged 82, one of the original founders of the Carron Iron Works.
WISEMAN  On the 24th ult, at Sunderland, Mr Michael WISEMAN, brick-maker, aged 62.
FAIR  On the 26th ult, at the same place. Mr Matthew FAIR, butcher, aged 63.
PAGE  THE 20th ult, at Oxford, in his 41st year, the Rev. William PAGE, D.D. late head master of Westminster School.
FALKIN  On Tuesday last, at Picktree, near Chester-le-Street, Mrs Alice FALKIN, aged 86.
BEADNELL  The 26th ult, Sarah BEADNELL, widow, aged 64 ;
PALISTER  The 29th ult, Thomas PALISTER, aged 28, much respected, both of Bishop-Auckland.
POWELL  The 27th ult, at Barnard Castle, Mrs POWELL, wife of Mr George Powell, grocer, much lamented.
LAMBERT  Friday se`nnight, a wherryman of Newburn, named Wm LAMBERT, whilst unloading a keel of cinders at St Anthony`s dropped down and instantly expired. He has left a widow and six children.
Oct 9 1819
SCHOFIELD  The 1st inst, of an apoplexy, aged d45, Mr Thomas SCHOFIELD, of Little Barrow, near Halifax, flannel manufacturer.
MADDISON  The 3d inst, at Hexham, aged 72, Jane, wife of An---- MADDISON, innkeeper, much respected.
HART  The 4th inst, at the  ---- place, Mr Wm HART, wool-comber, aged 65, much respected.
HOLMES  On Friday last, at East Edmonsley, in the parish of Chester-le-Street, Mary, widow of Francis HOLMES, aged 81.
TAYLOR  The – ult, Mr Thomas TAYLOR, aged 73 ;
LOCK  The 30th ult, Jane, w---- of Mr Ralph LOCK, aged 99 ;
GILL----  The 1st inst, Mrs Ann GILL--  widow, aged 75 ;
SPENCER  Mrs Ann SPENCER, widow, aged 79, at North Shields.
BRAND  On Sunday last, at Wimbleton, Gertrude, ----- Baroness Dacre, Mr BRAND, her son, the present M. ---- Herts, succeeds to the title and estates ; in consequence of --- there is now a vacancy for the county.
STEWART  The 30th ult, Wm  --- OF Mr Thos STEWART, of Kenton.
STONEHOUSE  Same day, at Lark Hall Ainderby Steeple, Mrs Ann STONEHOUSE, a native of Yarm, aged 85.
GRANT  The 21st ult, at Stockton, Mr David GRANT, aged 84, formerly a joiner and cabinet-maker.
JACKSON  The 4th inst, at Th----  aged 72, Mr John JACKSON, formerly an officer of the customs of the port of SStockton.
PARKER  On the 5th inst, at Bishopwearmouth, Mr Robert PARKER, innkeeper, aged 33.
MIDDLETON  On Saturday last,  at the White House, near Sunderland, aged 81, Mrs MIDDLETON, w--- of the Rev. John Middleton, formerly of Grindon.
ATKINSON  On the --- inst, at Wide-open, Mr Wm ATKINSON, farmer, much respected.
FEATONBY  On the 1st inst, at her house, in Halgarth-street De----  Miss Isabella FEATONBY, aged 74, much respected.
PIGG  On Tuesday evening, at North Shields, of a ruptured blood vessel, much regretted, Mr George PIGG, ship-owner, aged 52.
Oct 16 1819
HED---?  On the 19th ult, at Bourdeaux, Shaftoe John HED---? Esq. late of this town.
BEILBY  On the 9th inst, at Hull, Mr Wm BEILBY, brother of the late Mr R. Beilby, of this town justly lamented.
H-----?  Monday se`nnight, in his 24th year Mr William H-----?, late classical teacher in the academy of Mr Routh, of W--==?
BUCHAN  The 3d inst, at North Berwick Mr Francis BUCHAN.
-- se`nnight, at Newtown, near Carlisle, John FORSTER, Esq. in his 80th year.
ELSON  At Shobrooke, Devon, Elizabeth ELSTON aged --?
MILNER  Friday last, aged 102, John MILNER, of Leeds, He was 37?57?years in the army, and received a pension for 30 years.
DODD  Saturday last, at Pitlandhill, in the parish of Chollerton, ----- DODD, Esq. aged 67, much respected.
---PER?  3d inst, Mr Cuthebert ---PER, of Tynemouth, farmer, aged 86.
HEWISON  6th inst, Sarah, wife of Mr Chris HEWISON, of Murton, aged 28.
WEALANDS  10th inst, Mrs Ele----  WEALANDS, widow, aged 80 ;
BARDINGHAM  the 12th inst, Jane, wife of Mr Thomas BARDINGHAM, master-mariner, aged 33, all of ---- Shields.
FARRINGTON  The 12th inst, at North Shore, most sincerely regretted, Mrs FARRINGTON, aged 79, mother of Messrs Farrington, of this town.
LINDORES  On the 9th inst, at Greenses, Ancroft, Mrs LINDORES, widow, aged 65.
HOGG  On the 10th inst, Mrs HOGG, widow, of Mr Alderman Hogg, at an advanced age ;
ORD  Same day J----- daughter of Mr Robert ORD, late master-mariner, aged 27, both of Berwick.
RICHARDSON  The 13th inst, aged 50, Mr R.S. RICHARDSON, of this town, corn-merchant, much and deservedly respected.
LINDSAY  The 10th inst, at Wark, Mr Geo. LINDSAY, plough-wright, aged --- .
FRIEND  On the 11th inst, in London, Mr John FRIEND, on of the choristers of the Durham cathedral, much respected.
CHAPMAN  On the ---- inst, greatly respected, aged 72, Mrs Jane CHAPMAN, governess of the Work-house, Northallerton, which place she held upwards of 30 years.
Same day, at Darlington, aged 93, Dinah, relict of Mr Isaac MYERS, one of the Society of Friends, much respected.
TROTTER  Monday last, at Alnwick, Mr Joseph TROTTER, of R---- Place, Sheffield
From within this issue.
JACKSON  A young woman named Ann JACKSON, servant at No 32, Charing Cross, was found in the kitchen, on Friday, with a very blunt case knife stabbed deep into her abdomen, which caused her death in hospital. No person was found with her, and she first  said that she had sat down upon the knife, and that it had run into her, and next that she was getting upon the table to clean the window, when it tumbled down with her, and she fell upon the knife. Both these accounts were from circumstances evidently untrue, and a bad fellow named Thomas Locke, having been courting her, from some random expressions she used to the nurse in the hospital, suspicion fell on him, and a verdict of wilful murder was delivered against him ; he has absconded.
WRIGHT  On Wednesday morning, Wm WRIGHT, dealer in marine stores, was found drowned at low water, with one of his legs under a boat, near the Black Bull Quay, Sunderland. It is supposed he must have fallen over the night before at high water.
FORSTER  On Monday last, Robert, son of Robert FORSTER, of Tweedmouth, smith, between two and three years of age, was found drowned in a water trough, into which he had fallen while at play. Medical aid was immediately called in, but the vital spark was gone.
