Tracking Classes

Tracking classes will start the week of April 16.  There will be a Monday class (taught by Irene Brett) and a Wednesday class taught by Deb Huff and Beth Lange.  Both classes will meet at the Tower Field (MSU) at 6:00. and run for 8 weeks.  $85.00 for non-club members/ $65 for members..  Platinum Passes accepted, but no drop-ins.

Class size is limited, so enroll early!  Contact instructors to indicate interest:

Irene:  (517 882-8376) for Monday class

Beth  (517 290-7249) or Deb (517 651-5401) for Wednesday class.

Spring Tracking Tests

May 13, 2018
Michigan State University Campus

VST Judges: Ms. Connie Austin and Mr. Ulysses James
TDU Judges: Ms. Kim Kearfott and Ms. Elizabeth Baird*
Entries close 6pm, Thurs, May 3rd
Entry is limited to 8 dogs for VST; 4 for TDU
Trial Secretary: Pete Ostlund, 517-449-5248,

Premiums are available below!


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