Public Well-Being Petition

Change only happens when enough people stand up to be counted. We urge supporters of good conduct (respect for national laws and good manners etc) to copy/paste the following text and email to their leaders:

Legislation required to protect public well-being...

Many law abiding citizens are being confronted with behaviours that are commonly deemed antisocial behaviours that damage public well-being. Without national legislation many of these antisocial behaviours are in effect being normalised and forced onto law abiding citizens. 

I agree with OBEY RULES ( that legislators should be upholding public well-being by doing everything possible to encourage good conduct and to discourage anti-social behaviours.

I agree with OBEY RULES that to protect public well-being national legislation and guidance is required to:
  • uphold public well-being
  • uphold the need for rules that uphold public well-being
  • uphold the need to obey rules that uphold public well-being
  • uphold the need to more fully define and denounce anti-social behaviours

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