DALTON  An inquest was holden at Manchester on Thursday week on the body of a man named DALTON, It appears that person a white hated reformer, had a slight scuffle with a special constable on the night of the 8th of September, in a public-house, for which the soldiers and constable were turning all the persons out. A fortnight afterwards he died. It was proved, by evidence, before the coroner`s jury, that Dalton, had gone regularly to work, after his scuffle with Fletcher ; but that on the ----? Of September, he was knocked down by the shafts of a cart, which broke one of his ribs, and that on the 22d of September, the day of his death, he was choked, while in the act of swallowing a large piece of boiled mutton, which was drawn out of his throat by surgeon just after his death, which occurred at a public-house. The jury, in consequence, returned a verdict, that “he died by suffocation, and not from any violence done to him by any person or persons whatsoever.” Dalton was followed to the grave by a large concourse of reformers male and female, and is recorded as a martyr to their cause.
Oct 23 1819
SOMERVILLE  On the 5th inst, at Vevay, Switzerland, the Right Hon. Lord SOMERVILLE, formerly president of the Board of Agriculture.
BENTINCK  Lately at Brussels, at an advanced age, Lord Edward BENTINCK, brother to the late and uncle to the present Duke of Portland.
GREY  The 14th inst, at Stockton, Ann Elizabeth GREY, aged two years, youngest daughter of William Grey, Esq.
SNOWBALL  The 7th inst, at Prior Hall, near Cambo, Ann, daughter of Mr Geo. SNOWBALL, aged 10 years, a promising child.
WEIGHTON  The 9th inst, at Market WEIGHTON, in the prime of life, much respected, WIDDUP  Joseph WIDDUP, M.D. late of North Shields.
TESSEYNEN  The 15th inst, at Bridlington Quay, in her 80th year, Mrs TESSEYMEN, of Beverley, relict of Mr Tesseymen, of York, bookseller.
JACKSON  On the 11th inst, at Warkworth, Mr James JACKSON, gardener, aged 81.
HUGGUP  On the 2d inst, at London, Mr Thomas HUGGUP, master-mariner, aged 36, much respected.
BOUSTEAD  Tuesday se`nnight, at Brampton, Mr S. BOUSTEAD, aged 47.
HOYLE  The 13th inst, Mary HOYLE, single woman, aged 24 ;
LYON  The 14th inst, Mrs Elizabeth LYON. Widow, aged 76 ;
DEWAR  The 16th inst, Mrs Mary DEWAR, widow, aged 59 ;
CONGLETON  The 17th inst Mr Thomas CONGLETON, aged 45 ;
HOLLOWELL  The 18th inst, Mrs Mary HOLLOWELL, widow, aged 80 ;
FAWCETT  The 19th inst, Mrs Eliz. FAWCETT, Toll-square, aged 57, all of North Shields.
MOODY  Same day, Alice, wife of Mr Robert MOODY, of Percy Main, aged 45.
THOMPSON  The 12th inst, Mrs THOMPSON, aged 82.
KIRKLEY  The 19th inst, Mary, second daughter of Mr James KIRKLEY, aged 20, both of South Shields.
CUMMINS  Same day, at Gateshead, George, son of Mr John CUMMINS, of Summer-house, near Darlington, farmer.
MARLEY  On Tuesday last, in Oxford-street, London, Mr Mark MARLEY, aged 54 years.
MIDFORTH  On the 28th ult, at Durham, aged 72, Mrs Mary MIDFORTH, relict of Mr Harvey Midforth, of East Boldon.
JOHNSON  On the 20th inst, at Sunderland, Mrs Prudence JOHNSON, widow aged 78.
SURTEES  The 16th inst, Sarah, wife of Matthew SURTEES, of Kenton street, Brunswick-square, London.
The 15th inst, at the Hague, the Duchess Dowager of Brunswick-Lunenburg, sister to the King of Holland.
FAWCETT  On the 16th inst, suddenly, at Langlands Farm, Romanby, near Northallerton, Mr Thomas FAWCETT. His marriage on the 14th inst, was recorded in our last.
WEATHERELL  On Sunday last, at Barton, Mrs Ann WEATHERELL, relict of Mr Robert Weatherell, of Jolby Grange, Croft, aged 75.
BYERS  On the 13th inst, at Mount Pleasant, Little Stainton, aged 65, Mrs Ann BYERS, relict of Mr Nicholas Byers, much respected.
GOODFELLOW  The 14th inst, deeply lamented, Mrs GOODFELLOW, wife of Mr Hector Goodfellow, of Stamfordham.
GIBSON  The 18th inst, at Framlington, Mrs Mary GIBSON, aged 69, greatly lamented.
From within this issue.
LAXTON  On Friday last, an inquest was holden before Stephen Reed, Es. And a very respectable jury, at the George Tavern. North Shields, on the body of Joseph LAXTON, who was unfortunately shot in riot at the Northumberland Quay on the preceding evening, as mentioned in our last. After a patient and laborious investigation of 5 days, a verdict was returned of Justifiable Homicide, upon the clearest evidence, and without hesitation. This unhappy affair, though in it`s origin apparently unconnected with politics, created a strong sensation in the minds of the populace at Shields ; and some attempts were made to convert it into an Oldham business ; but the dignified firmness of the Coroner repressed these efforts in the outset, and all attempts to break in upon the order of the court by protests or disturbances, were immediately put down. We regret to state, that before and during the investigation, threats were used to intimidate the jury, and influence them to bring in a verdict of wilful murder ; and it was necessary to protect the coroner, the jury, and the witnesses by a military guard ; and we are still more sorry to learn, that on the evening of Wednesday, after the verdict had been recorded, bullets were fired through the windows of the foreman of the jury ; and the windows of others of the jurors were broken, but happily without injury to any of their families. The inhabitants of the parish met yesterday, and offered a reward of 300gs. For a discovery of the offenders. – See Hue & Cry.
BOOTH  On Wednesday last, a poor widow of Sandgate, in this town, named Mary BOOTH, while walking across her room, dropped down, and almost instantly expired. She has left two children.
STRAUGHAN  On Saturday last, as Wm STRAUGHAN, of Hebburn Colliery, was returning home with a waggon, he fell from the shafts and was killed on the spot.
Oct 30 1819
WATSON  On the 26th inst, in Albion-street, in this town, Mr Joshua WATSON, one of the Society of Friends, aged 78, much and deservedly respected.
DOUGLAS  The 21st inst, the Hon. Frederic Sylvester North DOUGLAS, only son of Lord Glenbervie, and M.P. for Banbury.
BOLD  The 17th inst, at Bold, Lancaster, Peter Patten BOLD, Esq. colonel of the 1st Royal Lancashire militia.
HOUSEMAN  On the 16th inst, at Sheffield, aged 56, J. HOUSEMAN, Esq. for many years agent to the late and present Duke of Norfolk.
BROWN  Thursday week, in York, at an advanced age, universally respected, Mr James BROWN, a respectable farmer, and upwards of 50 years, keeper of North-street Ferry, in that city.
