Presentations (

Slides/videos of past presentations I have given

RSA San Francisco 2016
OpenID Foundation Summit, Tokyo Japan
OAuth 2.0 for Native Apps - William Denniss. Video 
Cloud Identity Summit '15
Identify 2015 version for NewYork, SanFrancisco, London
Google 360 degrees of Authentication Workshop
Google Identity Toolkit - Derek Salama
Identity at Work - Ankur Jain
NAPPS workshop Sep '14
Cloud Identity Summit '14
            Identity Toolkit
IIW 2013 Fall
Monday OIDF account chooser presentation (turn on the speaker notes for more detail)
Thursday keynote - Identity is coming out
March 2012 London OpenID Workshop
November 2011 Attribute Exchange Summit (Street Identity)
All six slide-decks/videos are available on the Street Identity site
September 2011 OpenID Summit
July 2011 Cloud Identity Summit
May 2011 IIW sessions
April 2011: Identity as easy as LMNOP
Oct 2010: Telco 2.0 Summit (Google presentation) (session video - you need to go through the free registration page to view it)
Keynote on Google's Vision for Cloud Identity
Workshop presentation on OpenID/OAuth
April 2010 OpenID Summit (presentations)
RSA 2010 (slides of cloud identity presentation)
February 2010 OpenID Usability Summit summary (presentations at the bottom)
Gartner Identity and Access management Summit 2009 (slides of Eric Sachs keynote)
Microsoft OpenID CTP Usability summary
 2009 (Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security) invited talk on OAuth and OpenID (slides)
Google I/O presentations in May 2009 (session videos are available)
IIW 2009a
 in May, 2009 (see suggested list of OpenID sessions)
UX Summit on Feb 10, 2009
The 92% success demo
IIW 2008b on Nov 10-12, 2008
OpenID/OAuth UX Summit on October 20, 2008
Google presentation on Background of Federated Login research
Yahoo presentation on IDP user interface
MySpace presentation on OAuth + Hybrid approval page
Digital Identity World on September 10, 2008
Presentation on OAuth and WS-Trust
OAuth Summit on June 26, 2008
Announcement of OAuth for all Google Data APIs (and MySpace's similar announcement the same day)
Presentation on OAuth+Google Health
Presentation on OAuth Proxy
Presentation on Hybrid Protocol
Presentation on OAuth+OpenSocial