For those of you who are planning on taking the OPTIONAL TEST Wednesday June 4th, here is the study guide.

Week 5.26 - 5.30
 Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 CW No School 1. Photosynthesis Essay 1. Cellular Respiration Diagram
2. Cellular Respiration Essay
 Class Discussion Review of Photosynthesis & Cellular  Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration TEST
 HW  Finish Essay Cell Respiration Diagram & Essay Study  

Week 5.19 - 5.23
  Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 CW1. Illuminating Photosynthesis (website: here , click on "Launch Interactive") (or you may use the handout posted here)

2. Photosynthesis: Trapping the Sun's Energy book questions    
Here is the book pages
 1. Photosynthesis Diagram (rough draft)
 (Obeso gone)
1. Carbohydrates Marginalia Q's & Coloring

2. Light Reactions
Marginalia Q's & Coloring

3. Dark Reactions
Marginalia Q's & Coloring
 1. Photosynthesis Diagram (rough draft) 
 HW Photosynthesis: Trapping the Sun's Energy book questions Photosynthesis Diagram (Final draft)
 Read and Learn about ATP.
Read and Learn about NADPH.
 1. ATP & NADPH (read & things learned)
2. Dark Reactions Marginalia Q's & Coloring
3. Photosynthesis Diagram Rough Draft
4. Photosynthesis Diagram Final Draft

Week 5.12 - 5.16
 Monday    TuesdayWednesday Thursday Friday 
 CW Darwin's Finches Write-Up Questions (DUE Wednesday)
Darwin's Finches Presentation (DUE by 8am Wednesday Darwin's Finches Presentations  Darwin's Finches Presentations Evolution TEST

CB Check
 HW ** both the Write-Up and Presentation info are posted here email your presentation to
If emailed before 8pm, I will respond (by 8pm) that I have received it

Week 5.5 - 5.9

Week 4.28 - 5.2
  Monday    Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 Cosmos: Something That Molecules Do
 Cosmos: Something That Molecules Do Variation + Natural Selection = Speciation (notes)
 Darwin's Finches
 Industrialized Moths
 HW  Question 14.b
1. Explain Allopatric Speciation and Sympatric Speciation
2. Visualize both with a picture

Don't forget CompBook are DUE WEDNESDAY! 
Week 4/14 - 4/18
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
 CW 1. Natural Selection at Work activity 1. Review N. S. @ Work questions 
2. Natural Selection notes
 1. Share adaptations
2. Other types of selection notes

CompBook DUE, 
 (Obeso absent)  No School
 HWN. S. @ Work questions Adaptation example    

Week 4/7 - 4/11
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
 CW 1. Evidence of Evolution article, read & add marginalia 1. Evidence that Supports Evolution lecture 1. Write Evidence of Evolution essay (Obeso absent) 

1. Peer Review essay
2. Evolution vocabulary 

1. Genetic Variation notes
2. Human Trait Survey

 HW Things I Learned  Copy lecture notes Finish essay Re-write essay Evolution vocabulary 

Week 3/31 - 4/5
  Monday     Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 CW Oh Deer!
 Earth's Formation (CB)
" Read to Learn"
1. Fossils
2. Dating
3. Geologic Time Scale
Handout here
Textbook pages here
Obeso's CB here
 Oh Deer!
There are Wolves!!
 HW 1. Graph
2. 5 observations
 1. Finish bookwork
2. Finish Geologic Time Scale (due Friday)
 1. Graph
2. 5 observations
3. Finish Geologic Time Scale

Week 3/24 - 3/27
  Monday     Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 CW Understanding Mutation (notes) Genetic Disorders (start group project) Genetic Disorders (cont. group project) Presentations 


CB Due
 HWMutation notes here  Research genetic disorders Genetic Disorders Poster  

Week 3/17 - 3/21
  Monday   Tuesday
  Pedigree Rubric
 CW *Mutation Worksheet
 *Finish Mutation Worksheet and TURN IN
*work on Family Pedigree
 * Mutation notes and MiniLabs
(CB work)
 A = - Requirements
      - Neat
      - Color
      - Pics
B = - Requirements
      - Neat
      - Color
C =  - Requirements (Must include genotypes/phenotypes for: Grandparents, Parents, You & Siblings)
      - Neat
D = - incomplete in any way or turned in late
F = not turned in

 HWFamily     Pedigree Family Pedigree
 Family Pedigree
 Family Pedigree

Week 3/10 - 3/11
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 !. Dihybrid Cross Worksheet
 1. Punnett Square Application Worksheet
 1. Turn in Punnett Square Worksheet Packet
2. Intro Family Tree
3. Pedigree Worksheet
 Help Obeso!!! re: Family Tree 
 Your Family Tree Project
(DUE Tuesday)
 HW Finish worksheet
 All 5 punnett square worksheets are due tomorrow!!!
(here they are)
 1. Finish Pedigree Worksheet
2. Family traits DUE FRIDAY  (posted here)
 Family traits DUE FRIDAY 