MAKEPEACE  The 16th inst, Mr John MAKEPEACE, of Goull Hill, in the parish of Muggleswick, farmer, aged 85, much respected.
HODGSON  On Saturday week, at Witton-le-Wear, Mr Thomas HODGSON, aged 82.
On the 21st inst, aged 71, Mr DAVIES of South Shields, ship-owner.
M`CONOCHIE  The 24th inst, at Berwick, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Weston M`CONOCHIE, nailor, aged 47.
SHADFORTH  The 18th ult, in the North Sea, Mr Henry SHADFORTH, jun. commander of the Omnium, of this port. He unfortunately fell overboard during a heavy lurch of the ship.
POLLOCK  On the 23d inst, aged 19 months, Ann, daughter of Mr J. K. POLLOCK, of North Shields, printer.
OSTEN  The 22d inst, Mrs Martha OSTEN, of Tynemouth, widow, aged 88.
MANGER  The 24th inst, Mary, wife of Mr John MANGER, aged 45 ;
LOVE  The 25th inst, Alice, wife of Mr Thomas LOVE, aged 76 ;
TAYLOR  Mr James TAYLOR, master-mariner, aged 36, all of North Shields.
DOUGLAS  The 25th inst, Rebecca, wife of Mr Robert DOUGLAS, of Percy Main, aged 45.
IZARD  Mr IZARD, a merchant at Brighton, of a large fortune, he died suddenly on the 20th inst. Three weeks before he called upon a dissenting clergyman, with a request that he would preach from Judges xiii, v, 21,22,23, observing, that an impression had been made upon his mind ten years ago, respecting them. Accordingly, the minister preached a sermon from those words, which Mr Izard listened to with much attention ; and on its conclusion, he fell into a fit, which terminated his existence.
INNIS  On the 24th inst, much lamented. Hannah, wife of Mr John INNIS, of Greencroft, gardener, aged 31.
HUSTLER  The 24th inst, at Acklam Hall, in Cleveland, Yorkshire, aged 50, Wm HUSTLER, Esq. greatly respected.
GAUNT  On Sunday last, at Stockton, Mrs GAUNT, late of London, at an advanced age.
On Wednesday last, in the Market-place, Durham, Mr John HILL, boot and shoe-maker, aged 44.
WILBURN  Monday, in the same place, Mrs Barbara WILBURN, wife of Mr John Wilburn, ironmonger, in her 24th year.
LASLIE  This morning, Mrs LASLIE, wife of Wm Laslie, Esq. OF Ellison Place, in this town, much respected.
ROUNDHILL  The 11th inst, at Redcar, in her 49th year, Mrs Mary ROUNDHILL, late of Tockwith.
BOYD  The 21st inst, at Barnard-castle, Mr Robert BOYD, aged 97, travelling-hawker. This extraordinary man went his usual rounds till within eight or ten days of his death.
HARDINGE  On the 23d inst, at Nelby Hall, near Skipton, Yorkshire, aged 98, Seth HARDINGE, Esq. formerly of Haverfordwest.
CROFT  On the 22d inst, at Cowling Hall, near Bedale, in childbed, the lady of Sir John CROFT, much lamented.
CROZIER  At Alnwick, on the 24th inst, Mr John CROZER, aged 86.
HARRISON  23rd inst, at Barnard Castle, Miss Jane HARRISON, aged 16.
From within this issue.
BRATHWAITE  On Thursday last, a respectable farmer named BRATHWAITE, from the neighbourhood of Bedale, driving a loaded cart, being much in liquor, at a short distance from Darlington, fell on the road, and the wheel passed over his breast and killed him on the spot. Verdict – Accidental death. He has left a widow and two children to lament his untimely fate.
Nov 6 1819
WARD  On Monday last, at Unthank Hall, Northumberland, of a fit of apoplexy, Robert WARD, Esq. of this town, in his 47th year.
ELLISON  On the 27th ult, aged 64, the Rev. Wm ELLISON, of Lintz-green.
LOCKEY  On the 31st ult, at Axwell Park, Thomas, youngest son of Mr LOCKEY, aged 23, a most promising young man.
CHALONER  The 22d ult, at the Rev. Grenville`s at Wyeston, Derbyshire, Mrs CHALONER, relict of Robert Chaloner, Esq. of Bishop-auckland, and sister of the late Sir Rich. Kay, prebandary of Durham.
THORBURN  The 20th ult, at Jumperbank, Alison, aged 13 ; and on the 23d Jane, aged 17, daughters of Mr John THORBURN.
ROBERTSON  The 20th of July, at Jamaica, Mr James ROBERTSON, second son of Adjutant James Robertson, of the Berwickshire Yeomanry Cavalry, aged 19.
HOME/BUCHAN  On the 23d ult, at Edinburgh, Mrs Jane HOME, alias BUCHAN, the last of the family of Home, formerly of Kello, Berwickshire.
BAILEY  The 28th ult, Phillis, wife of Mr Robert BAILEY, mariner, aged 29 ;
HEWITT  The 1st inst, Margaret wife of Mr Robert HEWITT, linen-draper, aged 32 ;
CHRISTOPHER  The 2d inst, Mr Mark CHRISTOPHER, mariner, aged 75, all of North Shields.
WILKINSON  The 29th ult, Jane, wife of Mr Aaron WILKINSON, aged 75 ;
ALLON  The 2d inst, Mrs Alice ALLON, widow, aged 91, both of Preston, near North Shields.
CARR  30th ult Mr Robt. CARR, of Percy Main, aged 21.
MILLS  The 2d inst, Mr Robert MILLS, of Tynemouth, aged 101.
Thursday se`nnight, as the sexton of St Lawrence Ramsgate, ( a stout hale man), was in the act of lowering a corpse into the grave, he fell down, and instantly expired. He was between 40 and 50 years of age, and had scarcely ever felt a day`s illness in his life.
DAVISON  The 2d inst, at the Vicarage House, at Middleton Tyas, near Richmond, Yorkshire, in her 20th year, Miss DAVISON, eldest daughter of Thomas Davison, Esq, of that place.
MILLER  28th ult, Mr Robert MILLER, weaver, aged 79 ;
FORSTER  The 31st ult, Mr Wren FORSTER, aged 60 ;
RENTON  The 1st inst, James, son of Mr James RENTON, tailor, aged 40 ;
WEATHERHEAD  Same day, Mr Wm WEATHERHEAD, aged 83 ;
DIVIDSON  The 2d inst, Mr Robert DAVIDSON, at an advanced age, all of Berwick.
LAMB  Same day, at Blyth Link House, aged 74, Mrs Jane LAMB, widow of Mr W Lamb.
HASLERIGG  The 24th ult, at Tivoli, near Paris, in his 29th year, Sir Arthur Grey HAZLERIGG, Bart of Noseley Hall, Leicestershire.
YOUNG  Sunday last, Mr John YOUNG, of the Foot of the Side, in this town, hatter.
HUNTER  The 28th ult, at Stockton, aged 80. Mr Richard HUNTER, tin-man, greatly respected.
MATHERSELL  Sunday last,, Mr John MATHERSELL of Old Elvet, Durham, grocer.
