The name Obadiah has its roots in the Indo-European languague spoken in north-central Anatolia.

It means "One who kills lizards."

During the 18th century BC, it was common for reptiles, usually lizards, to invade clay brick homes during cold winter months. 

Ridding one's house of reptiles followed a pattern borrowed from their legal system:  Discovery, Declaration and Death.

Once a reptile was discovered in the house, the exterminator would exclaim, "Oh!" This was followed by the declaration that the reptile, being an uninvited guest, was "Bad!" The consequence, then, was to "Die!" 

After the Syrian invasion, the syllable "ah" was added to various words as a way to acknowledge that all things good and useful flow from Allah. Consequently, oh-bad-die became oh-bad-die-Ah, which later evolved into the modern day "Obadiah."


1.   "I may have to call 1-800-OBADIAH"

Possible meanings are:

a. You are not wanted here and you better leave.

b. You are so ugly that it is easy to mistake your face for one of a lizard's.

2.   "You are just an Obadiah"

A disparaging remark directed toward dragon slayers.

In use today: