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Artist Minerva Diaz believes in the same dream Presidential hopeful Barack Obama believes in. She felt so strongly about it that she decided to create an image of Obama with pencil on canvas, drawn from a photograph she found of him that was particularly meaningful in her eyes. The detail on this 12 x 24 inch print is phenomenal; what Diaz does with a pencil leaves you with no doubt in who she's drawing.  

Support both the work of a great artist and Barack Obama's campaign buy purchasing one of these prints. A portion is being donated to the campaign.  Click here to purchase Obama's Dream.


Very recently, Diaz made a connection at an Obama rally with someone who has put her in touch with Barack Obama himself, something she is very excited about.

Diaz has drawn many other pieces, but has never sold any of them. She is someone who only can create what is she has a real passion for.

Help bring about change in the White House by purchasing a print!