INNES  Saturday se`nnight, at Greencroft, aged 32, Hannah, wife of John INNES.
HEWARD  The 25th ult, at Bridlington Quay, suddenly, Mr J. HEWARD, ship-builder.
THOMPSON  The 29th ult, at Sunderland, Mr George THOMPSON, aged 56, clerk at the Sunderland Subscription Brewery.
RICHARDSON  Same day and place, Mrs Sarah RICHARDSON, widow, aged 88.
PEAKE  The 1st inst, in Percy-street, in his 28th year, Lieut. Daniel PEAKE, R.N. sincerely lamented.
ERRINGTON  The 3d inst, at Gateshead, Mrs Mary ERRINGTON, aged 73, much respected.
HARE  On the 27th ult, at Chester-le-Street, Mr Thomas HARE, aged 77, supposed to have had the best voice as bellman for many miles round.
MONKHOUSE  On the 28th ult, aged 73, Mrs MONKHOUSE, wife of Mr Anthony Monkhouse, of Darlington, much respected.
STORIOW  On the 29th ult, aged 89, Mr Robert STORIOW, of the same place, much respected.
ATKINSON  On the 28th ult, at Great Stainton, aged 69, Mr Thomas ATKINSON, farmer.
HOWLES  Friday last, at Bath, John HOWLES, Esq. of literary celebrity.
ANDERSON  The 13th ult, at Rusheyford, Eliz ANDERSON, aged 16, daughter of Mr Robert Anderson, much respected.
WALTON  The 29th ult, Mr John WALTON, of Wadsworth, near Bishop-Auckland, farmer, aged 80, who had his barn and corn burnt ; he never recovered the shock.
Same day, at Bishop-Auckland, Mrs Cicely WESTGARTH, aged 81, much respected.
From within this issue.
SLATER  On Saturday last, a boatman belonging to Winlaton named Robt. SLATER, was knocked overboard by the sail of a boat, in which he was returning from this town, and unfortunately drowned. He has left a widow and a numerous family of children.
Nov 13 1819
BULMER  On Wednesday last, in Northumberland-street, in this town, deeply lamented, Mary, widow of Mr Joseph BULMER, aged 73.
MARSHALL  Sunday se`nnight, at Richmond, Yorkshire, Mrs MARSHALL, aged 75.
FENWICK  On the 6th inst, at Morpeth, Mr Andrew FENWICK, in his 67th year.
HAILES  The 9th inst, Mr Wm HAILES, of Preston, near North Shields, farmer, aged 66.
MOTLEY  The 4th inst, Mrs Ann MOTLEY, aged 60 ;
POTTER  Mrs Mary POTTER, widow, aged 64 ;
NICHOLSON  The 5th inst, Mr Walter NICHOLSON, tailor, aged 21 ;
ELLIOT  The 8th inst, Mrs Ann ELLIOT, widow, aged 82 ;
NICHOLSON  The 10th inst, Mr Robert NICHOLSON, mariner, aged 22, all of North Shields.
RILEY  On Saturday last, at the City Tavern, Durham, John RILEY, aged 23, eldest son of Mr J. Riley, of Huddersfield, merchant.
PEACOCK  Friday last, at Porto-bello, near Edinburgh, William, son of Mr Wm PEACOCK, late of Carthorp, near Bedale, aged 19.
HOGARTH  The 30th ult, at Carfrae, in his 78th year, Mr Robert HOGARTH, the first who introduced the system of turnip husbandry into the higher districts of Beerwickshire.
HALL  At Wooler, Mrs Sarah HALL, aged 80, relict of Mr Thos. HALL, butcher.
WILKINSON  At Ceylon, in March last, in the 35th year of his age, Lieut. Thomas WILKINSON, second son of the Rev. James Wilkinson, of Northallerton.
MacKENZIE  Sunday se`nnight, Mr A MacKENZIE, father of Mr Mackenzie, of this town, printer.
DONKIN  On Sunday last, in Percy-street, much regretted, Mrs Margaret DONKIN, relict of the late Mr Ralph Donkin, of this town, aged 64.
LAMB  On the 10th inst, aged 57, Mr Richard LAMB, of the Customs, in this port ;
GILES  And on the 11th inst, deeply lamented, Mrs GILES, of this town, midwife, sister of the above.
WHITE  On Friday last, at Throckley, Mr John WHITE, aged 105.
BLACKETT  The 8th inst, at Allendale Town, at an advanced age, Miss BLACKETT, much respected.
ROBISON  The 31st ult, at Titlington Mount, aged 84, Mrs Rachael ROBISON, relict of Mr John Robison, formerly of Chatton Broom Law, much respected.
GIBSON  The 9th inst, at Chesterbank, in Berwickshire, Mr Robert GIBSON, farmer, aged 72.
CAMPBELL  Same day, at Berwick, Mr Matthew CAMPBELL, chemist and druggist.
HOGARTH  On the 23d of April last, at Columbo, Island of Ceylon, Lieut. John HOGARTH, of the Bengal infantry, third son of James Hogarth, Esq. of Berwick. His brother officers, as a mark of regard for his excellent character, have erected a monument to his memory.
HARRISON  On Sunday last, at Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire, Mary, wife of Wm HARRISON, Esq. in her 29th year.
RIDLEY  On the 31st ult, aged 69, Mrs Jane RIDLEY, wife of Mr James Ridley, of Field House, Bishopwearmouth.
SNOWDEN  On Thursday, at Sunderland, Miss Hannah SNOWDEN, youngest daughter of Mr Wm SNOWDEN, shoe-maker, aged 20.
HAMILTON  On Monday, at the same place, Mrs HAMILTON, wife of Mr Alex. Hamilton, mariner, aged 75.
HARRIS  Saturday evening last, while on a visit here, the Rev. J. HARRIS, curate of Hunstanworth, and formerly one of the missionaries to Otaheite. He was suddenly taken ill while walking near to All Saints` church, on the preceding evening.
ANDERSON  On the 23d ult, at Ainderby Steeple, near Northallerton, Mrs Mary ANDERSON, advanced in years. Her death was caused by her clothes catching fire.
HUTTON  5th inst, at East Shawes, near Barnard Castle, Mr Matt. HUTTON, farmer, aged 52, much respected.
STORY  4th inst, at Toytop, Mrs Mary STORY, aged 83.
BELL  7th inst, Mrs BELL, wife of Mr Thos. Bell, of Bishop Auckland, aged 65, much respected.
WALTON   On the 4th inst, Mrs Sarah WALTON, of Allergill, in Weardale, aged 90. She was unfortunately killed by the thrashing machine.
Nov 20 1819
ERSKINE  On the 9th inst, in Edinburgh, Lieut. Col. Henry ERSKINE, of Sheilhield.
LOFTUS  At Godalming, Nicholas LOFTUS, Esq. of Percy-street, London, formerly lieutenant colonel of the 4th regiment of Dragoon Guards, in his 80th year.
GRAHAM  The 19th of August at Kingston, Jamaica, in the prime of life, Thomas, son of Mr Robert GRAHAM, of Carleton Hill, in Cumberland.
