Why necessary?

Why is rule setting and adherence necessary?

It is often necessary to obey rules in order to uphold public well-being. This initiative concerns itself with rule setting and adherence of those rules necessary to uphold public well-being (such as school rules).

Why is it necessary to uphold public well-being?

Our natural instinct is personal interest but this often clashes with the personal interests of those around us. Clashes can only be avoided if we are all prepared to sometimes submit our personal interests to the concept of public interest (i.e. the best interests of the group). In some circles the public interest is known as the common good and this initiative chooses to call it public well-being.

Why are there so many divisions and clashes within society?

The founder believes that inadequate respect for public well-being is at the root of so many divisions and clashes within society. The founder believes that to help resolve such divisions and clashes that we all need to obey rules that increase public well-being.