School Rules Prize

We are responsible for running and awarding the annual SCHOOL RULES PRIZE (currently £100). The annual prize is designed to help schools uphold the importance of their school rules and is very easy for schools to enter. The entry details are as follows (please download the attached file to promote the prize in school staff rooms etc):
  • Print the free bookmark/ruler template to create sufficient bookmark/rulers for your class (printing on card is best but paper will suffice).
  • Hand out the free bookmark/rulers to your class and request each pupil to write your school rules on the reverse side of their bookmark/ruler (the bookmark/rulers are useful for pupils to keep as reminders to obey their school rules).
  • Select a pupil at random and take a smartphone photo of your school rules written on the reverse side of their bookmark/ruler. Attach the photo to an email sent to together with the name of your school. Our intention is to publish submitted entries on the web site.
  • The annual SCHOOL RULES PRIZE winner will be chosen at random at the beginning of the year following annual submitted entries. Our intention is to announce the winner on the web site.
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