FLINTOFF  Monday se`nnight, at Whittingham, aged 75, Mrs Ann FLINTOFF.
MARTIN  On the 6th inst, at Alston, much respected, Mrs Mary MARTIN, aged 62, relict of Mr John Martin, of that place, merchant.
AYNSLEY  Lately, at Stamfordham, Mrs AYNSLEY, aged 75, relict of Mr Michael Aynsley, of Matfen, Northumberland.
LINDSEY  On the 6th inst, Mr Henry Winship LINDSEY, aged 38 ;
REID  The 15th inst, J.Spence REID, son of Mr Andrew Reid, aged 2 year, both of South Shields.
DUCKWORTH  Lately, at Lower Darwen, near Blackburn, John DUCKWORTH, aged 100.
BIERD  The 1st inst, in Chester, aged 104, John BIERD, a pensioner on Chelsea Hospital.
ROBERTSON  The 10th inst, Mrs Margaret ROBERTSON, of this town, aged 51.
HUDSON  The 11th inst, at Gateshead, Mr George HUDSON, painter, aged 25.
BOWES  On the 14th inst, at Chester-le-Street, about 11 o`clock in the forenoon, while sitting smoking his pipe in a chair, Mr James BOWES, aged 69, formerly a respectable gardener in this town.
BELL  The 11th inst, aged 95(?), Miss Margaret BELL, daughter of, and on the 13th, aged 60, Mrs Isabella BELL, widow of the late John Bell, mason ;
COULSON  The 12th inst, aged 21, Miss Ann COULSON, daughter of Matthew Coulson ;
RIDLEY  The 14th inst, Mr Joseph RIDLEY, bellman, aged 67 ;
THOMPSON  The 15th inst, aged 23, Mr John THOMPSON, clock and watch-maker, all of Hexham.
YOUNG  On the 14th inst, at Bishopwearmouth, aged 73, Mrs YOUNG, wife of Mr John Young, ship-owner.
PARKIN  On the 10th inst, aged 26, Mrs Mary PARKIN, wife of Mr Wm Parkin, of Stockton, carpenter.
METCALF  On the 11th inst, aged 24, Mr George METCALF, only son of Mr George Metcalf, of Stockton, ship-owner, deeply regretted.
HEDLEY  Saturday last, Mrs HEDLEY, wife of Mr Hedley,  of the Old George Inn, Old Flesh Market, in this town.
BURT  Monday, at Jesmond, Mr Anthony BURT, son of the late Mr  A. Burt, of this town, aged 20.
FORSTER  On the 17th inst, very suddenly, at Northallerton, Mr Robert FORSTER, well known as a procurer of horses for the principal dealers who frequent the fairs in the North of England.
SANDERSON  14th inst, Mrs SANDERSON, of Toft-hill, at Bishop-Auckland, Mrs Dorothy MITCHELL, wife of Mr Robt. Mitchell, much respected.
ROOK  17th inst, at Shotley Bridge paper mill, Mrs ROOK, aged 65, much respected.
SURTEES  13th inst, at Horselope Row, in the parish of Muggleswick, Mrs Tanier SURTEES, aged 35, much respected.
From within this issue.
CASTLEHOW  On Friday last, as Robert CASTLEHOW, a servant to Mr Hoult, of Rushyford, was driving to Durham with a single gentleman in a chaise, in coming down the hill near the New Inn, he was suddenly thrown from the dicky of the chaise. In attempting to get on, the horses going at the usual pace, his foot slipped between the spokes of the wheel, when losing the reins, the horses set off at full speed, and he was dragged about a mile. The flesh of his thigh was terribly shattered, and he died the next morning in great agony. He was 30 years of age, has left a widow and one child, and is greatly lamented. He was a native of Kendal, Westmoreland, and formerly drove the Lord Exmouth coach from Lancaster.
Nov 27 1819
BELL  On the 19th inst, in Newgate-street, in this town, in his 24th year, Mr James Maddison BELL, bookseller, son of the late Mr John Bell, land surveyor.
ROWELL  The 17th inst, at Horsely upon Tyne, Mrs Isabella ROWELL, aged 96, widow of Mr Thomas Rowell of that place.
ANSTRUTHER  In July last, at the Isle of France, the Hon. Sir Alexander ANSTRUTHER, recorder of Bombay.
GARRETT  At Brussels, Charlotte, wife of Captain Robert GARRETT, and youngest daughter of the late Lord Edward BENTINECK.
GORDON  A few days ago, Miss GORDON, sister of Charles Gordon, Esq. of Wiscomb Park, Devonshire, in consequence of a locked jaw, which proceeded from having a tooth drawn the week before.
MORTIMER  On the 11th of October, at Pictou, Nova Scotia, Edward MORTIMER, Esq. merchant. For upwards of 20 years he represented the county of Halifax in the colonial legislature.
ELLIOT  In the East Indies, Charles ELLIOT, Esq. sixth son of the late Sir Wm Elliot, of Stobs, Bart. He fell gallantly, in the attack on the fort of Rupal Droog, on the 13th of May last.
HOWSON  On the 6th ult, aged 67, Isabella, wife of Mr Thomas HOWSON, of High Balshaw, Lancashire ;
HOWSON  On the 23d ult, the said Mr HOWSON aged 73 ;
HOWSON  And on Saturday last, aged 31, Mr John HOWSON, of Crossdale Grains, son of the above.
WAUGH  Lately at Baggrah, in Nether Denton, Mr Matthew WAUGH, aged 98. He enjoyed perfect health and the use of all his faculties till within a few days of his death.
HETHERINGTON  Thursday se`nnight, at Brampton, at an advanced age, Mr Richard HETHERINGTON, many years flax-dresser there.
HALTON  Tuesday se`nnight, in English-street, Carlisle, Mrs HALTON, aged 75.
NEVINSON  Friday last, in Castle-street, Carlisle, Edward NEVINSON, Esq.
GRAHAM  The 22d inst, Mr John GRAHAM, hair-dresser, aged 57, much respected ;
BROWN  The 23d inst, Mary, wife of Mr Henry BROWN, mariner, aged 53, both of North Shields.
RICHARDSON  The 24th inst, Mr John RICHARDSON, of Shields Colliery, aged 72.
ROBSON  The 16th inst, Mr John ROBSON, of Berwick, seedsman, aged 80.
DAWSON  The 18th inst, at Berwick, Mr Joseph DAWSON, late ship-master, aged 80.
SMITH  The 17th inst, at Tweedmouth, Mrs Sarah SMITH, widow, aged 72.
WILSON  The 16th inst, at Greenlaw, Berwickshire, John WILSON, minister of Ayton.
CUNNINGHAM  The 23d inst, Mr Wm CUNNINGHAM, of South Shields, aged 48.
ALLEN  The 21st inst, at Berwick, Mrs Catharine ALLEN, widow, aged 50.
POTTS  At Stannington, Mr Thomas POTTS, much respected.
AYNSLEY  On Tuesday last, at Butter Knowes, near Rothbury, Mrs Ann AYNSLEY, aged 73, wife of Mr John Aynsley, farmer, deeply lamented.
