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This fall marks the 50th Anniversary of the Oberlin Mythological Society! Get excited, we've got a year long celebration!

We're going to kick off this Year of Mythology with a guest lecture by famous alum Alonso Bari, Professor of Classics at UC Berkley. He'll be talking about an obscure language that's actually native to Oberlin, N'ôl. That's taking place Monday at 5pm.

Join us on Saturday at 7:30pm for the 50th Anniversary Bash , which will feature alumni and current OMS members talking about our history, as well as a special speech from Dr. Bari as a kick off to this year's festivities!

Of course, we'll have another of our famous contests. Keep an eye on the contests tab for more information!

As always, keep an eye out for our newsletter, which will have all these details and more! 

Just a note that we're going to take this site down for maintenance this week. It should be quick.