Week 3/3 - 3/7
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
 CW Mitosis Quiz Punnett Square Worksheet  Punnett Square Worksheet
- Complete Dominance
Punnett Square Worksheet
- Incomplete Dominance
- Codominance
 Punnett Square Worksheet
- Sex-Linked Traits

 HW None 1. Complete punnett squares (wksht) 
2. TRY to do genotype ratios (wksht) 
 1. Complete (pink) Punnett Square Worksheet  
 1. Q's 1 - 6 on today's punnett square worksheet
 2. Finish ALL punnett square worksheets (3)

Week 2/24 - 2/27          
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 CW Visualizing Meiosis
   - Karyotype
   - Copied Chromosomes
   - Crossing Over
   (see it here)
Visualizing Meiosis
    - Meiosis I
 Visualizing Meiosis
    - Meiosis II
(here is help)
 HW1. Re-do NEATLY
2. Crossing Over
(Help here)
 1. Meiosis I
2. If failed quiz, Visualize Crossing Over Result
(here for help)
 All 4 pages of Visualizing meioisis is DUE TOMORROW!
(please note that I am having trouble posting Meiosis I.
I was able to post it as a 'Screenshot'. Sorry if it doesn't open on your device.)

Week 2/17 - 2/21            FFA Week  Help support Imperial's FFA this week.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 (Obeso absent)
1. Copy Re-do Notes
2. Vocab worksheet
1. Vocab Pic Notes
2.  Vocab Worksheet

CB check p1 & 3 
*pick up after school
 1. Another Vocab Worksheet
2. Quiz on Vocab Worksheet

CB check p2 & 4 *pick up after school
 TEST : Fill-in of Re-do notes

CB check p6
 HW  Finish CW
1. Finish Vocab pic notes (CB page)
2. Finish front of worksheet (downloads)
3.  Study for 50pt quiz tomorrow (downloads)

Week 2/10 - 2/11
 Dragon Genetics (Day 1)  **5 STAMPS**
  • Draw & Color Dragon
  • Characteristics, Phenotypes & Genotypes
  • Karyotype
*I also stamped work from last week.
Pop Quiz
Dragon Genetics (Day 2)  **5 STAMPS**
  • Meiosis (Spermatogenesis or Oogenesis)
  • Punnett Squares
 Dragon Genetics (Day 3)  **5 STAMPS**
  • Draw & Color Dragon F1 generation
  • Punnett Squares
Dragon Genetics (Day 4) 
  • Pedigree of Dragon Family
 HW Draw & Color your Dragon.
 Finish CW    (in CB)
 Finish CW
 Finish Pedigree

        Week 2.3 - 2.7                * I am sick. Please only text if necessary.  Thank you for your consideration.
 CW TEST Mendel notes from Textbook
1.  Copy Mendel's Conclusions
2. How to do a Punnett Square
3.  Punnett square worksheet
  *Pop Quiz*
(Purpose of mitosis and meiosis. Explain how crossing over helps contribute genetic variation. Do a punnett square. State genotype ratios. State phenotype ratios. Interpret a punnett square for codominance and another for incomplete dominance.
Know what a homozygote is and the alleles associated with a dominant and recessive one. Know what a heterozygote is.)
 HW  Should have finished up through Mendel's Monohybrid Cross (CB)
 Finish Worksheet

*(notes will NOT be posted)
  Dragon Genetic Set-Up: Design a Dragon
*posted on "Downloads"

         Week 1.28 - 1.31    (first week of second semester)
 CWNo School
DNA & Chromosomes Marginalia & Coloring
1- Set up New CB
2- DNA, Chromosomes, and Genes notes
1- Mitosis & Meiosis Activity
1- Mitosis & Meiosis Activity
 HWNo School
Finish CW (downloads)
Bring new CB Wed
Quick write explaining Mitosis (CB)    
CB    Quick Write: Explain Meiosis.

(Structure & Function EXAM)
*69% or lower must take

*** See Obeso's CB to get daily notes and CB set-up

"Good Criteria"
for Articles

Choose a “Good Article”

A - accuracy => Who is the


A - authority => domain; who

                         hosts the site?

O - objectivity => Are there ads

                  on the page? Does

                  it seem objective?    

         *Note, If you don’t know

         the author, you don’t know

         if they were objective.

C - current => When was it last

                   updated?  Do the

                   links work?

C - coverage => Can you view