ATKIN  Saturday last, in London, aged 59, much respected. Mrs Jane ATKIN, wife of Mr George Atkin, house-carpenter, formerly of this town.
DALE  The 19th inst, at Newport, near Stockton, aged 41, Mr Maurice DALE, butcher, greatly regretted.
TAYLOR  On the 17th inst, at London, Mr Henry TAYLOR, second son of Mr Emanuel TAYLOR, of Rosella Place, South Preston, North Shields, ship-owner, aged 19, a very promising young man, and deeply regretted.
GLOVER  18th inst, Mrs GLOVER, widow of the late Samuel Glover, Esq. of Abercarne, Monmouthshire.
SCOTT  Friday, Capt. Wm SCOTT, of the Durham, of this port.
HUMBLE  The 11th ult, at Ayr, Capt, Thomas HUMBLE, formerly of this port.
BUTLER  On the 25th inst, at Bishopwearmouth, Mrs BUTLER, wife of Mr H. Butler, painter, aged 85.
ROWE  Same day and place, Mrs Sarah ROWE, widow, aged 67.
WRIGHT  On the 22d inst, at Sunderland, Mr Robert WRIGHT, joiner, aged 98.
HOGG  On Tuesday, at the same place, Mrs HOGG, widow, aged 86.
KAY  On the 19th inst, at Edinburgh, Robert, 4th son of the late Mr Robert KAY, of Harlaw, Berwickshire, aged 19.
ABBAY  On the 20th inst, suddenly, at Osmotherley, near Northallerton, Mr John ABBAY, the oldest cockfeeder in England.
HINDMARCH  Died in London, on the 20th inst, at the house of his uncle (Mr Wm Davison), Mr John HINDMARCH, son of Mr Vaughan Hindmarck, of Inverness, aged 24 years. The loss of this amiable young man is severely felt by his relatives and friends as irreparable; he was possessed of every virtue to make life happy, and his memory will long be cherished by those who knew him.
From within this issue.
WAKEFIELD  Dreadful Suicide.—On Tuesday morning last, Mr Thomas WAKEFIELD, of Harlow Green, near Gateshead Fell, clock and watch maker, after transacting his business in the usual manner, retired to his parlour, and blew his brains out with a pistol! He died instantly. He was a man much respected, and has left a widow and several children. Some family disputes, which have some time preyed on his mind, and caused a lowness of spirits, are supposed to have hurried him to the commission of this fatal act. The coroner`s jury brought in a verdict of – Lunacy.
TAYLOR On Monday morning last, Mr Robert TAYLOR, farmer, at Shilbottle Hill Head, was found dead, on the road side, between Shilbottle and his own house. A coroner`s inquest sat on the body. Verdict – Died from the inclemency of the weather.
MAYNARM  On the 19th inst, as Michael MAYNARD, a labourer of Gilling, near Richmond, was stubbing a holley tree, it unexpectedly fell upon him and killed him on the spot.
Dec 4 1819
WAWN  On Friday last, in the prime of life, at the house of her father, the Rev. Thomas Dikes, L.L.B. of Hull, Mrs WAWN, of Stanton by Dale, near Nottingham.
On the 3d ult, at Barrow Bank, near Wooler, aged 20, deeply lamented. Jane, youngest daughter of the late William ATKINSON, Esq. of Yeavering, Northumberland.
NEWBIGGIN  The 29th ult, Mary, daughter of Edward NEWBIGGIN, of Ryton, aged 12 years, much regretted.
BELL  The 20th ult, at Hexham, aged 70, Mr John BELL, formerly of Brampton, spirit merchant.
TEASDALE  The 29th?, ult, at Slaley, aged 41, Mr Joseph TEASDALE, son of Mr Richard Teasdale, farmer.
BENSON  The 29th ult, aged 54, Mr Wm BENSON, of Greenridge, much respected.
WILSON  On the 18th ult, Mr George WILSON, of Rimpside, deservedly respected.
SCOTT  Friday last, Mr John SCOTT, under gardener at Gosforth Hall, aged 79.
SPENCE  Wednesday se`nnight, Mr SPENCE, of Brampton, hatter.
FORSTER  The 3d of July last, on board the London, on the passage to Batavia to the Cape, Mr George FORSTER, second son of the late John Forster, Esq. of Newtown, near Carlisle.
KERR  The 26th ult, at Sunlaw, James youngest son of Robert KERR, of Chatto, Esq.
BOLTON  On Monday last, at Alnwick, Mr Wm BOLTON, formerly of Warkworth Mills, aged 53.
FRENCH  The 29th ult, Mrs Jane FRENCH, of Tynemouth aged 83.
THEW  The 30th ult, Mary, daughter of Mr Benjamin THEW, of this town, aged 12 years.
RUDICK  On the 1st inst, at Richmond, at an advanced age, Mrs RUDICK, relict of Mr John Rudick, draper.
MILLER  On the 26th ult, Mr John MILLER, of South Shields, aged 23.
LOUGH  The 26th ult, Mrs Ann LOUGH, widow, aged 70 ;
AIRD  The 28th ult, Mr James AIRD, aged 45, both of Spittal, Tweedmouth.
CUNNINGHAM  The 27th ult, at Foulden Bastle, near Berwick, suddenly, Mr George CUNNINGHAM, farmer.
OVANS  Same day, at Tweedmouth, suddenly, Mrs Mary OVANS, widow, of Dr Ovans, aged 56.
ARROL  The 1st inst, Anne, wife of Mr Alexander ARROL, at an advanced age.
REID  The 28th ult, at Berwick, Jane, wife of Mr John REID, aged 85.
THOMPSON  On the 30th ult, Mrs THOMPSON, wife of Mr James Thompson, of this town, joiner and cabinet-maker, aged 55, much respected.
MUNDEN  At St Helena, Mr V.J. MUNDEN, of the East India Company`s service, son of Mr Munden, of Drury Lane Theatre.
MUSTERTON  The 29th ult, Jane, second daughter of Mr MUSTERTON, of Gateshead, boat-builder, in her 9th year.
STEPHENSON  On Wednesday, at Bishopwearmouth, Mr John STEPHENSON, butcher, aged 102.
URWIN  The 27th ult, at Monkwearmouth, Mr James URWIN, ship-owner, aged 60.
BENSON  The 29th ult, at the same place, Mr Geo BENSON, parish clerk, aged 52.
SMITH  On Wednesday, at the same place, Mr Benjamin SMITH, shoe-maker, aged 50.
MIDDLETON  The 27th ult, at Lingfield, near Darlington, aged 78, Mr Michael MIDDLETON, farmer, much respected.
CROSBY  On the 2d inst, at Chester-le-Street, Mr Simon CROSBY, shoe-maker, aged 80.
BREWIS  On Wednesday last, Wm THURLBECK and James BREWIS, pilots, were unfortunately washed out of the coble while assisting a ship into Sunderland harbour, and drowned.
Dec 11 1819
RIDDELL  On the 28th ult, aged 8 years, Christina, fourth daughter of Ralph RIDDELL, Esq. of Felton Park.
