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01 - About Me

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT  CactusRescueProject.info
  My name is John (Obie) Oberhausen. I'm retired US Navy. I came to visit New Mexico in 2002, fell in love with the place and never left. After seeing my first cactus blooms I started collecting and growing them and am now a member of both New Mexico and Colorado cactus clubs. There is more than 150 varieties of cactus growing in my yard, (all native to the southwest). When I am not working with my cactus, I do massage locally.
     I've collected cactus in many ways. Saving dying or abused cactus, buying some, growing others from clippings, and trading with other cactophiles.  Soon, my collection began to grow and  I had more than 12 types of Cholla, 25 types of Pricklypear, and assorted Hedgehogs and Barrels. I began planting cactus randomly around my yard, and in various "cactus areas". I love cactus because you water them once and then leave them to grow on their own. Talk about low maintenance!
    A friend and I really got into collecting, propagating, and growing cactus after we found out about a local endangered cactus - Opuntia viridflora, (Santa Fe Cholla). We then tried our best to get word of it out to the public.

                    Advice from a cactus

                Get plenty of sunshine

                Accentuate your strong points

                Be patient through the dry spells                     

                Conserve your resources

                Don’t desert your friends

                Wait for your time to bloom

                Stay sharp!