Jim's Wantlists - November 23, 2014

This list is intended for trading purposes with my favorite group of traders, baseball fans, and genuinely nice people...OBC.  I've had quite a few requests from great traders outside of OBC, but I have a lot of catching up to do and limited dupes to offer, so as of this time I am still only trading with OBCers. I'm in no hurry to finish... I just enjoy collecting a little at a time. I do much better with small trades and, with rare exception, *will not* do large trades. If you would like to trade, drop me a note at xtrjmx@gmail.com. To display all of my wantlists, click on "Sitemap" on the left panel.

Both of my kids used to enjoy collecting, but (following my decreased activity) have not actively collected in several years. If you want either of their old wantlists, please just drop me an email and I'll dust them off and get them over to you.

My daughter, Sarah, is now 22 and is majoring in Special Education @ University of Nebraska - Omaha. She's also working and continues to study sign language with the goal of being able to work as an interpreter when school is out. Her main collection has been an extensive collection of Shawn Green, a bunch of Blue Jays, the 1956 Topps Flags of the World set, 1965 Disneyland set, several mid-to-late 2000s baseball sets, and Japanese-born Major League Baseball players, and older Pokemon cards.

My boy, Benjamin, is 15 (...16 in January... YIKES!!) and is having a great sophomore year in high school. He's heavily involved with social media, ROTC, music and art. He still wants to be an illustrator for Disney when he "grows up". Over the years, we have started collections of the 1999 Topps inserts for a "master set" from his birth year, opened Starting Lineup figures that he can play with, and collected cards of major league catchers (one card per catcher or any of HOF catchers), his favorite position. While none of us have been very active in collecting cards in the past couple of years, Ben still checks out his Pokemon, YuGiOh, and KISS cards every once in awhile. Ben has developed a love of basketball... he *loves* the Bulls and almost all of his wardrobe and shoes are Jordans. He also likes football, but much to my chagrin, he has chosen to cheer for the Packers over the Vikings! Oh well... other than that, he's a great kid! ;-)

As always, thanks for looking...