COX  On the 6th inst, Miss Winnifred COX, youngest daughter of the late Mr John Cox, of Ryton Woodside, aged 21, much regretted.
BUCK  The 29th ult, Mrs Mary BUCK, widow, aged 75 ;
PEARSON  Mrs Elizabeth PEARSON, widow, aged 78, both of North Shields.
TAYLOR  The 1st inst, Henry son of Emanuel TAYLOR, of South Preston, aged 19.
REED  The 5th inst, Mr Wm REED, of Tynemouth, joiner, aged 71.
SCOTT  Wednesday se`nnight, in Whitehaven, Sarah SCOTT, aged 105 years. Her husband died about two years ago, at the aged of 105.
PROCTOR  Saturday?, at an advanced age, Mrs PROCTOR, widow of Mr John Proctor, of Sandgate, in this town, joiner and undertaker.
HARDING  On the 7th inst, at Filpoke, near Monk Heseldon, deeply regretted. Thomas HARDING, aged 38.
KELL  The 3d inst, at Hexham, aged – John KELL, Esq. much respected.
HEDLEY  The 4th inst, at the same place, aged 62, Mr Wm HEDLEY, butcher. In the night Monday last, Mrs LAMB, wife of Humble Lamb, Esq. of Ryton, deeply lamented.
GRAY  On the 9th inst, Mr George GRAY, an eminent fruit-painter of this town, and well skilled in chemical and botanical science.
NIXON  On Friday last, Mr John NIXON, of Lovaine Row, in this town, aged 51.
TURNER  The 26th ult, at Harwood, near Chesterfield, Mr Joshua TURNER, in his 102d year.
COOPER  At Northallerton, Mrs COOPER, wife of Mr Thomas Cooper, late of Aiske near Bedale.
ELSTOB  On the 6th inst, aged 71, Mrs Margaret ELSTOB, wife of Mr Robert Elstob, of Stockton, bricklayer.
COCKBAIN  On Sunday last, in this town, Miss Rebecca COCKBAIN, of Manchester, one of the Society of Friends.
THOMPSON  Same day, Mr Wm THOMPSON, of Skinnerburn, in this town, and formerly of Gateshead, aged –
HAMPSON  On Tuesday, at Sunderland, the Rev, John HAMPSON, --- much and deservedly regretted, aged 66.
RAMSEY  Same day and place, Mr James RAMSEY, aged 83.
PALING  The 3d inst, at the same place, Mrs PALING, widow of Mr Benjamin Paling, ship-owner, aged –
MOUNTFORCE  On the 3d inst, at Chester-le-Street, Mr George MOUNTFORCE, breeches-maker, aged 86. His death was caused by falling down stairs on the Tuesday before.
TODD  On the 1st inst, the Rev. Thomas TODD, vicar of King Brompton, Somersetshire, fellow of Emanuel College, Cambridge, and only surviving son of the late Wm Todd, of Breckenbrough, near Kirkby Wiske, Yorkshire.
BELL  On the 3d inst, aged 72, Mr Ralph BELL, of Crosby, near Northallerton.
CRANFORD  The 23d ult, at Paris, Quintin CRANFORD, Esq. – The hereditary Grand Duke Frederick Lewis of Schwerin.
The following instances of longevity have appeared in five out of the last six funerals at the parish church of Newburn in four weeks.
OLIVER  October 31st Jane OLIVER, 81 years ;
WHITE  Nov 7th John WHITE 105 ;
WIGHAM  8th, Sarah WIGHAM, 85 ;
GRAHAM  23d, Mary GRAHAM 90 ;
GAIR  27th Jane GAIR, 74, total 441 years.
From within this issue.
HARLIN/CARR  On Saturday last, an inquest was holden on the body of James HARLIN alias James CARR, who was convicted at the last October sessions of larceny, and sentenced to two months imprisonment, and died in the house of correction. Verdict – Natural death.
LUZMOORE  A coroners inquest was holden in Durham, on Tuesday last, on the body of Mr H. LUZMOORE, (who, it is reported, belonged the neighbourhood of Shields.) He committed suicide at his lodgings in Silver-street, by cutting his left arm and bleeding to death. Verdict – Fela de se.
Dec 18 1819
HEATH  On the 14th inst, in his 72d year, Thomas HEATH, Esq. of this town, much respected.
GRAY  On the 12th inst, at her brother`s house, in Albion Place, in this town, Miss GRAY, aged 57.
BELL  The 29th ult, in Edinburgh, Mr Andrew BELL, of this town, cutler.
TURNBULL  On the 3d inst, Mr John TURNBULL, of Howdon Pans, master-mariner, aged 34.
LITTLE  On the 6th inst, Mr James LITTLE, of this town, aged 75.
NAIRN  On the 8th inst, Mrs NAIRN, wife of Mr Wm Nairn, of Morpeth, aged 59, much respected.
POTTS  The 5th inst, at Oscott, near Birmingham, aged 66, the Rev. Thomas POTTS, president of the Catholic College, at that place, justly respected.
NICHOLSON  On the  19th ult, at Warkworth, deeply regretted, Mrs NICHOLSON, wife of Mr Thomas Nicholson, grocer.
HUDSON  On the 7th inst, aged 42, William, son of Mr George HUDSON, of Felton, tailor.
CARR  Saturday se`nnight, at Ladykirk, Mrs Elizabeth CARR, widow of Mr Thomas Carr, formerly of Berwick, cabinet-maker, aged 88.
WEDDEL  Thursday se`nnight, Mr George WEDDEL, of Kelso, plumber.
HAY  The 7th inst, the infant son of William HAY. Esq. of Drummelzier.
ELDER  The 4th inst, suddenly, the Rev William ELDER, of the Associate congregation of Newtown, in his 62d year.
ROBSON  The 22d ult, aged 46, Mr ROBSON, of Leyburn, acting partner in the banking-house of Messrs Hutton, Wood, Other, Robson, and Co.
ROBINSON  The 2d inst, aged 67, Matthew ROBINSON, sexton of F—ton, near Scarbro`. He was found extended lifeless in a grave, which he had commenced digging in perfect health.
BROWN  The 4th inst, Mr John BROWN, mariner, aged 84 ;
MILBURN  Barbara, wife of Mr John MILBURN, aged 56 ;
MORRISON  The 9th inst, Mr Henry MORRISON, mariner, aged 66 ;
TREWHITT  Mrs Jane TREWHITT, widow, aged 73 ;
MILLS  The 10th inst, Mrs Elizabeth MILLS, widow, aged 80 ;
RICHARDSON  The 12th inst, Mrs Margaret RICHARDSON, aged 28 ;
DIXON  The 14th inst, Ann, wife of Mr Wm DIXON, mariner, aged 31, all of North Shields.
SMITH  The 12th inst, Mrs Elizabeth SMITH, widow, aged 98, much respected.
MARKHAM  Mr Thomas MARKHAM, aged 83, both of South Shields.
THIRLAWAY  On Tuesday last, aged 28, much respected, Mr Robert THIRLAWAY, of the Quayside, in this town.
ANDERSON  The 12th inst, MR John ANDERSON, of Pipewellgate, Gateshead, aged 103.
