Flyball is a fast paced dog sport that is exciting for both the dog and the handler. It is a relay race with four dogs/handlers on a team in which the dogs jump a course of four jumps, trigger a box to catch a ball, and return over the four jumps. The next dog cannot go until the first dog's nose crosses the start/finish line. It has been described as "doggy drag racing" and dogs LOVE it!

Classes are run on Fridays from 7:15pm until whenever we finish. Setting up the mats and jumps is included. Each dog is taught the basic skills individually, then they move on to learn passing and competing with other team members. Classes are continuous rather than on a term basis. A weekly fee ($10 for nonmembers and $8 for members) is collected each practice. Once dogs are running well, dogs and handlers are welcome to play on the club's team, the Overdogs.

Overdogs race in both NAFA and U-FLI sanctioned flyball tournaments.

Come and play with us!