Founder's Reflection

Founder's Reflection:

A common tendency is to see ourselves as individuals in control of our own destinies. However, our individual destinies are also controlled by our environment and the people around us. In other words, good environments, good families and good communities are crucial to the health and well being of individuals. Put another away public well-being is important as well as personal well-being and sometimes our personal well-being needs to be subject to public well-being.

The major faith traditions realise the importance of fostering caring communities and the reality that we should not live just to serve ourselves.

Regardless of adherence to a faith tradition it is crucial that individuals do not turn their backs on contributing towards creating good environments and good communities. Failure to do so simply damages our own individual destinies.

Rules are necessary to remind us to focus on building good environments and good communities rather than just serving ourselves (rules reminding us to focus on us us us rather than me me me). In other words it is important that we all consider public well-being as well as personal well-being. This is what strives to achieve.

Tim Hall - founder of