JOPLING  On the 10th inst, aged 26, Mr Smith JOPLING, of this town, butcher.
COUGHRON  On the 5th inst, in London, Miss J. COUGHRON, aged 22, daughter of Mr John Coughron, formerly of Framlington, Northumberland, much regretted.
BELL  On Tuesday last, at Butterlaw, Mrs BELL, widow, aged 82.
KING  On Monday last, at Alnwick, Miss Mary KING, aged 67.
STROTHER  On Sunday last, at Edinburgh, Arthur STROTHER, Esq. of Alnwick, aged 70.
HUDSON  On the 10th inst, at Brizlee, near Alnwick, Miss HUDSON, daughter of the late Mr George HUDON, aged 36.
PENRITH  On the 11th inst, at Sunderland, Mr John PENRITH, aged 54.
DOTCHIN  The 9th inst, Mr Wm DOTCHIN, son of Mrs Dotchin, of the Friars, in this town, aged 21.
JAMESON  The 12th inst, Robert, son of Mr John JAMESON, of Low Friar-street, in this town, butcher, aged 7 ½ years.
WHITEHEAD  The 13th inst, at Sunderland, Mr Francis WHITEHEAD, aged 67, lately from Amsterdam, where he had resided nearly 30 years.
PENGILLY  On the 1st inst, at Trenear, in Cornwall, Mrs PENGILLY, mother of the Rev. R Pengilly, of this town, highly respected.
ARMAN  On the 6th inst, at Brompton, Mr Wm ARMAN, of Bishopgate-street, London, aged 30, universally respected.
ALLEN  On the 9th inst, aged 63, Mrs Ann ALLEN, wife of Mr George Allen of Stockton, cooper.
FERRY  The 12th inst, at Coatham, near Guisbro`, in his 78th year, Mr John FERRY, formerly a landing and coastwaiter in the customs at Stockton, in which capacity he served nearly 53 years, much esteemed.
HOWSON  Sunday last, William, second son of Mrs HOWSON, of Chimney Mills, near this town, aged 17.
CROWE  Same day, Mr John CROWE, of Claypeth, Durham, grocer, aged 83.
HOWD  On Saturday last, suddenly, at West Heddon, Catharine, wife of Mr Robert HOWD, farmer.
BECK  On the 10th inst, at Yafford, near Northallerton, in his 103d year, Mr Francis BECK.
HARRISON  Same day, at Walworth Castle, near Heighington, at an advanced age, John HARRISON, Esq. universally respected.
Dec 25
ELIOT  On the 9th inst, at Gateshead, Capt. John Lewis ELIOT, aged 61, late of the 2d Staffordshire militia, sincerely regretted.
FLETCHER  Friday last, Robert, son of Mr Thomas FLETCHER, of the Ouseburn, watchmaker, aged 22, much lamented.
MABLE  Monday last, Frances MABLE, of the Manor Chare, in this town, aged 89, greatly respected.
WATSON  On the 6th inst, at Warkworth, Frances, daughter of the late Major WATSON.
WALTON  On the 15th inst, at Allergill, John WALTON, Esq. aged 54, highly respected.
BELL  The 17th inst, at Simonburn, aged 70, Mr Thomas BELL, much respected.
GREEN  The 18th inst, at Corbridge, aged 67, Mr Richard GREEN.
PAGE  Thursday se`nnight, at York, in her 104th year, Mrs Ann PAGE, widow of Mr Thomas Page, formerly a quarter-master in the 4th dragoons. Her faculties continued unimpaired to the last.
COBB  At Ringwood, Hants, Mr Christ COBB, aged 102.
TREASURE  The 8th inst, in London, Solomon TREASURE, Esq. of the Tax Office, Somerset House.
ERRINGTON  Wednesday se`nnight, at the Stable Yard, St James, London, Henry ERRINGTON, Esq. uncle to Mrs Fitzherbert.
RUTHERFORD  The 13th inst, Dr Daniel RUTHERFORD, professor of Botany in the University of Edinburgh.
EGLINGTON  The 14th last, at Eglington Castle. The Right Hon. The Earl of Eglington.
STAMP  The 21st inst, Mr Thomas STAMP, of Northumberland-street, North Shields, ship-owner, aged 70.
GLASPER  The 22d inst, Dorothy, wife of Mr Richard GLASPER, of Collingwood Main Colliery, aged 45.
GRAY  On the 20th inst, Mrs GRAY, of South Shields, widow, aged 92, much respected.
WAWN  On the 21st inst, the daughter of C. WAWN, Esq. of South Shields, aged 6 years.
LAMBERT  The 20th inst, at the Shieldfield, near this town, Jane, wife of G.A. LAMBERT, Esq. solicitor.
FORSYTH  Wednesday se`nnight, in Berwick, aged 83, Mrs Anne FORSYTH, relict of Mr James Forsyth, brewer in Falkland.
SMITH  The 21st ult, at Greenrig, Berwickshire, Mr Andrew SMITH, youngest son of Mr John Smith, farmer, aged 28.
LILBURN  Same day, at Holy Island, Mrs Elizabeth LILBURN, wife of Mr Robert Lilburn, master in the royal nave, aged 68.
COMMON  Sunday se`nnight, at Byker Bar, aged 66, Mr Francis COMMON, formerly an alderman in this town.
BELL  The 7th ult, at Lisbon, John BELL, Esq. aged 71, many years a member of the British Factory, and had served as deputy consul general.
RALPH  At Chacewater, Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph RALPH, in her 21st year. Though not all deformed her height was only two feet ten inches, and her weight never exceeded 20 pounds. During her whole life she was not known to laugh cry or utter any sound whatever, though it was evident that she possessed the faculties of sight and hearing.
RICHARDSON  A few days ago, Mr Ralph RICHARDSON, mariner, aged 50 ;
CASS  Esther, wife of Mr Andrew CASS, aged 56, both of North Shields.
HOLLON  On the 15th inst, at his father`s house, Sunderland Bridge, after a long illness, Mr John HOLLON, in the prime of life, much respected.
PEACOCK  On the 22d inst, in his 41st year, much lamented, Mr Caesar, PEACOCK, editor of the York Courant.
NEWBY  The 3d ult, at Manchester, aged 38, Mr G. NEWBY, currier, late of Sunderland ;
NEWBY  The 28th ult, at Leek, in Staffordshire, aged 25, Mr Thomas NEWBY, silk manufacturer, sons of Mr Newby, of Midridge, Durham, both greatly respected.
LILBURN  On Wednesday, at Sunderland, Mr Wm LILBURN, aged 81, much respected.
WALLACE  At Hurworth, aged 37, Elizabeth, wife of Mr Geo WALLACE.
HUMBLE  Died on the 19th inst, after a long and most painful affliction, borne with the most exemplary and truly christian patience and resignation, Mrs HUMBLE, wife of Mr Wm Humble, and only child of the Rev. M. Maughan, of Bamburgh Castle, deeply and most deservedly lamented, aged 41 years.
Letters were received in London on Monday, which mention the death of the Archbishop of Dublin. His Grace has been a long time in a bad state of health.