The sun is shining, the birds are singing. It’s just another typical day in New Mexico and of course… it’s not raining . While most of us love the warm weather and the beauty of New Mexico we gratefully accept any moisture the heavens want to share with us. Most of the plants feel the same way but even with xeric plants needing little water, landscaping can be difficult. The answer?  Cactus!!


    But “cactus are ugly and prickly”, and they are usually found struggling in the middle of nowhere half eaten by animals. I remember walking down an arroyo and seeing a cactus dug up or chewed by some critter, hanging with half its roots exposed, but, surprisingly, still alive. One has to respect a plant which is not only hardy but has such delicate, exquisite and unexpected flowers.


    This site is dedicated to the cactus I've come to know and love. Santa Fe is in northern NewMexico and at an elevation of about 7000ft. We get snow and temperatures in winter can go below zero degrees. These conditions prevent many types of cactus from surviving in this area. That said, there are many cacti that will grow here.


    In an effort to teach people more about cactus, (and to show off my collection), I decided to make this website and show the many types of cactus growing in my yard in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  


    I'm not an expert about cactus but I've learned a lot in the past few years.  Hope you enjoy the site.


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