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Movie Title :The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

In the near future, everything has changed. Basic human rights have become the rarest of luxuries. No one knows when this started but everyone knows how. The VXII, the deadliest virus ever created, spread like wildfire and decimated the majority of the world's population. The noninfected survivors now cling to life in four quarantined cities behind a wall. Shawn Kors and his brother, Jude, survived the VXII only to grow up in a squalid internment camp for orphaned children. Under the care of the militia, they were pitted against other children in backwoods death matches. Shawn, Jude, and the few who escaped became notorious for their incredible fighting skills. They have since parted ways. Shawn now makes a comfortable living as a janitor at the local medic station. He spends his days dreaming of curing the VXII. When Shawn discovers the discarded body of a fellow internment camp friend, he is forced out of hiding and pulled into a rabbit hole of conspiracy and violence. All signs point to Jude. With bounty hunters and the militia on his trail, Shawn races to find his brother before Jude executes an unspeakable action that will destroy them all. He chases Jude across a sprawling postapocalyptic landscape to an abandoned laboratory. There he discovers the true nature of his world and the secret behind the white wall.

Year : 2010

Genres : Fantasy Drama Romance

Rating [imdb] : 4.80

Blood hurts. The propaganda, the lies,... it all ends now. Fight and you will never survive. Run and you will never escape. Break free from the world that you know. It all begins ... With a choice

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Actors : Kristen Stewart=Bella Swan Robert Pattinson=Edward Cullen Taylor Lautner=Jacob Black Xavier Samuel=Riley Bryce Dallas Howard=Victoria Anna Kendrick=Jessica Michael Welch=Mike Christian Serratos=Angela Jackson Rathbone=Jasper Ashley Greene=Alice Cullen Paul Jarrett=Mr. Biers Iris Quinn=Mrs. Biers Sarah Clarke=Renee Peter Facinelli=Dr. Carlisle Cullen Elizabeth Reaser=Esme Cullen Kellan Lutz=Emmett Cullen Nikki Reed=Rosalie Hale Justin Chon=Eric Billy Burke=Charlie Swan Kiowa Gordon=Embry Call

Directors : David Slade

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